Part-time work options for students studying in the USA

Part-time work options for students studying in the USA

If you are studying abroad, then you might need some extra money for your extra expenses. It is no secret that high tuition fees keep a considerable number of students out of college. If you are not from a financially rich family, chances are you’ll be looking for part-time work before long.

Students studying abroad usually look for part-time jobs to pay extra bills or leisure activities. If you are someone considering this, you probably won’t be alone. You will find many students, including your classmates doing part-time jobs. However, if you’re to look for a part-time gig, you’d want to make sure that you find a good one. A good part-time job is a job that covers all the aspects mentioned below:

  • It should fit your lifestyle and not disrupt it. The job should leave enough time for your studies. 
  • The working hours of the part-time job should be flexible. The working conditions should be good.
  • If the part-time job is allowing you to enhance your communication skills, then it will be the best for you.
  • A part-time job should offer some good work experience for your career.

You can find the part-time option in the university in which you are studying and also outside the university. There are many part-time work options available on campus as well as off-campus.

On-Campus Part-time Work Options 

Campus part-time jobs are one of the best options for international students. On-campus part-time jobs will also help you to enhance your skills for a better career. Furthermore, your traveling time and expenses will be reduced. Some campus part-time work options are given below.

  1. Research Study Assistant

This is one of the best part-time job options. This job requires excellent communication skills and organizational skills. You should also have some interest and enthusiasm in the research field. The payment range of this job is quite good. However, the exact work duties depend on the department in which you are working as a research study associate. Some common responsibilities of a research study assistant are:

  • Working on multiple projects. 
  • Maintaining lab equipment and lab space.
  • Assisting in the preparation of materials required for research. 
  1. Teaching Assistant 

The job of a teaching assistant includes supervising classroom activities and helping students who are struggling. Teaching assistant needs to assist teachers in their daily work routine. They need to organize various small programs for the students to motivate them. They also work in organizing campus events. If you have some previous experience, then you may get the job of higher teaching level assistant. If you are planning to pursue your career in the teaching field, then this part-time teaching assistant job would benefit you and prepare you for a successful career.

  1. Library Assistant 

This is also a popular part-time work option. This job requires some basic computer literacy as well as good written and verbal communication skills. The job responsibilities of the library assistant include: 

  • Arranging books properly on shelves according to their categorization. 
  • Helping students in finding particular books or other materials. 
  • Making recommendations for useful books.
  • Providing administrative support to librarians. 
  • Organizing events at the library. 
  • Settling any disruption or disturbances in the library. 
  1. Catering Assistant 

Every university offers the facilities of cafes or canteens. You can do part-time work in the canteen of the university. Generally, canteens in universities are open during the daytime, so this job provides you with flexible working hours. The job of the catering assistant includes managing the canteen work properly, assisting the in charge of the canteen. Sometimes birthdays are celebrated in the canteen, so a catering assistant needs to arrange the events and ensure that the events take place smoothly. 

  1. Department Assistant 

This job profile is one of the best part-time jobs for a student. This job requires basic computer skills, immensely good problem solving and communication skills. Furthermore, this job provides a great opportunity to learn management skills which can go on to help students in the future. The work responsibilities of a department assistant vary from department to department but some common work responsibilities of a department assistant are:

  • Providing administrative and secretarial support to the department. 
  • Handling department matters. 
  • Providing specific support for the department projects.
  1. University Campus Tour Guide

The job of the university campus tour guide is best for the person who possesses all information about the college campus. This job demands good communication and leadership skills. The job responsibility of the university campus tour guide is to greet the visitors and assist them with their visit to the university by answering questions and giving suggestions. They also help the students and parents in finding the required places. A major responsibility of a campus tour guide is to conduct the tours for prospective students. Since the tours end up helping a majority of students make up their minds, the job becomes increasingly important.

  1. Computer Lab Technician

This is also a very good part-time on-campus job. This job requires very good knowledge of the computer and also some leadership skills. The work responsibilities of computer lab technicians are:

  • To provide support to the lab users facing computer-related issues, like creating accounts and using other lab equipment like copiers, printers, etc.
  • To test materials and hardware and ensure security. 
  • To help in maintenance and operations of the computer lab.
  • Keeping records of equipment and lab supplies.
  1. Tutor/ Peer Mentor

This job is something like that of a teaching assistant. The work responsibility of a peer mentor is to help the students with their studies and assignments. A peer tutor helps students with their doubts about the concepts taught in the class.

The job of tutor/peer mentor requires some basic qualities like patience, understanding of the particular subject, and friendly nature towards the students. This job as a peer tutor offers a very good opportunity in achieving better academic results because you will get a deep knowledge of the subject by teaching it to the other student. It also helps you to gain confidence in your skills. 

