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BSBADM502 Manage meetings Assessment 2

Summative Assessment 2 – Project 1

Project 1

A management meeting for 12 section managers is due to be held on Tuesday, 24 November commencing at 9.30 am and finishing at 4.00 pm. The CEO of the company will attend. You have been asked to chair the meeting.

The meeting is usually held in the boardroom at the company’s offices but this room is unavailable. It will be necessary to make alternative arrangements.

Two of the managers will be coming from interstate to attend in person, while three will participate via Skype.

A guest speaker will show a video and talk on technological changes for the year 2015.

Lunch will be catered for on the premises.

In the afternoon, the participants will divide into three groups to develop ideas and consider their strategic needs for the upcoming year. They will then reconvene and share their ideas with the other groups.

Write out a meeting plan to ensure that all the preparations for the meeting will be correctly organised. The plan should take into consideration all aspects of the meeting, including personnel, timing and structure.

Meeting Plan

Date: Tuesday, 24th November

Time: Commencing 9.30 am – Concluding 4.00pm


As chair of the meeting I would work in conjunction with the person(s) who instigated the meeting to develop a suitable agenda with input from those expected to attend in regard to what issues or topics should be discussed. The agenda would be distributed via email with an expectation that the attendees would confirm that they would be coming and they were away of their responsibilities. Ensure the formalised agenda is received by all attendees a decent amount of time prior to the meeting and familiarise myself with the document and conduct any necessary research. I would obtain any relevant copies of previous meetings minutes and acquaint myself with these also. It would be my responsibility to ensure that I am aware of organisation requirements, policies and procedures and any legal or ethical issues relating to this particular meeting.


For this meeting, involving the CEO, I would choose an experienced minute taker to ensure that there would be a clear and concise record of the event. The minute taker would be provided with a copy of the agenda and asked to familiarise themselves with this so that they may be ready to note down the discussion of each topic. The minute taker would not be required to document every word of the presentation or managerial reports, only the key points, so that they may be recalled at later meetings. It would be a requirement that any planned and agreed actions would be recorded with precision for future reference, including who had responsibility of these actions. The minute taker would also be informed that the minutes would need to be approved by each of those present prior to them being taken away from the meeting and finalised quickly (proof read by the chair) for distribution to the attendees.


The managers would need to email the chairperson a copy of each of their reports – mainly any graphs, tables or statistics, so that they may be printed prior to the meeting and brought in. The speaker would also be asked to email through any supporting notes or documents for his/her presentation to be printed and distributed accordingly. On the day of the meeting a wireless printer would be required so that any attendee may print documents or notes, as well as any decisions or plans that had been made.


The company will hire out a suitable event or meeting room located at the hotel of the two interstate guests. This hotel should be suitable to hosting the managers and especially the CEO – classy, plenty of amenities, well-staffed. The room should be airconditioned, provided with good lightning, a comfortable size for up to 15 attendees and equipped with many power points for electronics. The venue should be booked at least 3 months in advance with confirmation closer to the date (4 to 6 weeks out).


Appropriate transport to the venue should be pre-organised for the CEO and any other high-ranking management members. If the speaker if from out of town they should be transported to the hotel from the airport or their accommodation if it is not the same as the venue (which would be preferable). Organising transport ensures that no one is lost or late.


Hire a caterer to provide refreshments, snacks and a lunchtime meal. Check with all attendees for any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, gluten free etc.). Relay any dietary requirements to the caters and confirm menus and timing close to the event (one month out).

Guest Speaker

Confirm the guest speaker close to the date of the event, this may need to include accommodation and transport. Speak with the guest speaker about their presentation, making them aware of the roles of the attendees (in particular, the CEO) within the organisation and impress upon them the standard of preparedness that will be expected. May be possible that the video needs to be previewed and approved prior to the meeting.

Technology Requirements

Hire (or source internally) an AV/Technology expert to handle the set up of all equipment and to assist with the running of required equipment on the day. Deliver to the designated person/people a checklist of what is required.

Room Layout

The room should be set out in a horseshoe shape, facing the direction in which the speaker’s presentation will be held, with ergonomic chair and desks. This layout will enable all participants (including those via skype) to view the presentation as well as one another during discussions.

Action Groups

Putting the attendees into pre-planned groups will save time on the day. Plan to put members of the meeting into groups where their roles, skills sets and knowledge will be best utilized with their colleagues. Ensure there are enough paper (A4 and butchers) and pens on hand if the attendees wish to brainstorm their ideas and present them in this way.


