5 Most Common Challenges Faced by Learners in an Online Classroom

common problems elearning classrooms

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges”

We are living in an era where people have grown up with mobile and laptops in their hands. Internet and Computers have now become an essential part of our life. The students of this century have experienced the world of education in a way that the previous generations could never have imagined. As the world is moving so fast, students want to gain knowledge immediately without wasting their time on daily college activities and assessments. The rapid growth of virtual world fosters the rapid educational changes. We know it very well that a person’s education is incomplete without a college degree. The importance of a degree in this era is apparent, and nothing can get better if one can get that degree online.

Schools and Universities are increasing their online learning platform as a means of giving lifelong learning and education. According to a report, from the past 13 years, there has been a continuous growth in admissions for an online degree. Another survey states that about 7.1 million USA students are taking an online course right now. Although there is no significant difference in education level between online and tradition education, a learner could face some challenges in an online classroom. These challenges depend on person to person. Online discussions may become a challenge for you and an opportunity for others. It’s just the perception that matters.

Here we are going to talk about some problems with online learning which you can easily relate to yourself if you are taking an online degree or if you are going to apply for one. You should pull up your socks and must learn to change challenges into your strength.

No Set Times for Classes

10-4 college time schedule can become a headache for regular college going students. To avoid this, students go for online learning, where they are not bounded by any time limit. You can go out to parties, you can give time to your family, you can give time to yourself and at the same time, you can fulfill your ambition too.

However, time management is not everyone’s cup of tea. It proves to be a difficult task for learners. Most of the time these management skills are critical for getting everything done. Online learning is not that easy, you need to become a Ninja to catch your prey. This requires rigorous work and enormous time to invest. Moreover, a study shows that most adults go for online learning programs for their time flexibility and other responsibilities. They add these programs to their already busy lives. In result, they hardly take out time for the program due to their various everyday commitments.

Tip: Before joining any online course, first check their class schedule and balance them with your daily routine. You can also add these to your calendar and set reminders for classes and assignments.

Virtual Guidance

The role of guidance and support of teachers play an important role in everyone’s life. A helping hand is a key to success. However, sometimes adopting a virtual helping hand may become a tough task for students who are not used to this. The major responsibility of an online teacher is to facilitate online discussions and to communicate with each and every student. Online instructors may not always be instantly approachable for a student’s query or feedback.

Tip: Unavailability of an online teacher could actually enhance your learning experience. Try to take this as an advantage and involve directly in the learning process.  Collaborate with other students and initiate discussions, which will ultimately increase your learning.

Not so Tech-Savvy Students

Online learning requires a comfortable knowledge of software and hardware to connect and communicate with the class. The participation of a teenager on social networking platforms suggests that all students, as well as adults, are tech-savvy, but believe me this is just your observation. The technology used by students to communicate on social networking sites is far different from that of education.

Social use of technology doesn’t translate it directly into educational use. It doesn’t mean that students who use social networking sites frequently are capable of using technology in the right way to optimize online learning outcomes and experience

Tip: Just don’t limit yourself to social networking web. Before planning to take an online degree, get familiar with the new technology used in e-learning. Also, explore more and learn new techniques and become a computer friendly person.

Discussions can be Painful!

Online discussions are not as easy as they seem. Generating a chain on ‘Disqus’ and communicating on ‘Facebook’ is far easier than learning and getting the education online. Posting a question and expecting students to respond rarely happens. In face-to-face discussions, a teacher interjects if the discussion is heading in the wrong direction, but during an online discussion small queries can quickly change their discourse if not adequately moderated and at times even the online tutors seem helpless to moderate them.

Tip: Students must feel comfortable in challenging each other’s discussion and contributions in thoughtful and constructive ways. You can even ask your peers to support your claims with research.

Be Your Own Superhero!

Motivation! Motivation! Motivation!

Motivation is needed everywhere. From classroom to real life, you need the motivation to grow and to achieve your aim. A right environment where a student feels comfortable to deliver his thoughts is the fundamental responsibility of an online university and their instructors. However, it happens rarely. You will hardly find an environment like this on an online platform. Neither other students know you nor your instructor. If you are expecting someone to tap your shoulder and say “I’m proud of you. You are one of the best students in this class”, then wake from your dreams and face reality. Be your own motivation and learn to appreciate your hard work.

Tip: Concentrate on your degree and stay motivated beyond enrollment.

It is true that online learning is not as easy as you think, but the fact is you can make it easy if you really want to survive in the virtual education world.

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