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Public teaching-focused educational institute, Coventry University is larger than the two universities located in Coventry, England. The beginnings of the institute date to as back as the year 1843 when the Coventry School of Design was established. The university is a dynamic institute that provides a high quality of education to all the students. Over the years, Coventry University has gained quite an appeal among the pool of international students all around the world.

After being established in 1843, the Coventry School of Design has renamed the Coventry School of Art a few years later. In the early 20th century, it was again renamed as the Municipal Art School. Finally, after a lot of changes in the name, it was in the year 1992 when the Coventry University, known as Coventry Polytechnic at that time, was granted the university status. It was in the same year that the institute came to be known as Coventry University.

Ever since then, Coventry University has been imparting a decent quality of education to all its students across a wide range of courses. The London Campus, that was established in the year 2010, has been quite successful in attracting a lot of international students. In the recent past, the university has been rising in rankings and also in terms of the prestige associated with its name. Today, it is known as an institute that is committed to helping the graduates realize their full potential and to build their future.

Courses Offered:

There is a wide variety of courses and disciplines that the Coventry University offers for its students to choose from. Such a variety of courses really goes a long way to helping prospective students who are not clear on which course they wish to pursue. This variety makes sure that such students have a good range of subjects to look at and then make the decision. Moreover, it also helps to make sure that there is something for everyone at Coventry University. Irrespective of what your interests are, there are chances that you will find a course of your choice to study here.

The university is divided into different faculties and each of these faculties is further divided into schools and colleges. These faculties are listed below:

1. Faculties of Arts and Humanities

  • School of Art and Design
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Media and Performing Arts

2. Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

  • School of Psychological, Social, and Behavioural Sciences
  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health

3. Faculty of Engineering, Environment, and Computing

  • School of Energy, Construction, and Environment
  • School of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Automotive Engineering
  • School of Computing, Electronics, and Mathematics

4. Faculty of Business and Law

  • Coventry Law School
  • Coventry Business School

Through these faculties and schools, Coventry University offers as many as 130 undergraduate degrees and even more than 100 postgraduate degrees. Besides these, the university also offers various qualifications such as Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) and foundation degrees. Moreover, Coventry is also the first university in the UK to introduce a course in disaster management and parapsychology at the undergraduate level and health journalism at the postgraduate level. Through these courses, the university offers education to as many as 32,000 students, out of which approximately 26,000 are undergraduates and 6,000 are postgraduates.

Reasons for international students to attend Coventry University

Being an international student studying abroad is an exciting prospect and yet, it is also quite difficult. A large chunk of students around the world drops the idea of pursuing their education abroad because of all the challenges involved in the process. One needs to understand that when it comes to international students, everything ranging from the challenges to the expectations, aspirations, and even the experiences are different when compared to the native or local students of the country. For one, the local students have quite a fair idea of the colleges located in their country. On the other hand, international students do not, they live in a different country altogether, and hence, deciding which college to attend is more difficult for them.

Today, the world is quite competitive and the market is almost synonymous with cut-throat competition. In such times, the college that a student goes to surely ends up deciding the career path or the kind of opportunities that the student gets, at least initially in his career. Therefore, nobody should commit the mistake of taking this decision lightly.

Coventry University gives international students all the reasons for them to attend the institute. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

1. A strong population of international students

For any international student who is planning to study at Coventry University, it would really help to know that the university is home to a really diverse student population. Thousands of students leave their homes every year and travel to the UK to pursue their higher education at Coventry University. The student population at Coventry represents as many as 140 countries in the world. This huge diversity in the student population translates into the campus having students of all interests, beliefs, and ethnicities on campus. Moreover, the presence of so many international students on campus makes the life of all the incoming international students really comfortable.
One should understand that out of the many fears that an international student carries with himself while traveling to his study destination, the biggest is the fear of not being able to adjust, of not being welcome, and of not being accepted. Since Coventry is already home to so many international students, the new incoming students find a lot of people who share these fears and experiences. The culture at the university is quite inclusive and as a result, it takes no time for the international students to feel comfortable on campus.

