How to Write the Best Cover Letter for your Dream Job

Getting a job is becoming more and more difficult with each passing day. The job environment has become so competitive that every employer sees hundreds of applicants competing for the smallest of posts. It has become very difficult to get your voice heard above all the competitors. When someone looks for a job, the first thing that comes to the mind is writing a brilliant resume. But one should always remember that a cover letter is also a key tool. It plays a key role and can improve or worsen your chances of getting the job.

This is the place where you can showcase all that you know about the company and make them believe that you are the best choice for the post. In many cases, the cover letter makes all the difference. If an applicant underestimates the importance and value of the cover letter, he is bound to find himself missing out on major prime opportunities. An applicant should always include a cover letter in the application unless the employer specifically mentions in the advertisement that a cover letter is not required.

There are many ways that you can adapt to write a good cover letter. Here are some tips on how to write the best cover letter for your dream job:

1. Highlight some Keywords:

This is something that every applicant who wishes to grab the job must do. Before writing the cover letter, you should spend a great deal of time on analysing the company’s job description. You should look out for words that have been repeated in the advertisement. You should make a note of these keywords and keep them in mind while writing the cover letter and include these words in the cover letter. You should also try and check out the company’s website very well so that you can identify the terms that have been frequently used on the website as well. If you include these words in the cover letter, they are very likely to grab the hiring manager’s attention when he reads your letter and resume.

2. List your Skills:

Skills matter a lot for the employers. The skills of a person obviously play a huge role in the employers saying a yes or no to the application. Therefore, it is very important for the applicant to highlight and list the skills to make the application an attractive one. It is even more important when the applicant is changing the field or is trying to grab a leadership role. In such a case, the applicant should highlight and list the skills that he has developed during his services at his current post and will prove to be useful in the post that he is applying for. Doing so will make your application more attractive. Highlighting these skills will help you in making the hiring managers believe that you are the most qualified candidate.

3. Keep it Short:

Always keep in mind that the cover letter is not your resume. There is a reason that the two are different. Many applicants do not even realise that they have started filling the cover letter with the stuff that is supposed to be in the resume. Write a short cover letter. Stick to the point and write a few paragraphs only. Remember that the hiring managers have to read hundreds of cover letters. So, sending a very long cover letter will fulfil only one purpose, i.e. annoying the hiring manager. If you write about your work experience in the cover letter, write a few sentences as the resume is meant for all this. Use the cover letter as space where you can justify and give implicit reasons as to why you are the best fit for the job. You can also try mentioning a brief story to illustrate this in the cover letter.

4. Try Getting Personal

This is an unconventional but yet effective way to make your cover letter a better one. You can try and find out the name of the hiring manager. If the posting has no name mentioned, you will obviously have to go out of the way and call the main number to find out, or you can just research the website to find out who is responsible for hiring. All this proves to be useful because when you use that name in the address and salutation of the cover letter, it makes a unique impact. However, if you are simply unable to find a name, do not beat around the bush and jump into the body of the letter. Use the letter to reveal those traits of your personality that you think will prove to be helpful in getting the job. Tell the hiring managers about your goals, passions and work experiences. You should tell the hiring managers how you specifically are the best suited for the job.

5. Build a Structure

While writing the cover letter for a job, the applicant should maintain a structure. If the applicant writes recklessly and without conforming to a structure, then it won’t matter even if he has mentioned the best qualities of his in the cover letter. There should always be a proper structure in the letter. In the first paragraph, you should clarify the position you are applying for. To do so, you should use the language exactly what was mentioned in the advertisement. The introduction should also tell the hiring managers why exactly you are applying for the position. If you spend the right amount of time in researching about the company, you will be able to craft the perfect opening for the cover letter. In the second paragraph, focus on the skills that are related to the job. Also, use the space to mention the achievements in your previous employment or positions. In the last paragraph, it is the time to put your final word forward. Tell the hiring managers, in this space, how you can meet all the requirements that the post asks for. Also, remember that just mentioning your skills won’t be enough. You will have to make the hiring managers believe that the business of their company will benefit from you.

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