Advise attendees that arrival at 9am for a 9.30am start is required. Early arrival ensures the meeting will not go over time and allows the attendees time to mingle and network with each other prior to the commencement as well as time for the setup of skype links. Refreshment breaks may be taken every hour with a lunch break at midday. Schedule will allow for managers reports to be made first, followed by any necessary discussions. The presentation will take place after lunch immediately followed by group brainstorming using information gathered from reports and presentation. Reconvening to share each groups ideas and suggestion could be followed by voting on actions and delegations of responsibilities. At the conclusion of the day the attendees would be briefly recounted the minutes to approve them for finalization and distribution

Post-Meeting Reports

As the management team and CEO will all be attending this meeting and receiving a copy of the minutes it may be unnecessary for them to receive a report of the meeting. If any major decisions or plans have been made then a report should be handed out to any relevant employees – sales teams, marketing people, general staff, product developers. These reports would be developed using the minutes from the meeting in conjunction with the management team and distributed in the appropriate manner for each section.


Agenda Checklist:

  • Agenda formalised and proof read
  • Emailed to all attendees a reasonable amount of time prior to the meeting
  • Ask for confirmation that attendees received their copy
  • Enlist and brief a minute taker

Venue Checklist:

  • Airconditioned
  • Appropriate sized space
  • Adequate lighting
  • Book venue
  • Confirm booking 4-6 weeks out from meeting
  • Confirm again at 1 week out from meeting
  • Organise room in horseshoe fashion
  • Have all electronic equipment delivered to venue

Catering Checklist:

  • Book caterer
  • Obtain attendees dietary requirements
  • Pass on dietary requirements
  • Confirm that dietary requirements are met
  • Confirm menu – tea, coffee, water, snacks and lunch

Transport and Arrival Checklist:

  • Book transport for 9am arrival
  • Inform relevant persons of transport arrangements
  • Have name tags prepared if attendees are not all familiar with on another
  • Have hotel staff guide attendees to the meeting room and direct them to the location of amenities and refreshments

Technology checklist:

  • Book/Source technology expert/assistant – email copy of checklist and requirements
  • Smart board/Electronic White board/ Laptop and Projector for speaker’s presentation
  • A microphone or speakers for video presentation
  • 3x laptops set up for video conferencing via skype – these will need to be able to be moved around for group activities
  • Extra leads and extra power outlets – enough for all attendees should they wish to use their own laptops or other devices
  • Person to provide support on the day
  • Set up early to double check all equipment is working
  • Wireless printer


Management Meeting

November 24, 2017

9.30am – 4.00pm

Meeting called by Facilitator Name


Section Manager 1 Section Manager 8

Section Manager 2 Section Manager 9

Section Manager 3 Section Manager 10

Section Manager 4 Section manager 11

Section Manager 5 Section Manager 12

Section Manager 6 Chief Executive Officer

Section Manager 7

Chair Person: Madison White

Minute Taker: Employee 101

Venue: Fancy Hotel - 123 Big City Street, Brisbane, Queensland

9.00am – 9.30am


Please see hotel staff at reception upon arrival. You will be directed to the event room where refreshments will be available.

9.30am – 9.35am

Meeting called to order by chair

Being seated and formal introductions

9.35am – 10.30am

Managers Reports

10.30am – 10.40am

Refreshment Break

Tea, coffee, water and snack foods available

10.40am – 11.50am

Discussion of Managers Reports

Discussions to focus on issues, progress and interdepartmental assistance

11.50 – 12.50pm


Catered lunch within the venue

12.50pm – 1.00 pm

Prepare for Presentation

Attendees to return to the meeting room and make themselves ready for the presentation. Please take notes.

1.00pm – 1.45pm

Speaker and Presentation

Video and talk on technological changes for the year

1.45pm – 1.55pm

Refreshment Break

1.55pm – 2.00pm

Action Group Instructions

To focus on strategic needs for next 12 months

2.00pn – 2.30pm

Action Groups


Reconvene to Discuss

Sharing ideas, developing plans, setting goals

3.10pm – 3.30pm


Confirm decided plans, actions and those responsible. If need be, take a vote.

3.30pm – 3.45pm

Approve Minutes

Minutes for the meeting briefly recounted and approved by attendees. To be formalised and distributed in a timely manner.

3.45pm – 4.00pm


Thank speaker and all attendees, set next meeting

Additional Instructions:

  • Please note you are advised to arrive at the venue at 9am for a 9.30am start.
  • Managers Reports can be emailed to the chair and printed with any supporting documentation.
  • Come prepared to take notes (laptops, tablets etc.)

BSBADM502 Manage meetings Assessment 1

BSBADM502 Manage meetings Assessment 2


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