12 Tips for Parents helping with Homework

School homework is not only troublesome for children but also for the parents. They have to make time to involve themselves with their children and their homework. There are basically two major strategies that parents can adopt to reduce the hassle homework brings. The primary strategy is to make a clear routine of their children and ensure that they follow it generously. And the second is to motivate them to complete the work by giving rewards to the children for performing well or scoring good grades in his/ her homework. In today’s busy world it is really necessary to plan so that the parents can give attention to their children.

There are some tips that the parents can adopt to help their children to complete their homework. They are as follows :

 1. Do the work as early as possible :

It is always best to do the homework as early as possible. Postponing the work not only burdens the children but also the parents. Therefore, parents should make sure that the children complete their work timely. This will not only help in completing the work before time but also provides a clear schedule to the children. Parents also become tension free when the work is completed. This also gives time to parents to check the work and review it before it is presented in front of the teacher. This way any corrections required can be done before the final submission. Also, this provides great learning exposure to the children as their mistakes are known to them beforehand.     

2. Creating a Call List :

There should be a list of friends that can be approached to when the child forgets an assignment or missed some classes due to some personal issues. This will really help in catching up the work the children missed out. The friends can help in providing the assignment or homework, this will help the children to timely complete the work and also they do not miss out anything happened in the class. This also relieves the parents as their children do not lack behind. 

 3. Building Confidence :

When the children are not able to score good grades or do not get what they desire they may be disheartened. The parents should guide their children and should help them in confidence building. This can be done by talking to the children and listening to them and figuring out what is the problem and how it can be solved. Also, parents should make sure that the children have confidence in them so that they come to them with their problems. This also helps in building the personal relationship between parents and children.

 4. Helping with the assignment :

If the child is very tired or is not able to understand the assignment, the parents can help them in understanding the assignment. They can also help in completing it, but only by supporting them and not doing it themselves. Some parents do the work of their children but in the long run, it turns out to have a negative impact on the children. Also, if the work of the children is incomplete frequently then the parents should try to find out the problem and should motivate the children to complete the work timely. Also, if the topic covered in the assignment is not introduced in the school, the parents should talk to the teacher regarding the same and should ensure that this does not happen in the future. 

 5. Providing a change :

Sometimes a change in the place where work is done can also boost the children to work well. This helps in motivating him/ her to work as the environment gets changed making it look new and fresh. This can also help in innovation and generation of new ideas. This not only helps the children but also the parents. For instance, if the child usually does work in the drawing room and for a day it shifts to the balcony, it can help immensely and effect can be seen in his/ her performance and work done.

 6. Providing Positive Feedback :

The parents should provide instant feedback to the children so that they can do corrections instantly. It generally happens with kids who are young grade schoolers. Feedback should always be provided by the parents when the children complete the work and present it before them. It is also an improvement to provide positive feedback along with the improvisations needed. This helps the child to work well and motivates him/ her.

7. Let them be themselves :

Sometimes to get attention to children to do certain things. They try to kill time by having interactions. This can be avoided by making them do their homework alone. Parents should stay out of that area or room so that the children can study with full concentration. At times if the parents are working in the same area or room, children are unable to focus on their work. Therefore, this should be avoided as far as possible.

8.Providing a time frame :

For a small work that can be completed in five minutes, sometimes children drag it on and on for an hour. This should be stopped as it makes the child slow and lethargic. Parents should provide the children with a time frame to complete the work. Say, for colouring parent provides 10 minutes. The child should be motivated so that he/ she finishes the work within the time frame. But the work done should be accurate and error free. Therefore, parents should ask the child to revise the work done, to ensure that there are no errors.

 9. Plan beforehand :

At times, the teacher provides a big project to children so that they can understand time management. In this case, the child may get baffled and end up being demotivated. parents should try to help the children by planning each and every step that is required to be taken in the project along with the time needed to complete each step. This way the child will be able to complete the project timely with accuracy. The planning technique can also be used to bring in a routine for the children. Everyday activities can be planned so that the child can work according to the schedule. It also helps in bringing discipline and punctuality. If parents are unable to plan a schedule for the children, they may ask teachers to help them.  

 10. Let the children speak :

When the parents are busy and the children have not started the work, this may make the child frustrated. He/ she may complain about the same. Let the child complain and the parent should listen to him/ her. Parents should empathize with the child and should make him/ her feel understood. This will help the child to feel better and he/ she will be able to focus on the work properly. If the child remains frustrated and does not feel like anyone understands him/ her, this may affect his/ her studies and behaviour. Children may not listen to their parents and ignore what they try to make them understand.

 11. Do not complain all the time :

If the parents keep on complaining about their child to the parents or in front of their relatives, it has a negative impact on the child. He/ she may think that his mother does not love him/ her. Parents should always take care of this thing as it deeply affects the child. The child may become stubborn or start disrespecting. Also, the studies get affected by this kind of behaviour. Therefore, it must be avoided.

 12. Be updated always :

The parents should be in regular contact with the teacher so that they are well aware of the progress of their children in school. This gives a better understanding to the parents of their child’s abilities. Parents can accordingly guide their children making them work on the areas where they are weak or do not pay attention to. This will help in the holistic development of the child.

Parents should always help their children in their homework along with other areas where they are required. They should try and understand the perspective of their child, as children only look up to their parents for support. Their problems should be taken seriously and should be solved as soon as possible. Children are comfortable with their parents only when they are able to understand them. They want appreciation and motivation, else they will become frustrated and irritated. They will not listen to their parents and will not do their work timely and properly. Children are complicated, therefore they should be treated with care and understanding. At times parents may not be able to understand their child’s perspective. They may ask the teachers to help as after parents the children are bonded with the teachers. 

Helping with the homework may also help in building a friendly bond among the parents and children. They are able to understand each other in a much better way. 

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