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Bounce Fitness Business Strategy

  • Bounce Fitness will open a new Fitness Centre in Perth within two (2) years.
  • Existing Bounce Fitness Centres will continue to show an above-market return on investment through excellence of facility, staff and operational management.
  • Bounce Fitness will hold its current position through follow up of members who cease to attend (as learned from monthly reviews of client programs), invest greater time in customer relationship management and through continued provision of excellence in service and equipment in the Centres, holding the costs to no more than CPI increases.
  • Bounce Fitness will increase staff training in line with their job roles through holding training with guest experts and accessing external training. It is intended within a year to establish a system where agreed training expenses for university and other job related tertiary training costs are reimbursed to staff to encourage continued learning and development of staff.
  • Bounce Fitness intends considering franchising or licensing as an option in the next five years.

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Bounce Fitness Business Strategy

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