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MYSQL Project Objective

To operate efficiently and to remain competitive, it is essential for a hospital to manage its data appropriately. Databases enable quick access to critical information; provide secure storage for sensitive data, and offer analysis/reporting tools for real-time decision making. In addition, databases also play an important role with a hospital’s presence on the Internet. Databases have the ability to store information pertaining to Doctors, Patients, Departments and Rooms, Administrator, Appointment, and Nurses. With this in mind, you realize it is a necessity to integrate a database into your existing IT infrastructure. In this project you will learn to use Microsoft Access to create a relational database, which is a type of database that has data organized into related tables. This database will include tables that store the most common types of information pertinent to a corporation:

*Doctors, *Patients, *Departments and Rooms, *Appointment, and *Nurses In addition to the tables, you will also setup the relationships between tables, and design input forms and queries (with formulas) plus create reports (also with formulas). Project Overview This project has been organized into different parts:

1.creating the Database Tables

2. Establishing Table Relationships

3. Generating Forms to Input Data

4.Building Queries to Access Specific Data

5. Creating a Report. Also, add some constrains for entering

data with validation message.

After that, create the same database in Oracle SQL Plus.

For both Access 2013 and Oracle SQL Plus please make the explanation in separate PowerPoints for

each to explain the steps.

Add at least 10 records for each tables.

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