2. Great student experience

Studying abroad is an adventure. And if the experience that your host institute has to provide does not meet your expectations, the adventure can turn into a bitter one. Fortunately, nobody faces such a situation at Coventry University. The Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019 recognized Coventry as the University of the Year for Student Experience. The university was able to bag this rank because of the solid academic foundation that it provides to all the students along with excellent welfare student support. Also, one should know that there are more than 55 sports clubs and as many as 160 student societies in the university. With such a wide range of clubs and societies, it is safe to say that there is something for everyone. No matter what your interests are, you can find a club to join at Coventry.

These clubs and societies prove to be really beneficial and helpful to international students because they make the interaction among the students very easy. As an international student, if you join a club or a society, it helps you to meet new people and make friendships that can last for years. Eventually, you begin to feel comfortable on campus and at the same time, learn a lot of things.

3. Amazing location

Although the primary aim of studying abroad for most of the students is to obtain a higher quality of education, it is quite known that there are many students who go to study abroad to have an experience. Even for the students who travel solely for the purpose of getting a good quality of education, the location of the college or university is very important. If you are planning to attend Coventry University, it would really help for you to know that Coventry has been named the UK City of Culture 2021. Therefore, if you take admission in Coventry, you could be at the place that celebrates the official year of culture and celebrations.

The city center’s single-site campus of the university is located right in the middle of the city. Therefore, life for students becomes really easy. Everything that the students need is within a few minutes’ walks. Most of the first-year students of the university are accommodated on the campus or very close to the campus. Therefore, the students are never far from where they wish to go to. Everything is within reach. Thus, the students do not need to waste any time traveling.

Prospects for international students:

A lot of universities and colleges open their doors to international students and yet, a few of them succeed in becoming a great study destination for these students. The reason is that there are certain things that international students need to enjoy great prospects at a college. Coventry University has almost all such characteristics. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Great employability

By attending Coventry University, you take a great step towards your career and you avail for yourself great employment opportunities. The student employability is one of the priorities of Coventry University. Therefore, the university does everything possible to produce highly employable graduates and professionals who can go out in the business world and overcome all the challenges that the market poses for them. With the world-class learning that makes sure that the students can apply the teachings to the real world, Coventry University continues to produce highly competent professionals and graduates.

The university’s career guidance has been designed to help the students gain access to the market for graduate jobs. As a result, a very high percentage of the students of Coventry find themselves in a job or pursuing higher education within the first six months after the completion of their education. In addition to this, a number of students need to undertake a part-time job during their studies to help their finances. Keeping this in mind, the Coventry University runs an on-campus recruitment agency for the students, called ‘thefutureworks’. All of these facilities make sure that every competent graduate of this university gets a decent job without having to wait.

2. A stimulating learning environment

If you leave your country behind and travel to a new one in pursuit of education, you wouldn’t wish to end up at an institute that does not provide a good learning environment. At Coventry University, all the students get a great learning environment to thrive in and succeed in their careers. The institute has an extensively experienced and committed staff. The teachers who teach at the university have years of global experience from a high range of industries and that helps the university to prepare the students for international careers. In addition to this excellent quality of education, the specialist staff and the facilities within the academic schools, Coventry University provides a tailor-made environment and services that are customized to help the students optimize their potential. For instance, the university has a disruptive media learning lab for the students along with many experimental learning areas that inspire the students to think out of the box. There are specialist writing and maths support centers that offer advice and guidance to the students on how to write assignments and solve maths/statistics problems. All of these facilities are provided to the students as part of its attempt to create a great environment for learning and education.

3. High rankings

Rankings are the most reliable source for a student to judge the quality of an institute. These rankings matter a lot to the prospective students as it gives them a clear idea of the reputation and the prestige associated with the college or university. Coventry University has been able to bag great rankings continuously for a long time now. It has been ranked at the 15th spot among the universities in the entire United Kingdom. For the excellent quality of teaching that it provides to the students, the university has also been ranked as the joint number one university for teaching in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, Coventry has also been ranked in the top 4 percent of higher education institutions in the entire world. Because of these amazing rankings, the university has seen a 12 percent surge in the number of full-time undergraduate applications in recent times. Also, these rankings clearly suggest that the students and graduates produced by this university are highly valued by employers across a wide range of industries. There is a prestige associated with this institute that every student enjoys.

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