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COMP8440 Source Software Development : Software Engineering

In software engineering, preventive focus and planning can pay for itself in the development long run. For example, a poorly designed document can affect the schedule and cost of an effort and add unnecessary stress to the team and partners. At worst, it can lead to a failed project. A smart project manager must weigh and understand the pros and cons of different approaches, tools and design paradigms to software engineering. In this Discussion, you will explore the opportunities and risks associated with software engineering

Open-source development involves making the source code of a system publicly available. This means that many people can propose changes and improvements to the software. Critically analyse the dependability issues surrounding the process of open-source development and recommend a scenario when open-source development is appropriate.


The advancement in the technology has brought about changes in the structure of the software engineering. On the other hand, the development of the software, based on their specifications of open and closed source has made significant improvements in their structure. It has h

elped in the better understanding of the evolution and the modifications made. However, the reliability and the appropriateness of the modifications are determined by the ethics of software engineering which is affected by the source code of the software. The discussion will aim at the understanding of the reliability and the issues faced by the OSS (Open-Source software developments) over the closed source. Also it will determine the appropriateness of the usage of the OSS (Raza, Capretz and Ahmed 2012).

The closed source is being developed through the strict guidelines of the software engineering and adheres to a systematic format for evaluation. On the other hand, the OSS does not follow the traditional approach of undertaking the changes based on the recommendations of the software engineering ethics. The closed source enjoys a competitive advantage in the market, their being the sole existence in the market. Whereas the OSS suffers from the loss of competitive advantage as it is required to share its credentials with the other companies for promoting its services (Pearce 2012). Although, the modifications brought about by the OSS is based on the feedbacks of the required changes for getting the correct configuration of the host companies. The closed source is aimed at bringing in modifications based on their own requirement of the change. There are certain advantages of the OSS, because of its openness bugs and other flaws can be easily detected and scrutinized in the system and modified. It also helps in understanding the probable changes for improving the system which is again not there in the closed source.

The appropriateness of the application of the OSS is based on the modifications that are required to be undertaken by the software. The huge amount of modifications that certain software requires for its sustenance can be facilitated through the usage of the OSS. On the other hand, if the concerned company is aiming at making a competitive advantage of the same might consider the closed source developmental process. It will help in making the source code unique and thereby make it compatible for their line of product.


Pearce, J.M., 2012. The case for open source appropriate technology. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 14(3), pp.425-431.

Raza, A., Capretz, L.F. and Ahmed, F., 2012. An open source usability maturity model (OS-UMM). Computers in Human Behavior, 28(4), pp.1109-1121.

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