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CSG 5308 Wireless Security - Free samples to Students

shops are located in Cockburn Central next to the Jandakot airport due to easy access for shipping parts over to customers, Kalamunda, Cottesloe, Bayswater (being the main Head Office) and Joondalup. Rare Vintage Auto Parts Ltd has recently had some issues in regards to the smooth running of their business. You have been assigned by your boss to assess and report on resolution strategies for the customer – i.e. Rare Vintage Auto Parts Ltd.
The Rare Vintage Auto Parts Ltd business generate a base turnover of $50 million per year with 150 employees. Over 50% of business revenue is from credit card transactions. The tills in the Bayswater (main head office and store) use wireless connections to communicate to the organisation network. The company’s main head office and store computer network is entirely wireless based as the business is located in a heritage listed building. The Cockburn Central store has a wired computer network but has wireless connectivity for the tills which seems to experience intermittent dropouts.
Both stores network via wireless link to the Bayswater Head office and shop for inventory. In addition, each store seem to have an access point so that the staff at each store can use handheld devices (such as PDAs, Smart devices, etc..) to take inventory, and another Access Point (AP) so that managers can use laptops in their office.
Last month, the company had to sack its IT Administrator for accessing illicit material after his 3rd warning. The IT administrator became hostile and had to be ejected from the premises by the police. In the meantime, one of the senior managers with very poor IT understanding has been tasked to managed the company computer network whilst you investigate and Later that afternoon the network for the Cottesloe shop became unserviceable.
Another concern that was mentioned by The Rare Vintage Auto Parts Ltd personnel was that the intermittency between Kalamunda and Joondalup store was more frequent. Connectivity to the Bayswater inventory is reliable but there are now errors in shipment because of an untraceable error. Orders arrive in correct order but when the automated deliveries are sent out quantities are wrong for 60% of orders causing massive restocking costs and loss of reputation.
The owner believes that the ex-IT Administrator is behind this as he was responsible for the commissioning of wireless systems, links, tills and deployment of the wireless network where all the shops including main head office/store would be able to communicate wirelessly. Police have been unable to respond or provide any detail. The person supporting the issue with the SQL inventory system has been unable to provide any data to explain the shipping errors. The account passwords and other traces of the old IT administrator have been cleansed from the system and were not traceable any more.

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