99 Reasons to Choose Canada as Your Study Abroad Destination

99 Reasons to Choose Canada as Your Study Abroad Destination

Canada is one country that has been consistent in the education sector over the last ten years. It has also been ranked the best in terms of living standards according to several surveys. This high standard of living is just one of the many reasons why thousands of students from all across the world aspire to get a seat in one of Canada’s prestigious universities. This article aims to put forward 99 reasons why you should also make Canada as Your Study Abroad Destination.

  1. International standard of faculties: Canada is a country that boasts of an international level of professors in their colleges and universities. It is estimated that 2/5th of all college professors in Canada possess internationally recognized degrees.
  1. Helping Hands
    Canada is proud to be one of the only countries that have been stereotyped to be extra helpful and polite. So, in all cases, help will be available if you are in the slightest of trouble.
  1. Top ranking universities: 

As per a recent survey, Canada is ranked an astounding #4 in University Education Quality among all countries on Earth.

  1. Highest living standards: 

Canada is officially ranked #1 in life quality or living standards by many top surveys. Therefore, the study-life balance will be nearly perfect if you would decide to study in Canada.

  1. High degree value: 

It has been noted that the students who graduated from a Canadian college or university, often got better jobs in the industry compared to the US or UK. This is true for both Canadian and international graduates.

  1. Affordability: 

The student fees and other expenses are much less in Canada compared to US colleges and several other study abroad destinations.

  1. Brilliant research opportunities: 

Those students who are in a research field can find good research materials and better resources in Canada than in other North American countries.

  1. Bilingualism: 

Canada offers the language students ample opportunity to work with two of the leading languages in Europe – English, and French. This is because in Canada apart from the English language the French-speaking population is also present in substantial amounts.

  1. Budget-friendly: 

Canada offers the cheapest price when we think of tutors and other study-related fees.

  1. Student safety: 

Canadians are peace-loving people, so student safety won’t be an issue if you decide to study in Canada.

  1. A special student earning opportunity: 

Canada offers international students a rare opportunity to join the work industry while still studying. The government will help those students to get their earnings while still in college.

  1. Immigration advantage: 

In Canada, immigrant students get a Post-graduation advantage where the government allows them to work after they come out of college without the need for a working visa.

  1. Positive tickets: 

Only in Canada can people get a positive ticket from their police if they perform an act of kindness or do something to help society.

  1. Most educated country: 

Canada holds the #1 rank in the world for having the highest rate of graduates with almost half the population having finished at least the college level.

  1. Student numbers: 

This country has the highest number of graduating students at five million! Studying here gives you the chance to become a part of a thriving community.

  1. International recognition of degrees: 

The degrees provided by every Canadian college are recognized both inside and outside North America as a prestigious degrees earned.

  1. Variety of options: 

There are a lot of degree programs available throughout Canada on a combination of subjects to give you as much diversity as possible in terms of educational options.

  1. High tech education: 

Universities in Canada use technology to teach in classes hence, online education and other facilities are available. 

  1. Enhanced job offers: 

It has been noted that after graduation students from Canadian universities get more job options than their US counterparts.

  1. Student expenses: 

It’s noted that only in Canada the expenses per student per capita are less than in any other North American country.

  1. Scholarship systems: 

Every college in Canada possesses high-quality scholarship awards so that students don’t need to pay for everything.

  1. Campus interviews: 

Most Canadian colleges conduct extensive campus job interviews to provide an edge to their students in the work industry.

  1. Lifestyle: 

The student lifestyle is truly well balanced in Canada. You have a lot of options for healthy detours that you can take.

  1. Educational heritage: 

Canada is one of those few countries in the world which possesses great educational history. The students become part of a longstanding tradition of success.

  1. Research culture: 

Canadian colleges are known for their high-quality research journals and papers.

  1. Studying environment: 

Since it’s the highest educated country on Earth so there is a healthy studying environment in Canada.

  1. Great Job history: 

Canadian universities have a very high degree of job offer rate after their students graduate.

  1. Linguistically advanced: 

Since more than fifty percent of the population doesn’t speak English, the students have a linguistic advantage of learning both English and French while staying in Canada.

  1. Top educators: 

Canada boasts of the highest-rated international educators in their colleges.

  1. Perfect weather: 

Canada has the perfect weather of not too hot or too cold both during summer days and winter.

