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Economics Assignment Help

Economics is an important part of their curriculum either as a core course or as an elective. In the subject of Economics, students must study two fields, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Macroeconomics studies aggregate behaviour of these units and mainly concerns itself with the overall functioning of the economy and the goods market, money market and labour market.

While studying economics, students have to study the following areas of microeconomics:

  • Consumer Theory
  • Producer Theory
  • Cost Curves
  • Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition Oligopoly
  • Welfare Economics etc.

Similarly, for Macroeconomics, students have to study the following topics:

  • Gross Domestic Product
  • National Income Accounting
  • Money Supply in Economy
  • Demand and Aggregate Supply Analysis
  • Supply Side Economic Analysis
  • Open-Economy and Balance of Payment
  • Inflation and Unemployment: Phillips Curve
  • IS-LM Model
  • Money Demand Theories
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Monetary Policy

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Economics Sample Assignment Solved by the Experts

Problem 1
Consider an economy with the following data:
Real GDP Dec 2018: $462,417 million
Real GDP Mar 2019: $463,613 million
Real GDP per Capita Dec 2018: 18,351
Real GDP per Capita Mar 2019: 18,327
Total labour hours Dec 2018: 8,743
Total labour hours Mar 2019: 8,693
Part (a)
Calculate the economic growth rate and the per capita growth rate
(provide answers to two-decimal points).     (2 marks)

Part (b)
Calculate the labour productivity for Dec 2018 and Mar 2019.
Calculate the growth rate of labour productivity over the period
 (provide answers to one-decimal point).    (3 marks)

Part (c)
	Briefly explain the difference between labour and human capital in
	the production function: Y = A f(K, H, N). Where is human capital
	incorporated in the Solow-Swan model?    (3 marks)

Part (d)
	The Solow-Sawn model assumes that all nations have the same
	per-person production function and that technology is freely available
	to all countries. Thus, what is the model’s explanation for the failure
	 of poor nations to ‘catch up’?    (2 marks)

Problem 2
 Consider the links between the product market, the money market
 and the foreign exchange market.

Part (a)
	What do you expect will happen in the money market because of the
	economic slowdown as a direct consequence of the COVID-19 crisis
	– what curve will shift, why and in which direction?
	In your answer do NOT include action taken by the central bank,
	ie monetary policy impact.  (2 marks)

Part (b)
What is the impact on the interest rate as a result of part (a) above?  (0.5 mark)

Part (c)
	Based on the change in the interest rate of part (b) above,
	consider the foreign exchange market:
 (i) Which curve(s) will shift?    (0.5 mark)
 (ii) In which direction will the curve(s) in part
	(i) above shift and why?    (3 marks)
 (iii) What is the impact on the exchange rate as a result
		of parts (i) and (ii) above?  (0.5 mark)
 (iv) How will the change in the exchange rate from part
 (iii) above affect exports, imports and thus net exports.(1.5 mark)s
 (v) How will this affect the AD-AS model – which curve(s) will shift,
      in which direction and why?    (2 marks)

Problem 3
	Part (a)
	Consider an economy with the following values:
	Autonomous Consumption Expenditure: 10,825 million
	Planned Investment Expenditure: 119,020 million
	Government Expenditure: 48,621 million
	Net Exports: 119,528 million
	Marginal Propensity to Save: 0.35
	Marginal Tax Rate: 0.24
	Autonomous Taxes: 101,240 million
	Marginal Propensity to Import (nx): 0.1
          (i)  Calculate autonomous planned expenditures.    (1 mark)
          (ii) Calculate the equilibrium level of income
		       provide answer to two-decimal points).    (1 mark)
          iii) Calculate the impact on economic activity if the
		        government increases autonomous taxes by 24,000 million
			    (provide answer to two-decimal points).    (1 mark)
          (iv)  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using monetary
		      rather than fiscal policy to stabilise the economy.    (3 marks)
          (v)   State what happens to the Aggregate Expenditure schedule
		        and equilibrium income if:
              1.  the marginal propensity to import increases    (0.5 mark)
              2.  autonomous taxation increases    (0.5 mark)
              3. exports increase    (0.5 mark)
Part (b)
Consider the leakages-injections approach. If G = 1100,
               T = 800, S = 230, and I = 230.
          (i)  Calculate the value of national savings    (0.5 mark)
          (ii)  Calculate the value of foreign borrowings    (1 mark)
          (iii)  If investment falls to 150, calculate the
		          economy's trade deficit    (1 mark)

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