The Story Behind the Rise (and Rise) of E-learning Websites

benefit future of elearning

Online Education websites provide a platform which has high demand all over the world and most importantly the type of demand does not vary with places- e.g. if a person from India wants to learn German language from home, the course he needs, will be very similar to the course that a person from China/USA/Japan will need to learn the German language.

Introduction: What is online Education?

Online education or nowadays mostly known as E-Learning process is slightly different than the conventional way of learning/teaching. As its name suggests online education is a teaching process but totally conducted online mostly through websites. Here the teacher or a team of teachers make various tutorial videos and notes prior to the starting of the course. On the basis of that the duration of the course is determined thereafter and hence the price for that course is ascertained if any. After all the required processes are over by the teaching team, they post it in their website or any other place where they can reach their desired students quickly. Afterward when the notification about that course gets a willing student’s attraction, the student is expected to get enrolled for it. After the enrollment of the student to the course the teaching team sends the designed study materials to the student via website account or via courier where required weekly or as commenced earlier by the teachers. There are also many optional steps prior or later like certification, letter of recommendation, NOC etc. where applicable.

Benefits of E-learning based courses

There are a number of reasons why online education is accepted all over the world and has become a huge business gradually. Some of such reasons are-

  • A student can avail the course from anywhere especially from his/her own home. So, No travelling of long distance to attend the classes.
  • It is flexible over time.
  • No need think of class drops. If one class is missed it can be availed as it is any time after.
  • Since the teacher does not have to be present at the class for giving lectures regularly, the price determined for a course is also usually less or free in some cases.

How do online teachers reach Students?

There are various ways to reach a student through online. But the question is if you are reaching to the correct audience or not. When it is a discussion of education it is solely important that the teacher has a perfect bonding with the student. There are a number of ways some of which are-

  • Buy an account or create your own educational website and post your course to the online educational platform, i.e. a website where various types of online courses are found. Generally, those platforms are well known to the students who want to take up such courses.
  • Give advertisements of your courses in social networking sites and create lead magnets (in educational purpose, it means kind of trial course) to draw the attention of your customer students.
  • If you are already a teacher in someplace (e.g. schools, college etc.) then you can always raise concern about your course to your current students and ask them to share and thus it will grow.

Popular Online Learning Websites

Online educational websites are like a directory of a number of online paid or unpaid courses which can be availed only via online. Some of them are- Coursera, edX, Udemy, w3schools etc. Students avail these websites all over the world for various types of courses like- Public Speaking, Python Programming, HTML CSS, Thermodynamics, Robotics, Graphic Design, Music and many more. A student had to make an account of him/herself in the website. After enrolling to the course the course schedule and syllabus are sent instantly to the student account mentioned earlier and gradually the course contents.

benefit future of elearning

Reasons for Popularity of Online Educational Courses

Online educational websites are popular all over the world. Many well-known institutions have come forward to help this grow more. Some reasons for such a quick gain of popularity are-

  • These websites have brought the whole picture of online learning in a single picture by creating a platform to showcase courses which has an audience all over the world.
  • Since these websites are a growing foundation so there always will be a requirement of fresh employees or interns which is also a great opportunity for students or new employers to gather on-field experience.
  • Such websites have given birth to webinar courses, i.e. face to face teaching through webcams which made e-learning more alive.

But e-Learning Websites are not always for the best…

  • Less effective evaluation of the student.
  • Sometimes students feel insecure to spend a lot of money online to an unknown organization.
  • Since the total thing is based on the internet there always remains a chance for hacking, fraud, data corruption etc.
  • Less freedom to reach back to teachers for doubt clearing.

and finally, here are some popular E-learning websites

In conclusion, one thing which must be mentioned, i.e. online education websites may have some cons but in a nutshell, it is one of the greatest steps forward in the arena of education. These websites helped to open a new era where not only educational institutions like MIT, Harvard etc. Some Examples of such websites are-

  • General Courses:

edX (paid), Coursera(free for audit), Udemy(paid),, Open Culture, Memrise, Instructables, MIT Open Courseware(free), CMU’s Open Learning Initiative(free), Khan Academy(free), Stanford Online(free) etc.

  • IT and Software Development:

Udacity (paid), Google Code,, Tuts+, Pluralsight (paid), Aquent Gymnasium (free), CodeHS etc, tutorials on assignmenthelpnet.

  • Design and Web Design/Development:

HOW Design University (free), HTML Dog, Skillcrush, Hack Design(free), w3schools etc.

  • Data Science and Engineering:

Codeacademy, Stanford Engineering Everywhere(free), Big Data University etc.

  • Art and Guitar:

Justin Guitar(free), Drawspace (paid and free), Dave Conservatoire etc.

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