  1. International educational culture: 

The Canadian government invites several immigrants to come to study and it also offers them many scholarships and other grants to encourage students from all over the world to study in Canada.

  1. Special work permits for immigrants: 

The government provides up to three years of free working opportunities without any work visa for immigrant students.

  1. Social life: 

Students’ social lives are much easier in Canada than in the US.

  1. Campus safety: 

Safety measures on campus are top class in every Canadian university.

  1. The easiest process for immigration: 

Compared to US colleges, Canadian universities have much easier and immigrant-friendly processes for international students.

  1. Real-life experience: 

The colleges in Canada are boosted with real-life and practical models of studying to make their students adapt to real-life skills and experience.

  1. Quality tech industry: 

Canada also boasts of an international level of the tech industry and so the technology students can benefit after graduation by taking up internships and jobs there.

  1. Best laboratories: 

The science diploma and degree courses are further decorated with the highest quality of laboratories for conducting practical experiments.

  1. Placement assist by colleges: 

Most colleges in Canada give their students employment by conducting placement interviews on their campuses.

  1. Online assistance benefits: 

Over ninety percent of all Canadian colleges provide free online support to the students for further help.

  1. Earning during learning benefit: 

The Canadian government assists the students to get some work while they are in the course to help them pay for their bills and the college fees.

  1. Development of Skills: 

Canadian universities are famous for imparting knowledge along with skills to apply in practical projects.

  1. Futuristic approach: 

Canadian universities are famously quoted for their futuristic methodology when it comes to teaching.

  1. University life: 

Canadian universities are known for their lush climate and green campus.

  1. Cheapest dorms: 

The hostel-style dorms are the cheapest in Canada.

  1. Cultural unity: 

Even though Canada has a population of almost fifty percent people not speaking English, the cross-cultural unity is really strong in Canada.

  1. Open immigration policy: 

Unlike the US, the Canadian government is open to immigration from all corners of Earth and the people too welcome the international students openly.

  1. Highest Quality-price ratio: 

In education, Canada has the highest quality and price ratio, meaning, it has the highest quality at the most reasonable price!

  1. Work program plan: 

Canada’s government currently has a work program planned for students who successfully get a diploma or a degree, so that they can get assistance with finding jobs immediately after graduation.

  1. SchoolNet innovation: 

SchoolNetis an innovative program that links all the education sectors to the Internet. So any student can access any part of his course through this system. Only Canada has this program currently.

  1. Superb technology: 

With its entire education linked to the Internet, Canada has the technology to take the next step in the education sector and become the next powerhouse in education.

  1. Lowest crime rating: 

As per the current ratings, Canada has been rated to be in second place in terms of having the lowest crimes per capita area.

  1. Scientific discoveries: 

Many Canadian universities have been credited with several research papers citing scientific discoveries in the past.

  1. Degree value: 

Canadian university degrees are valued all over the planet and are respected by every other college or industry.

  1. Vast admission opportunity: 

Canada offers the largest number of graduating subjects in a huge number of universities, so the chances of getting admission are better in Canadian universities.

  1. Subject diversity: 

Canadian universities offer all possible combinations of subjects under various sections of science, arts, commerce, etc.

  1. Academic excellence: 

It’s been noted that most students in a Canadian university perform academically better than their US peers. 

  1. Highest social quotient: 

Canada has the highest social quotient meaning social life in Canada is truly brilliant!

  1. Most effective teaching style: 

Only the Canadian colleges follow the teaching style which allows students to honestly make mistakes and then study them to understand what the correct answer is.

  1. Most engaging lectures: 

Canadian universities are known for their engaging their students through different activities to help them grasp the concepts better.

  1. Highly valuable legacy: 

Most colleges have a history of excellence in their subjects and appear regularly on the list of excellence in academics.

  1. Lower living expenses: 

Compared to the USA and UK Canada has a much lower cost when it comes to living as a student.

  1. High payment jobs: 

Canada is one of the largest markets for high payments when it comes to jobs. Even part-time work is highly paid.

  1. Academic career-advancing: 

Canada is one of the best centers for the advancement of academic career, so after graduation students willing to take up a Master’s degree don’t need to wait much for further studies.

  1. Ease of Accommodation: 

It’s really easy for immigrant students to accommodate themselves as all around Canada cheap dorms and hostels are available.

