What Is Teel Structure And How To Best Utilise It

The Teel Structure

Teel Structure And How To Best Utilise It

This is something interesting to draw your attention. Few may be hearing about this for the first time, else maybe have experience with it while writing essays. Teel structure is writing format which is adapted when you wrote some professional context. This blog will take you to the sides of both the individuals who can use this in their writing and developing skills. We will help you to gain in-depth knowledge and skills about this structure define and how you can utilize it to write effective reports and other documents.

What is a TEEL structure?

It stands for ‘Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence and Link’ [1]. This is a writing style which can be used in framing paragraphs in any type of professional and academic writing. It provides a proper frame to any type of report writing which gives higher impact factor to the report due to the enhanced quality of the report in any professional and academic area.

The full form of the abbreviation signifies the impact and quality of the sentences in a document which give a positive response to the writer. The first step when you write a report should consist of the background study you have conducted and include it in the introduction part. The introduction must contain why you have chosen the topic and for what, the importance of the topic, evidence to the document to let the person refer when required. The previous study is performed related to your topic and its use in your report. The final lines of the introduction part must show the link to all the information you have given at the start and discuss its outcome in the next part. Teel structure don does not combine any rules which have to be followed to write any context, despite it a method of writing which is used parallelly and in the previous rules you are following in the writing to frame a good paragraph structure. The following rules are the keys to write a context following the TEEL method of writing in homework help or in essay writing:

The Teel Structure

Therefore, with the help of TEEL format, you can give impactful writing and improve your writing skills. After doing background research on a particular topic it is prescribed to follow a TEEL structure to start writing. To check the relevancy and format it is advised to consider TEEL structure format. The definition of each letter in TEEL are as follows:

  1. Topic sentence: It describes the contents of a very first paragraph about its contents and what it signifies and saying. This is a very important point to be careful about when you write and start a paragraph be focus on adding things which are interesting and important for the readers. The information should be sufficient and relevant to the topic on which you are writing. As we know it important to maintain the reader’s interest throughout his/her reading process which can be achieved by writing things which are in trend and interest. Writing something which is argumentized can catch the reader’s interest. This would develop some sort of questions in the reader’s mind which will develop more curiosity in him/her to read the paragraph.
  2. Explanation: The paragraph is going to give the complete brief and clarity about the topic. What is the exact motto of writing and what are the things which are covered in the report? In this paragraph, a complete understanding of the topic is developed by the reader. This section is prioritized by the claims and arguments. It is quite difficult to write a lot many sentences in a single paragraph to resolve it try to write the important points in a concise way to cover all the points you wanted to. The concise writing helps the reader to understand the content in a one read and is less confusing.
  3. Evidence: When you are raising an argument, you must provide evidence to make it more clear to the person who is reading. Sufficient evidence must be added in support of the arguments to develop more understanding and interest in the topic. There are different forms of evidence available few of them are quote, data, and bibliography from a relevant source of good quality. When evidence is provided in a document it gives a good impression to it and encourages the readers to develop more research into it.
  4. Link: Considered to be the most important section which combines and link all the paragraphs to the entire topic. It provides a summary of all the sections which are an introduction, background study, main body and evidence. This is considered to be the most important part because it provides the conclusion plus constructs importance on the topic which is discussed in the entire report.

Let us take a few examples to develop a better understanding of this technique.

Forgiving an impression is not the only thing people should worry about the main focus on writing something should be on relevant writing which should comply with the regulations. As we know if you write something which is not relevant and hurt the confidentiality of others lives it will create a legal action to you. This is happened due to writing your viewpoints in a public platform without any evidence to the points made. Due to such strict rules and regulations, people abide by the writing policies and publishing it in a public domains

‘Katy is a girl who is gender fear at the school. She has not spoken to any guy at her school neither introduced anyone to her female friends. She is not even courteous to the boys. She does not give proper greetings to one the boy whose name is joey, she does not even wave at him in the halls. The behaviour of Katy towards joey is a bit rude and ignorant. Joey has also seen many times Katy ignoring him. In a fight where joey was in the situation Katy could have helped him rather helping him she turned her back on him. This represents that Katy being rude toward him shows her intention of being informal towards him.  This shows her less compassion towards joey and being interactive to other people.

Let us discuss some tips on using TEEL structure formal to write a paragraph.

  1. The first step includes brainstorming which means filling your mind with different thoughts and approaches. Before writing anything thinks about the way you want to frame your sentences, what are the important points to be included etc.

Steps included in brainstorming are

  • The topic of the paragraph
  • What are the arguments raised?
  • What is the explanation to it?
  • What are the pieces of evidence and their value?
  • Why and how the topic is relevant to what you are writing?
  1. The form of language

Teel is majorly used in formal writing in academics and professions, so using a formal language is very important which emphasizes the readers and develop a formal approach towards it.

Points to be kept in mind while writing a formal language are

  • Strictly avoid using slangs
  • Avoid using of contractions of words
  • Do not exaggerate the topic
  • Do not write something which is not related
  • Do not repeat words


  1. The perspective of the third person

The phrasing of the paragraph must be in the third person since the formal language is used. It emphasizes the reader towards the context and data provided in the paragraph

  1. Format of the paragraph

Check on format and punctuation in the report. Follow the guidelines. Avoid as much plagiarism as you can by providing proper references and citations

  1. Proofreading

After finishing your writing revise the content to see and ensure there are no mistakes and the writing follows the given and prescribed guidelines to it. Check all the grammatical mistakes and correct them. Check the flow of the content which has to be in a sequential manner.

Focus on the advantages of using TEEL structure in your writing

If you follow the TEEL structure format to write a report the weightage of the report will be high and would be a success.


  1. It enhances the credibility by its use of the report which encourages the readers to read it with full interest.
  2. Develop the creativity in writing and formatting
  3. Focused writing by avoiding unwanted sentences and words
  4. Evidence gives the final touch to the report without a piece of proper evidence any report or a document is worthless and give a bad impact to others
  5. Create a path by enhancing the writing skills of the writer and improving the reading skills of a reader by providing good content writing.


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