10 Best USA Universities to Major in Finance

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A degree in finance can prove to be really helpful. There are various options that a person has once he has done a degree in finance. can get a job in private, government or a non-profit organisation. Finance majors are needed in all large and small organizations. Even if some finance major doesn’t get a job, the option of working as an independent financial adviser or consultant is always available. That’s why there is a very stiff competition that every student has to go through for getting admission in a good institute for finance. It is really important that the student has an idea as to which institute is better for which subject. United States has always been home to some of the best institutes in the world for almost every subject. But before a student takes admission in a school, it is very important that he thoroughly researches about it.

Therefore, this list of the top 10 institutes for studying finance in USA will definitely help all the students, in USA and around the globe, who wish to study in one of these institutes.

  1. University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania offers various programs to the students which provide them high quality education in the field of finance and make them job-ready material. These programs are specially designed to provide the students with in-depth education. This school was established in 1881 and it was the first collegiate business school.

  1. Boston College

It is imperative for a finance student to be able to manage investments and calculate risks in deals, while understanding the role different factors play in the financial system and that’s exactly what the students are taught at The Carroll School of Management, Boston College. The programs of this college are prepared to make the students ready to compete in the global market. There are classes given in accounting, investment, corporate finance and financial policy that give the students all the knowledge they need to have to manage a company’s or an organization’s financial activities. A graduation from Boston College serves the students with a very handsome average starting salary of $62,000.

  1. New York University

New York University is one of the premiere institutes in the country for finance. The Stern School of Business is a great business school and has been providing high quality education to the students since 1990. This business school’s courses like Valuation and security analysis are famous worldwide. The school boasts many global partnerships that it has built over a period of time which offers the students an insight about the interactions of financial markets. The students at the New York University have a special option of majoring in business with a concentration in finance. They are also given the option to undertake International Studies Program trip. These trips help the students in getting an idea of the financial world outside USA.

  1. Bentley University

Although Bentley University is a private school of medium size, but finance is the second most popular major at the school. The school has been known to produce graduates which have very high competence and a high success rate in the field of finance. The finance department of the college gives the students a choice among three areas of focus: Pure finance, Corporate finance and accounting and Economics-Finance. They are also given an opportunity to work in The “Hughey Center for Financial Services” to learn about various financial programs. The average salary of the graduates of this institute is $93,000.

  1. Washington University in St. Louis

Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis has been providing high quality education to its students for years now.  There are a number of business-related specializations that the school offers to its students. Also, the school only allows for small class sizes and believes that by doing so, it is able to foster collaboration and communication among the students. The school takes every measure possible to make sure that all the students receive the best education possible. There are a number of options in Finance majors which allow the students to make the program suited to their very own interests.

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  1. Georgetown University

Georgetown University sits at the sixth spot in this list. The McDonough School of Business offers a very comprehensive program in Finance Major and provides the best possible education to its students. The program is designed to prepare the students for whatever they want to do after their graduation, either taking up a job or further study in business, finance or law. Financial assistance is also available. The students of this school have been known to take up jobs at prestigious organizations.

  1. Cornell University

Charles H. Dyson School is a big name in the field of finance education. This school offers a degree in AEM (Applied Economics and Management).  The students are given the option of having a Finance concentration with this degree. With facilities like financial aid, scholarships, grants, international opportunities, honors research programs and scholar programs, Cornell University very rightly deserves its place at the number 7 spot in this list. There are 800 AEM majors currently on offer. The average starting salary for the graduates of this institute is around $56,000.

  1. Lehigh University

Founded in 1865, Lehigh University has provided top-class education to its students ever since. The school has been known for maintaining a very demanding curriculum in all the programs. The finance department has also maintained tradition. There are classes in accounting, economics and computer science in this department. The basic idea of the program is to prepare students for every discipline they may come across in the real world. The average starting salary of this institute is $59,000.

  1. HULT International Business School

The HULT international business school, located in Boston, offers a graduate program for a degree in Masters of Finance which is suitable for fresh college graduates as well as experienced executives. Students are taught the nuances of investments, corporate finance, financial management, capital markets and financial performance optimization for profitable growth of companies and shareholder values. The program stresses the fundamental and core concepts of finance from a global perspective, making use of immersive study content as well as problem-based learning and real-life case applications.  The masters of finance program is a campus-based one-year duration course and cost $43,250.

  1. Northeastern University

There are two options that the students get to concentrate in Finance. They can either opt for BS in Business Administration or the BS in International Business Program. The school has designed both the programs to lay special emphasis on learning through practical applications and research-based study. The university offers the students with financial aid, research opportunities, summer programs, study-abroad programs and seminar series. The average starting salary of the students who graduate from this institute is around $54,000.

Think we have missed out on a top university in the USA offering the best degree program in finance? Let us know in comments. 

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