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HRM - Employee Engagement

Employee engagement shows employees motivation and dedication towards their job. It is the duty of the manager to ensure such an environment where employees can give their 100% and be dedicated to their work.

Three factors i.e. unity, wellness, and motivation play a very vital role in engagement.

There is a virtual ground when the pre-states of engagement are met. These three parts of engagement targets and strengthen each other .

Two-way assurance and engagement between the superior and subordinates are a result of engaged organizations with solid and valid values which includes belief and good understanding.

Some key points about employee engagement are:

  • It is quantifiable.
  • It can be related to achievement.

It fluctuates from poor to incredible.

Employers can increase the involvement level of employees through acknowledgment, communication, brainstorming, fun games, and activities.

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Rules of Employee Engagement

To ensure a better employee engagement an HR needs to follow some rules and they are:

  • Be genuinely concerned: Genuine concern towards employees will develop a feeling of loyalty and belongingness to the company.
  • Keep employees Informed: Keeping employees updated about the company’s working may enable them to feel valued. So, employees should also be included in the decision-making process.
  • Follow Company values : Company values are not only to be print in the company’s guidelines but they should be responsibly followed by each and every member of the organization.
  • Survey and follow-up: Getting feedback from your employees gives the organization a clear picture of their company and make improvements if needed.

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