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Performance management is the continuous process which includes evaluation and builds up the performance of the workforce in Organisation.

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Performance management is created to help employees in succeeding. The employees need to participate actively so as to enjoy the direction and guidance from the managers.

Effective Performance Management and Appraisal:

The following points describe effective performance management and appraisal-

  • Two-way communication: Employee performance is rather a two-way process that ties the supervisor and the employee with the HR director playing the job of a mediator. For performance management/appraisal interaction is must between the manager and the employees. So, for the smooth functioning both the parties should promote two-way communication from their ends.

The Role of the Manager:

The main responsibility of a manager is to ensure a non-partial and bias-free management in their organization. For this, a manager has to communicate with their employees. It is the duty of the manager to avoid such conditions which may affect the performance of employees negatively.

The Role of the Employee:

Like managers employees also have some responsibilities. Employees should ignore Non-appearance, a negative frame of mind, unconcerned behavior. This does not imply that the employees need to acknowledge whatever comes his or her way quietly. They should always revert back to managers in a positive way which does not lead to any chaos or dispute.

Performance Appraisal:

Performance appraisal is a continuous survey or review of the performance of the employees. It evaluates their skills, accomplishments, and development.

performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is done on fixed intervals i.e. either half yearly or annually or depending upon the time fixed. The performance appraisal includes the communication between the manager and the employee for the very first step of performance appraisal and furthermore, there is a conversation between the manager’s supervisor. And in the final round, the employee is excluded and there is involvement of executives and HR Manager only.Managing workforce performance is a difficult task but can be effectively be done by keeping in mind above-mentioned points.

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