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Controlling and Leading

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Proposal Project Submission – Controlling and Leading

Sam Clarke

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Controlling and Leading

Within management there are two very key characteristics one must understand and correctly use. These are controlling and leading. Controlling refers to telling someone what to do, while leading is more of showing by example. Both of these are very important in management. For my car wash fundraiser I will be using both of these to make sure my volunteers have a good understanding and our fundraiser succeeds.

I will be using the controlling aspect of managing to control my volunteers, donations, and the revenue. My staff will get a one-on-one interaction with me where I go over my expectations of them and allows for the chance to clear up any confusion. I will let them know who they will be working with in groups and what they will do at every station. The donations we receive will be controlled by group working the food booth. They will be collecting both donations from our customers, and the revenue we receive from our sales. All donations will go in a box while the revenue will be placed in a separate area to be able to make change for our customers if needed.

While going over what each stations job is, I will lead them by performing the duties and expectations as I say them. This way my volunteers get a visual representation as well as hearing the instructions. Demonstrating every station and also the interactions that I expect to see to be able to raise the most money. This way of leadership represents the result from my leadership test that referred me to as a Warren Buffet. The test results stated; “you are excellent at recognizing trends and establishing pathways to exploit them. You have no problem inspiring the troops in both hard and exciting times. Your delegation skills are excellent, which allows future leaders to rise and expand on your efforts” (Daum). I will rally the volunteers be setting the expectations and by using groups I am establishing a pathway to make the fundraiser the most successful.

Controlling and leading in management is extremely useful. They both needed to be used separately at times but can also work together. Management by controlling allows for less confusion on what the task is, and leading allows for overall better understanding. Implementing both of these methods in my fundraiser helps to set it up for success.


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