  1. Bilingualism: 

In Canada, both English and French are major languages and are officially recognized. So French-speaking people are readily accepted. 

  1. Student-friendly environment: 

Since Canada is a major educational spot, it is constantly flocked by students of all nationalities. So it possesses a student-friendly environment.

  1. Cultural exposure: 

Canada is a compilation of several cultures and so any student gets to experience the cultural variations of Canada.

  1. Government initiatives: 

The Canadian government has many initiatives for boosting student lives around the country. One of these is the work assisting program offered to immigrant students.

  1. Rich social impact: 

Canadian social lifestyle is packed with interaction with several people from all ethnicities. So the social impact on any student will be rich.

  1. Great nightlife: 

Just like its neighbors, Canada boasts of a rich nightlife that any student would love.

  1. Acclaimed education programs: 

All courses and programs in Canadian universities are acclaimed internationally.

  1. Historically significant: 

Canada has a lot of sightseeing and history in store for new students wanting to know more and explore the country.

  1. Balanced lifestyle: 

The study and social life balance are great in Canada.

  1. Great future opportunities: 

After graduation, Canada offers vast working experience for the students to test and grow their skills.

  1. Overall lifestyle: 

Canadians are peace-loving and caring people and therefore, the overall experience will be truly superb.

  1. Equal treatment of all students: 

Due to its variety in culture, all students are treated equally by everyone and there is no discrimination in Canada.

  1. Superb student loans: 

Apart from scholarships, students can also apply for easy student loans.

  1. 24/7 help: 

The professors are ready to help the students at all hours through the StudentNet program.

  1. Unique student culture: 

Unlike the USA, Canada has a multi-language and unique student pool and hence, the student life is unique.

  1. Rich lifestyle: 

Canada offers lucrative job offers after graduation of students and so the students have a chance to live a safe and happy life and settle in Canada as well.

  1. Post-graduation help: 

For immigrant students, the Canadian government has the policy to help them find suitable employment opportunities in and around Canada to help them financially.

  1. Good work and life balance: 

Canadians are well known for living their lives to the fullest even after performing very well at their respective jobs.

  1. Great campus placement options: 

Even while studying, students have the opportunity to work with top companies because there are ample placements available from the campus itself.

  1. Fun lifestyle: 

Canadians believe in a fun life along with working hard for the work. Therefore, it will be a good balance between jobs and family lives of the students if the students decide to stay in Canada in the future. 

  1. Studying at the desired pace: 

Because of the StudentNet initiative, students can study according to their pace and always come back if they have any doubts.

  1. Active doubt handling: 

Canadian universities are proud of their professors working hard to solve all doubts of the students in real-time!

  1. Earning while studying opportunity: 

The Canadian government offers students to sit in interviews and get jobs to help them financially even when they are studying.

  1. Great work culture: 

After graduation students can get into the workplace and experience the great work experience that Canada offers.

  1. Highly acclaimed educators: 

All professors in all Canadian universities are internationally renowned for their teaching style and their ability to impart knowledge effectively to the students.

  1. World-class classroom and laboratory infrastructure:

Unlike the US, the Canadian government has heavily invested in the education sector and so, the classes and the labs are all top-notch!

  1. Opportunity to travel:

Canada has fourteen times the area of France. Hence, it is a huge country. So, the possibility of travel is ample for a student during or after his graduation.

  1. Build multicultural relationships:

Students in Canada come from every single ethnicity and so, any student has the option to learn about different cultures and make unique relations with all types of people.

  1. Enriched student lifestyle:

Canadian universities offer an excellent lifestyle to their students, balanced with study, learning, and a lot of fun!

  1. Brilliant work sector:

The work sector is also superb in Canada and hence, after graduation, the students can easily find great value in their skills.

  1. Great future growth rate:

More than 95% of the Canadian students grow in their fields to hold high positions in different big MNCs across the country.

  1. Superb learning experience:

Apart from a renowned degree, the students also experience a deep understanding of the subjects, and hence, they experience great learning from the Canadian colleges. 

  1. In-demand courses: Canadian universities offer all in-demand courses for the students so that, the students can learn the latest skills and apply them in the job industry. 
  1. Superb life experience: 

The overall experience in Canada will enrich the students’ souls to make them ready for their future lives, so Choose Canada as Your Study Abroad Destination.

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