Application and Theories Of Employment Relations Essay

Application and Theories Of Employment Relations

Personal, diverse and social opinions is defined for the understanding and analysis of the employee relations. Each of this perspective gives diverse explanations regarding the conflicts happening at the workplace, job roles and team building, regulations and policies at the workplace. In a different way these three different perspectives describe different opinions and views for the employee relations. The given paragraphs will be describing the three different objectives consecutively followed with the final conclusion.

Personal viewpoint

Defining the personal view points in an organization is said to be the integral people belonging to a single cultural background. The mutual cooperation is important in such an organization. This type of organization also provides weightage to the viewpoints coming from a single cultural background. Furthermore, majority of the employees in an organization share mutual decisions. Additionally, this type of perspective is considered to be highly recommended to bring loyal employees. Due to the emphasis and application style the management of such an organisation is considered to be the best. As we know the employees’ conflict at a workplace is considered to brig breakdown in communication and disruptive environment which is due to this type of personal interests given and stated by the employees.

Diverse viewpoint

When we talk about different opinions from different cultural perspective at the workplace diversity in opinions is found. This type of organization is divided in different sections and each section has common thought process and decision-making style. These sectional groups have its own objectives, leading goals and their leaders. In diversified work environment the two groups which is remarkable are management and trade unions. Resulting in no proper management and enforcement of a desirable role and responsibilities rather control behaviour is seen in the coordination. As trade unions hold lawful power the conflict may or may not lead which can be resolved by mutual consent of different groups by their help. Conflicts and disputes are majorly raised due to and for bad things which when get resolved can bring a positive and healthy change to the organisation with evolution of the company. Generally speaking, conflict is always associated with bad things.

Social viewpoint

Decisions from social point of view in an organization describes the nature of financial status of the company. This type of workplace relations varies from the history. It identifies the ups and downs and differences in the power and reputation amongst the employment relationship. This may lead to capitalism exploitation. The joint regulation in an institution helps in the management growth of the company.

Distinguishing the above three different viewpoints

The given perspectives vary according to their understandings and thinking process to tackle or resolve a conflict. 

Personal viewpoint


Diverse viewpoint


Social viewpoint


Creates conflicts, disputes at the work place

It gives a paternalistic approach

It refers to the collective agreement and disagreement to a decision making

Develop disrespect attitude towards each other

Short conflict which happens between capital and labour

Providing group suggestions to a conflict

Communication breakdown is seen

It does not focus on the solution

This type of interaction gives more values to the solutions to the problems

Inequalities in powers and thought process

It provides crucial view points

Management of conflicts

Personal interest clashes at the workplace

It gives different reasons of bringing conflict

Different powers of the entities merge to an equal decision

Analysis of employee relations in UK following three different perspectives

In this part, it will firstly describe the development process of employee relations in the UK. Afterwards, it will prove that three perspectives can be applied to analyse the British employee relations but the Pluralist perspective is the most appropriate view for analysing British employee relations.

To ensure the growth of the company it is important to focus on the conflict management part to effectively tackle the situation without causing any emotional and physical harm to the company. The definition of bargaining in a collection which means there are group of members who separately give their view points with their logic which contribute to a conflict. This type of arguments is not feasible and not at all healthy for the work environment. It affects the unity of workers in a company which will be reflected in the company growth. In the past period it is found that the relationship between employers and their employees was same apart from the class relations which varied. People used to live with their competitors and employees marry the daughters of the employers. The difference in the manufacturing process of rights and power for managing, the division was done amongst the employees and employers. There was not any legal formalities and system at early period which needed to assure the basic life of employees and help them with legal problems and formalities. For living their life workers were asked to negotiate with their employers. Discrimination and inequalities amongst the classes of employment was there which created problem for the workers who could not make any contract and sign it with their personal choice. So, as to improve such a life and the living plus working conditions, the labours slowly came together formed groups and struggled against the employers.

Towards the end of 1600s, the union trade emerged as per the time demand. There is no strong arrangement of the industrial workers which caused problem for the manual workers.

The most important role in the organization at early times was to negotiate with the employers for the salary and wages, other conditions in employment policies.

Late 1700s, there was an introduction of an agreement which had a collection of employment labour organizations and employers came to the UK.

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UK is a developing country for the evolution of union trade movement in the world. The British labour relation system varies with different significance. For the development of British labour laws, there was a collection of decisions and arguments which was considered to be an effective way of resolving labour disputes. Prior to second world war, the group disputes in UK was a national agreement which covered most of the workers. Majority of employers started leaving the national agreement on decision regarding the disputes. Corporate world is more dominant than the national collective bargaining. The government supported the disputes and the regulatory institutions. Additionally, British law protects the personal interests of the members.

Based on the introduction of employee relations in UK, we can see that British laws has already gone through the development process from personal attributes to the legal documentations. In the medieval period in England, employers and employees can be explained with the guiding approach. Employers and employees should be loyal between with each other to establish a loyal and honest relationship. Transparency in the organization is a key point to the success and growth of the company.

Parallelly, differences between employers and employees remained at the very early stage of capitalism. Employees and other workers were exploited and disturbed by the employers, but there was not enough power in the employer’s hand to resolve the problems. Due to this reason, the differences in power and strength in employee relationship may be analysed by the diverse view point. After this period of time the union trade was responsible for coming forward to take the responsibility of negotiating with employers for the issues of salary and other conditions in the employment policy. Following the merged agreement which came in to force in UK along with the improvement of union trade. Henceforth, the diversity and classification of employees created conditions for the growth of union trade and members. Result to the collective dispute which was more common and regarded as an effective solution to the problems in labour disputes, which is similar to the social view point. Workers consecutively discovered the disadvantages of group clashes but very few of them participated in the process. The collective disputes and bargaining also help to attributing the shortcomings of the social view point which majorly focus on the solution part to the dispute. It also neglects the government influences and strengths differences at every level of employee relation. To conclude this the deficiencies in the group disputes and bargaining which led to the degradation in the relations of employees, but this role was not able to get replaces by any other kind of conflict resolution. The conclusion can be given here that the social view point has majorly influenced the employee relation in UK and will still continue to grow its effects, and naturally impact the most appropriate objective for analysing the British employee relations when compared to the other two described viewpoints.


To conclude the perspective of different people of different minds. The three perspectives have already given their points regarding the conflict on employee relations. Meanwhile, there are few differences in their opinions as the viewpoints they have given are from different minds belonging to different groups. After studying all three different perspectives we come to the conclusion that the social perspective is the most appropriate for the analysis of employee relations in UK for the development process in the relations among the employees and employers. People not only should concentrate on the conflict resolution part but also give priority to the influencing part to others. In result it is quite difficult for every organization to develop positive relation to attract and provide high quality environment to the employees and other factors. This is an ongoing process which needs to be practice and improve with the daily activities and event at the work place.  

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