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MATLAB Homework Help

MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory and is a numeric programming language belonging to the fourth generation. It is a multi-paradigm and proprietary computing language which was introduced and worked upon my MathWorks. The major goal of MATLAB is to enable matrix manipulations, execution of algorithms, plotting of functions and data, development of user interfaces and interfacing with the codes programmed in different languages such as C, C++, C#, Java and Python.

The supreme aim of using MATLAB isn’t just restricted to numeric programming but also reaches out to the MuPAD symbolic engine which is used by an optional toolbox. It allows a way to symbolic computing abilities. Simulink, an additional package, adds graphical multi-domain simulation and designed as a model based for dynamic and embedded systems.Get Step by Step solutions to all of your MATLAB Homework problems solved by MATLAB Homework Helpers

matlab homework help

History of MATLAB

MATLAB was developed by Cleve Moler in the 1970s. He was the chairman of the computer science department at the University of New Mexico. The major aim of MATLAB was to provide students an access to LINPACK and EISPACK without learning Fortran. Eventually, it flew to other universities as well and interacted with a wide range of students belonging to the applied mathematics community. An engineer of Stanford University namely Jack Little figured out its commercial capability and collaborated with Moler and Steve Bangert. They went on to modify MATLAB with a taste of C and found MathWorks in 1984 as a step to enhance its development.Get your MATLAB Project done from MATLAB project helper profesionals

Advantages of MATLAB

  1. The fundamental element of MATLAB is the features of the matrix and the other operations such as cross product, dot product, determinants and inverse matrices can be performed.
  2. Operations on grouping or arrays can also be performed using the matrix laboratories. This proves to be one great asset for numeric programming.
  3. Adding and subtracting two or more matrices can be done with only one command and it does not require the application of any kind of loops. These vectors involving operations are quite important and one of the prime highlights of MATLAB.
  4. The graphical interactive tools of MATLAB are another highlight of the numeric language. You can write your data in the form of the code first and then do the designing or addition of bar charts, graphs, diagrams, color changes and size and scale variations later on. MATLAB makes such custom ideas optimizable for the user.
  5. The functionality of this language can be expanded to great extents by adding extra toolbars an and when required by the user.
  6. There are some special functions which enhance the user-friendly reputation of the proprietary language.
  7. MATLAB provides a continuously growing range of algorithms which can be compiled, executed and immediate results can be produced.
  8. It has the ability to read in various common as well as domain specific images.
  9. MATLAB can also be used for data analysis, statistics and optimization.
  10. MATLAB also has the ability to generate C code which can, later on, be used to run on embedded systems and other operating devices.

Disadvantages of MATLAB

  1. A large amount of memory is used in accordance to the matrix library.
  2. The amount of memory, in turn, decreases the speed of the computer system or whichever device is being used to store the program. Even the execution of the program is slower than other competitive languages in the industry.
  3. It takes up much more of CPU time than it should ideally be allowed to take on. This makes the execution of real-time application difficult and complicated on the device.
  4. For a beginner, MATLAB can be termed excessively expensive.

Applications of MATLAB Assignment Help

  1. Working with linear algebra is possible while using MATLAB.
  2. It used in the programming industry for performing the numerical analysis.
  3. MATLAB is also used for research applications.
  4. Real world simulation uses MATLAB for its development and execution processes. This new technology reforms the uses of MATLAB in a refreshing way.
  5. The matrix laboratory is also used for image processing.

Get Help with my MATLAB Assignment

MATLAB is a numeric programming language and that makes it one of a kind. It works on a completely different syntax and still used in many applications. If you are a programming geek, you would love to try out this fundamental and unique approach towards numerical computing.

Also, if you are planning to build a career in web designing or anything else that deals with a lot of images, you will be required to learn using MATLAB since it is one of the crucial components.

If you are interested in creating video games and would like to go in that field, then MATLAB is a must because real world simulation uses MATLAB to a very large extent.

Matlab File extensions for MATLAB Homework Helpers


.fig - MATLAB figure

.m - Matlab code (function, script, or class)

.mat - Matlab data (binary file for storing variables)

.p - Matlab content-obscured .m file

.mlappinstall - Matlab packaged App Installer

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Sample MATLAB Assignment Help Code

	clear all; 
	c  = 10^-4;
	I1 = zeros(1,3)   % Empty  Vector to store current
	I2 = zeros(1,3)   % Empty  Vector to store current

	t1 = 0:0.01:2;
	t2 = 2:0.01:4;

	for i= 1:length(t1) 
	hold on

	for i=1:length(t1)

	hold off
	ylabel(' Current of the capacitor [A]');