5 Incredibly Efficient Ways to Study for GRE

1. Create an effective GRE study plan.

GRE is the game of approaching questions with agility, confidence and competence. In order to do that the candidate must be prepared to perform in 3 sections: Quantitative, Verbal and Writing sections. GRE test taker should be able to manage these three areas with equal competence. However, it is likely that you may know the answer to one question better than the answer to another question. In order to tackle this issue, a few simple tricks can be applied. In Quantitative and Verbal section the candidate should cancel out multiple wrong options, and narrow down the multiple choice scenario to reach a single correct answer. In the writing section, one must have a proven skill-set meaning that the candidate should be in the practice of writing. Writing requires a mind that functions in multiple areas: Thinking, Collating thoughts, Observing, Analyzing, and comprehending the most relevant thoughts. Lastly, the most relevant thoughts are brought together in form of the written word to create meaningful sentences and conclusively a collation of meaningful sentences becomes the written story. Thus the student should be habitual to the whole process of brainstorming and convert the entire thought-process into a well-presented essay.

2. Identify your strengths and develop new strengths

In order to perform better in GRE, it is best to know your strong and weak areas. You can develop an effective GRE study plan if you turn your weak subject areas into your new strengths. It is an acceptable point that no test-taker can be overwhelmingly great at all 3 skills of verbal, quantitative and analytical and writing sections. However, while preparing for GRE, students should not have a negative mindset regarding the sections they are weak at. It is best to know the areas where you are lacking, but knowing them should not make you weak. In fact, knowing your weak sections should make you aware and stronger about the concerned subject. Hence, if you think your vocabulary is weak then start learning new words today! You can develop a strong vocabulary of 3000 words within a period of 2 months and this is possible if you learn new words every day. It is simple math: effectively learning 5 new words every day will help you learn 1500 words in one month. On an average, a GRE test taker should have a sound knowledge of about 3000 words. In order to keep you on the edge and extremely competent, you should think about the exam in a holistic manner. Don’t try to mug up the GRE math question and answers. Be sure that you are clearly aware of the underlying concepts. You should trust in the process of learning, and it is best to have a learning objective for all three sections so that a conclusive result shall appear within the pre-decided timeline.

3. Getting comfortable with GRE

The only way to get comfortable at doing something is to understand – what you are going to do? And how you are going to do it? In a GRE test, the candidate is expected to do 2 things: spend their time wisely and construct a unique strategy to handle both difficult and easy test problems with the same level of comfort. Time can be used wisely if you practice to consciously approach questions considering that every question has the same value. This is because at times easier questions may look more attractive and so we are discouraged to approach tougher questions. In this ambiguous state, we tend to approach tougher questions haphazardly. Thus it is best to apply logic to each question and approach each problem with a uniform degree of skill-set and potency. Leveraging on your strength requires you to approach your strong areas with priority and confidence. However, in a GRE test make tougher questions your preferred questions, as tougher questions will carry higher marks. Thus approaching tougher questions will bring more value to your GRE test result. Always remember, your preference for difficult questions will help you earn a higher GRE test score.

4. Practice and build your unique path to success!

The more you work on the GRE practice tests, the more you will know about the competence that is expected from a GRE aspirant. This is not to say that the candidate should work on the practice test every day because then excessive work pressure will create a stressful atmosphere. In the quantitative section, one can perform well by getting habitual to performing quicker calculations and get comfortable working with formulas, geometrical figures, equations, and representative diagrams. Once you understand the question, it will become convenient for you to interpret a diagram or figure and accordingly work much faster on the quantitative question. You can also consider taking help of professional GRE coaching institutes. If you are studying for the GRE test while working then you can even look for online GRE test preparation websites. It may be a good idea to go for brick and mortar GRE study centres if you are comfortable with learning in a group rather than as an individual learner. However, for a personalized GRE test preparation help, it is best to choose the online learning option that provides tailored GRE study plan as per your time and study preferences.

5. Be Strong all the way!

It requires a tougher mind to achieve a tough target. In order to discover a tougher mindset, you need to find a mind and body balance. And a simple exercise routine can help you achieve this mind and body balance. Good health is like a tripod which is stable on 3 legs: Good quality of sleep, the right amount of exercise and nutritious food. You will need all three to work in your favour because if one leg breaks the whole tripod will break down. In order to be focused and competent throughout the entire GRE exam duration of 4 hours, you will need all the above 3 legs of your health tripod to be stronger than ever. Thus, you should be high on protein and fibre diet, sleep well and in terms of exercise, if you are not a regular fitness enthusiast, then at least going for a morning walk will go a long way in keeping your mind fresh and stress-free.

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