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Training is a process or program in which the required skills of employees are improved and polished to make the employee more skilled and efficient. Training is one of the most useful tools Human Resource Management has.

Constant training help employees to keep themselves upgraded & to adopt the new changes either in the environment or in the technology.

According to Dale S. Beach defines training as ‘the organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and/or skill for a definite purpose’

Career Development:-

Career Development is the arrangement of exercises or the on-going/deep-rooted procedure of building up one’s profession. Career development, for the most part, refers to dealing with one career in an intra-organizational or inter-organizational situation. It includes preparing on new aptitudes, moving to higher occupation responsibilities, making a lifelong change inside a similar association, moving to an alternate association or going into business. Career Development leads towards the goals & objectives of the individual.

The Process starts with:

Step 1:- Self Actualization and Assessment of the person’s interest and capabilities.

Step 2:- Interest and capabilities are contrasted with the available options.

Step 3:- Person is required to train himself to attain the skills required for the opted career path.

Step 4:- At last after the attaining the required competency, then a person needs to perform accordingly for the achievement of the goals & objectives, decided before.

The Need for Career Development

The productivity of the organization directly or indirectly depends on the employees working there. If an organization helps its employees to develop a good career plan, then there are fewer chances that employees will quit the company.

Developing a career plan can boost up the morale of the employee and will also enhance the productivity of the organization and make it more efficient.

Career Development- Objective:-

The major objective of Career Development are:-

1. To look for the requirements of the organization periodically.

2. To keep updating the organization and the employees about better ideas to grow in the organization.

3. Optimum utilization of human resources that can keep a balance between individual goals and organizational goals.

4. To provide them with all the tools and facilitate them with all the technologies that can prove helpful for them for their successful career.

Career Development not only help one to grow but also contributes to minimizing the problem of unemployment and gives the opportunity to all eligible candidates. It improves a person’s overall personality not only as an individual but also as a team player.

HRM and Career Development Responsibilities:-

Career Developments shares the Authority and Responsibility at different levels i.e. Organization, Employees, Managers.

Organization’s Responsibilities:

It’s the responsibility of an organization to make sure that the career development should occur. And to look if the individuals of the organization maintain a proper interaction among them and enhance their career opportunities. Basically, an organization should keep informing the employees about the changing work environment Including the mission and the policies and should help them to prepare a career plan accordingly.

Employee’s Responsibilities:

The person who knows the desires of an individual clearly is the individual himself which may vary from an individual to another. Here, an employee is responsible for his own career plan, from past experiences, it has been analyzed that individuals grow when they receive some kind of motivation and directions.

Manager’s Responsibilities:

A manager is an individual who knows more about the employee other than anyone else. He’s the one who guides the employee and is directly answerable for employee’s growth. Managers do also provide information about the positions openings, training programs, etc.

Career Development Process:-

Career Planning brings requirements of individuals and organizations at the same platform so things become positive for both. Achievements through the career planning process

1. Get aware of their own capabilities.

2. Look for more position openings in the organization.

3. Choose their own goals.

4. Build up activity intends to accomplish those particular career objectives and targets.

Career Planning System:-

The career planning system is a process of improving an individual. Career Planning includes four stages:-

1. Evaluation Process

2. Self- Assessment

3. Assessment by the organization

4. Direction Phase

1. Evaluation Process:- The prime objective of the evaluation process is to know about the strengths and Weaknesses of an individual through the activities like self-assessment etc.

2. Self – Assessment:- Self – Assessment help individuals to get to know them better like assisting them to determine their interests, capabilities, behavioral tendencies, etc. Individuals are suggested to undergo some psychological tests. Results of an individual’s psychological tests prove helpful in measuring the goals of the individuals.

3. Assessment by the organization:-Organization has various different that helps in the assessment of the individuals. Most often sources include the performance appraisal process.

4. Direction Phase:- In the direction phase, an organization put efforts to brings both, the interest of the employee and suitable job, on the same track

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