Top 10 Best Websites to Study Physics Online

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Online learning is increasing at a great pace. The students of this generation find it really convenient to study and learn on the web. There are several reasons that online learning is becoming popular with each passing day. It gives students the liberty of studying and learning at their own pace. The students get to choose from a wide range of universities, instructors and web resources to learn from. If one does not understand or fail to cope up with the teaching methods of one instructor, they can always very flexible switch to another instructor that suits their style of learning.

Gone are the days when the science subjects were believed to be best studied in a laboratory. Students today have started studying subjects like Physics through online classrooms. This is the reason that thousands such websites are available for the students to learn popular courses such as Physics online, from the best universities, best instructors but from the comfort of their own homes. Since there is an abundance of a number of such websites, each of these websites may not match the standardized quality education that a student needs. Therefore, it is imperative for the students to know about the websites that offer the best eLearning programs and online education in Physics.

Physics is a very popular subject among the students. Every day, millions of students around the world use thousands of websites to study Physics online.

Here are the top 10 of them:

  1. MIT Open Courseware

As the name suggests, MIT OpenCourseWare is an online publication of all the course content of MIT. This website also offers video lectures and notes on a huge variety of topics. It is a huge advantage for the students that there are notes available as well on the website. These notes are of great quality. It is a permanent MIT activity and is available to the entire world.

  1. eDX

Founded by Harvard University and MIT together, this website is an online learning destination to increase access to high-quality education for everyone in this world everywhere. It offers different courses from some of the best institutions in the world. There are more than 90 global partners of this website and these partners include the world’s leading universities and institutes.

  1. Khan Academy

At the third spot is the website offers free online study material of almost every subject possible and beyond. It offers practice exercises, instructional video and a personalized dashboard for the students that empowers the students to study at their own pace. The websites offer study material and video lectures for every subject at every level. Thus, the website caters to the needs of students of every level and is a very popular online learning website among all the students.

  1. Learn Out Loud

As the name suggests, the website mostly resorts to audio resources. It is a great website for free video and audio lectures. Although the website is mostly about the audio resources, there are many great video lectures also available on the website. These lectures span over a great variety of subjects and a big array of topics. There are over 100 video and audio lectures available in the science section.

  1. Open Culture

Open Culture is one of the most popular websites available on the web when it comes to free resources. There are more than 750 courses available on the website from many top universities. The highlight of the website is that all the courses that are offered on the website are available in multiple formats. So, the website is fine and plausible for all kinds of students.

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  1. The Physics Classroom

The Physics Classroom is another fine website to study Physics online. It is a comprehensive website started by a teacher. The website is solely dedicated to Physics, and thus the quality of the study material on this website is great. There are a lot of GIF animations and Quicktime movies available on the website which are specially designed to demonstrate different principles of Physics in a visual manner. All of these demonstrations and animations are accompanied by links to further information and explanations.


This is a website that focuses on the students who learn in a better way when they see the application of knowledge in the real world. The focus is on the real-world applications (as the name suggests) and the presentation of physics is prepared to keep this in mind. Different level of Physics are divided on the homepage itself and the students can easily go to their level and study. These levels are like High School Physics, University and College Physic, Physics Project Ideas, Questions and many more. It is a very popular website among the students.

  1. Veritasium

Veritasium is another popular name in the field of online learning. There is a YouTube channel and also a website by the same name. It was created by a physicist, Derek Muller in 2011. The website covers a wide range of topics. There are many videos available on this website. These videos range from interviews with experts, such as Physics Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt. There are many science experiments and dramatizations which prove to be really helpful to the students.

  1. is an unadulterated all-physics thing ever. The website is like a mini-Physics only explorer. It allows users to search for interesting physics concepts through its own database of over 4,000 physics sites as well as its own recommended physics platforms. The website also hosts a rich physics Q&A forum as well as fun physics-based games and activities for DIY physicists. Apart from these, there are regular features related to physics-related careers and information on studying physics, related institutions, universities and recent physics researches. This site is the best for physics aficionados to not only learn and understand important concepts of physics but to also stay updated with the latest physics news from around the globe.

  1. Learners TV

Learners TV is another fine website that offers free education in a variety of subjects. The website offers video lectures and that too, absolutely free. There are thousands of downloadable video lectures and live online tests available on the website in various fields. These lectures are of the courses conducted by many reputed universities from around the world. Also, these courses are mostly licensed by the respective institutes.

That’s a wrap on our top 10 Best websites to study Physics. Think we missed some great resource? Do let us know in the comments.

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