  1. Production Assistant 

The job of the production assistant is to assist in conducting a wide range of events, such as comedy shows, award ceremonies, or any kind of program at the university campus. The students are required to have good communication skills to be eligible for such a job.

  1. Campus Ambassador 

This job is meant for students who like to interact with new people and find it easy to have conversations. The job responsibility of a campus ambassador is to promote the university and convince students why they should join that university. The requirement of this is you should have a considerable amount of knowledge about the university. Also, at many institutes, the job of a campus ambassador need not be paid. Therefore, a good idea would be to check first.

Off-Campus Part-time Work Options 

There are many part-time job options available for students outside the university campus as well. Some popular part-time work options are below:

  1. Call Center Jobs

This is one of the most popular part-time jobs for students. It is a good choice for students who possess immensely good communication skills and confidence in the language. This job provides you with the experience of working in an office environment. Also, the difficulty level of this job depends on the type of industry you are working in. Working at call centers also requires excellent knowledge of the products, services, and company. You can learn these skills during the training period that is offered by most of the companies. How you work will affect the sales and services of the company as you will represent your company and products through your communication skills.

  1. Customer Support Representative

The job responsibility of a customer support representative is to connect with customers and help them with information about the product and services of the organization they are working for. He/She also helps the customer if they are facing any problem or service-related issue. Also, a customer support representative introduces the customers to new products and services the company has on offer. Customer Support Representatives also assist with the placement of orders, refunds, or exchanges. Their job is to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied with products and services. Good communication skills and management skills are required for the job of customer support representative.

  1. Sales Assistant 

This is one of the most demanding jobs of modern times. Students can work part-time sales assistant jobs in malls, showrooms, etc. The job of a sales assistant is to assist the customers and offer almost all kinds of support related to products Sales assistants also need to process payments. In such a job, you are usually responsible for meeting some fixed sales goals. The job requires some good convincing and above-average communication skills. You should also have selling ability and great knowledge of the brand. The pay scale of this job is also fine.

  1. Restaurants and Bars

There are many jobs available at bars, restaurants, and cafes in towns and cities. You can work in restaurants and bars as a waiter, bartender, or in the kitchen depending on your skills and experiences. The jobs at restaurants and bars need high energy levels, attention to detail, and strong customer orientation. 

  • The job responsibilities of the waiter include guiding the customers about the menu, taking the order, and serving the orders table to table. They also need to collect payments.
  • The job responsibilities of a bartender include making drinks for the customers.
  1. Receptionist 

This is one of the best part-time jobs for students since it’s not very demanding. This is another job that offers you a chance to work in an office environment. The duties of a receptionist include support to the office and administration. A receptionist is also responsible for greeting visitors and needs to answer calls and guide the people. They also need to resolve visitors’ questions. Getting a job as a receptionist is not so hard. Generally, there is a need for a receptionist in every office. This job requires good communication skills and great knowledge of the language.

  1. Babysitting/ Nanny Jobs

This job is also in demand. It’s not uncommon for all adults in a family to work. They need someone who can take care of their child when they are away. So if you possess some qualities of doing the job of babysitter then, this is not a bad option. A babysitter needs to handle children. Patience and friendly nature are the important needs of this job as sometimes, children might go out of control and they don’t hear you. You also need to ensure that you take care of children’s needs. Moreover, you also need to take care that they are playing in a clean space. You may also need to help them with their homework. 

  1. Translator

If you have good knowledge of two or more languages, it might be easy for you to find a job as a translator. The job role of a translator is to translate one language to another. The important thing a translator should keep in mind is that the tone of the original sentence should be maintained while translating it into another language.

  1. Tour Guide

Tour guides are generally hired by travel agencies. Tourists visiting a country usually prefer to have an expert by their side while traveling. The responsibility of a tour guide is to maintain the interest of tourists while touring and providing information and facts about different places, monuments, etc. They also need to plan the schedule of the tour. The job of tour guide requires a good deal of knowledge of the various famous places of the city along with good communication skills.

  1. Internships 

This is the best part-time work option for the students. Besides the money, another outstanding benefit of an internship is you also get a certificate of internship, which helps you a lot in your career ahead. Furthermore, internships also help the students to gain new skills and provide them with workplace confidence. There are various job sites like My Placement, Cision, etc. where you can find the best internships according to your interests, needs, and skills.

  1. Language Teaching Jobs

If you have a great command over two or more two languages, then you can easily get the job of language teaching. Generally, many students who are looking to study in some foreign country end up requiring language classes. As a result, language teaching jobs are on the rise. You can look to join a coaching institute for this. Many coaching institutions hire college students for teaching and also pay well.

Keeping this list of part-time work options handy can prove to be extremely helpful for international students. Even if you’re still in the application process, applying before relocating abroad is a good idea.

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