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Communications and Promotions


Question 1   

Marketing plan recommendation with rationale  

The marketing plan recommendation of Sam and Lisa bracken’s boutique resort, Foothills goes with option 2 which is to market the resort as a completely child free property. This would be one of the best marketing plans which should be taken into account by Sam and Lisa for promoting this boutique resort that offers day spa services, fine dining, yoga and riding classes along with relaxing adult’s gateway for the childless couples.    

The rationale to be explained for choosing this second option for marketing plan of the resort is concerned with outcome of the research conducted by Sam and Lisa for their DINK (“Dual income no kids”) demographic. As per the outcome of the research conducted by them, the percentage of the women having no child has increased to approx 59% in 2018 in North America. In addition, the average rate for the first time mothers has also increased to 29 years in North America. In addition, the outcome of their research also stated that the trend of the child free travel has gained momentum over the years. Hence, considering the outcome of the research conducted by Sam and Lisa, the option 2 should be chosen. Sam and Lisa must introduce their campaigning strategies in such way which help them to weed out the perception of being anti child resort.

Question 2 

Target market

The target market segment of the boutique resort, foothills, should consider the segment of demographics.

Demographics of DINK: Demographics of DINK for which the research has been conducted by Sam and Lisa for determining its adoption should be taken into account significantly. This is because the demographic of Dual income No kids is well known to Sam and Lisa. Sam was of the view to expand the business wherein the boutique resort can accommodate the lodgings of the couples for relaxation of adults’ gateway overnight. Since they have always acknowledged that those couples having children need to be provided with extra facilities to occupy the children at the time when they were busy enjoying the spa services, there would be need to scale up the budget to accommodate the facilities in this regard (Thabit & Raewf, 2018). However, it was not feasible for Sam and Lisa to scale up their budget. Therefore, the inclusion of such accommodation cannot be made. Hence, the demographic of DINK seems to have become the reasonable demographic to be considered by them for their target market segment. It will also help attract many couples because most of the couples in North America prefer enjoying their time with best amenities where they can seek to comfort themselves with pleasurable and stress free living experience.

Question 3

Positioning statement

Boutique resort Foothills offers the best lodgings services that include adult gateway relaxation for rejuvenated, splendid and effective transformative experience to the couples.  The services at Foothills also include fine dining, spa services, yoga and riding classes, meeting and conference spaces for personal and business uses.  The wide range of services at Foothills instills the rejuvenated and transformative experience among the couples. It eliminates the stressful moments for those enjoying its splendid services.

Boutique resort of Foothills is well equipped with different kinds of latest technology and facilities for particularly the childless couples (Suttikun  & Yuan, 2020). It instills the amazing and exceptional experiences of Adults gateway relaxation among the couples with its effective SPA services.

Foothills provide the first of its kind services and amenities that no other resorts provide in the region.

Question 4

Marketing goals

The two specific marketing goals of Foothills are following.

Strengthening customer base: One of the significant marketing goals of Foothills is to strengthen its customer base with its lodging services that accommodate couples with various types of amenities being offered. It is crystal clear that since the inception of the resort, there was no lodgings service. The vision of Sam and Lisa bracken who are to re launch their boutique resort with exceptional lodgings facilities and amenities have considered the expansion of the business in Lac des Arcs. Over the years they have been able to build the reputation and brand image of their resort with limited services being offered to the consumers. However, to include the services of lodgings as part of the expansion of business by Sam and Lisa, the goal of the marketing to increase the number of customer seeking to exceptional and stress free living experience (Schwarzl & Grabowska, 2015). The increase in the number of customers would help frame up the future vision of Sam and Lisa to take the business into the path of success.

Increasing sales growth:  Increasing sales growth is also one of core marketing goals of foothills. Sam and Lisa have already clarified that they have no adequate budget for extra accommodations for the guests who have the number of children. Hence, keeping in mind the upgrade they are making, they are infusing more fund or expenditure to facilitate the lodging services with 16 small cottages. Hence, it would become necessary to drive sales growth with its enhanced services of lodgings and accommodations with added amenities of Adult gateway for couples.

Marketing objectives

There are two specific marketing objectives of Foothills.

Brand image: One of the marketing objectives of Foothills to be achieved is its brand image for the products and services it has sought to include with its lodgings accommodations. Sam and Lisa have earlier sustainable the built reputation of the boutique resort (Picazo & Moreno, 2018).  The brand names of the resort with Yoga Barn strengths the need of expanding the business with its improved brand image. For the amenities being offered by boutique resort, it has successfully built the brand image. Thus, it would be one of the marketing objectives to enhance the brand image with its lodgings services and upgraded amenities for the guests.

Market share and growth: The marketing objectives of Foothills is to expand its growth and share in other part of the country as the main competitor of Foothills, Banff springs Hotel has not been categorized with the kind of services and amenities offered by Foothills.

Question 5

Marketing mix strategy

Service product: The service product of Foothills includes its lodgings services with the upgraded amenities of adult gateway relaxation for the childless couples. With the changing time, the required changes will be made to accommodate the couples with children.

Price: The pricing strategy of the service product of Foothills would be based upon the value of the amenities it provides. In future, it aims at changing the price rate with more upgraded amenities.

Place: The place where the services can be accessed is the location of the resort. In future, attempts would be made to expand its location in other parts of the country.

Promotion:  Service products promotional activities would be on both physical and digital touch points for the resort. For physical it would campaign on the ground and for digital touch points it would market on the digital social media platform to connect with people (Londhe, 2014).

People: Recruitment of additional staff for room services, housekeeping, chef, cooking staffs would be done with enhanced amenities at Foothills.

Process: The process of the services being offered by Foothills is with its lodgings services for which the couples will check in before availing the services and after accomplishment of the staying period, they need to check out with clearing all required payable service charges.

Physical evidence:  The physical environment for Foothills would be added 16 cottages as part of its lodgings services to the childless couples.  The added 16 cottages as part of the lodgings services would help cater to the need of having relaxation of adult gateway for young and childless couples (Liang, 2018). With the demand and positive feedback of the guests, the facilities would be ramped up accordingly.

Question 6

Communication plan

In order to achieve the market goals and objective of Foothills, it is the need of the hour to frame a communication plan by which it can enhance communication for its marketing campaign. The allotment of $700 000 seems to be reasonable and with this budget, the communication plan can easily be carried out. However, it needs a set of allocation of this budget to various communication elements. The allocation of the budget to various communication elements for Foothills is following.

Social media: It should have 40% of total allocated budget. This is because the current marketing trend for the service product significantly relies upon social media marketing (Bondarenko et al. 2019).

Sales promotion: for sales promotion, it must have 30% of the allocated budget for communication plan. Sales promotion of the upgraded lodgings services at Foothills should be initiated to attain the target of number of footfall for the services from its target group.

Celebrity endorsements: for celebrity endorsements of service product, 20% of allocated budget should be given in this regard.

TV ads: For TV ads, it should allocate 10% of the total budget for communication plan. It is because of most of the viewers are women who have no child and this communication plan can attract their mind for availing of the services and amenities at Foothills (De Pelsmacker et al. 2018).  

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