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computer science homework help

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"Computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in Computer Systems. It is frequently described as the systematic study of Algorithmic processes that create, describe and transform information. Computer science has many sub-fields some, such as Computer Graphics, Emphasize the Computation of Specific Results, while others, such as Computational Complexity Theory in computer science homework help, Study the properties of computational Problems. Still others focus on the challenges in Implementing Computations."

---reference: Computer_science

There are several types of problem for Students who are studying Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering in understanding some of the difficult topics in Computer Science, for example Operation System Concepts, Digital Image Processing, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering etc. To Help such Students UrgentHomework providing a high level of Programming, Design, Development, Analysis and Report are making service by our highly qualified professional and researchers. Not matter your problem is small or big, understanding a single concept or implementing major Projects, we can help you. Our skilled professionals can also help you Online in Software training(MS Access, MS Excel, Matlab, Mapal, Adobe, SigmaPlot, Shell Programming, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Glassfish, Tomcat, Apache, Netbeans, Eclipse etc. ), Writing (Dissertations, Term papers, Theses, Articles, PPT, Reviews, Analytics, Reports, Essays).

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computer science assignment help

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There have to be three diagrams drawn as given below and the implementation details should also be specified:
Class Diagram
ER Diagram
Network Diagram

There was a team before that worked on building a WordPress Website using PHP and MySQL.

The three current team members were given a project to work on the same website as the website didn’t function properly.

Problems figured out in the website were:

  • The database was not connected properly with this WordPress website
  • PHP code written by the previous team did not function.
  • The Search Bar and Option to submit data was not working properly
  • If we click the search button without entering anything, it used to display the list of some students from certain universities they graduated in the US.
  • The website did not seem attractive.
  • One of the issues was the empty photo slots by the name of the team members on the about us page that worked before on this website.

Current team members were not able to solve all the issues of the website but we did solve most of them:

  • Old data in the database was totally removed as told by the teacher. New data like some current students who graduated from certain colleges was entered into the database using MySQL
  • Now after entering some data like (some student name) to be searched for, It shows the actual thing.
  • As the website did not look that attracts some of the features of WordPress is used to look good:

Theme  - Twenty Fourteen is used

Plugins such as Akismet, Form, Page Builder is used.

  • In the Menus section of the website, one link was updated.
  • HTML code has been written to edit some text and add the current team members' names in a proper list format on the about us page.

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