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BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change Assessment 1

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Qualification title: BSB61015 - Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management
Unit(s) of competency assessed:	BSBINN601 - Lead and Manage Organisational Change

Assessment Task 1

Change can be intended to remedy current situations, for example, to improve the poor performance of work staff, products or the entire organization, reduce burnout in the workplace, and help the organization to become much more proactive and less reactive, or address large budget deficits.


Please choose one of the above scenarios. Once you have determined which example you will be addressing, use the attached questionnaire to identify how you will address the necessary requirements for successful change in your organisation.

Once you have completed the questionnaire you will develop a comprehensive Change Management plan based on the organisation you have chosen.

Your change management plan must include the following detailed information:

Please used the template provided for the change management plan.

  • Company details
  • Change identification
  • Change specifications
  • Change methodologies
  • Implementation strategies


Interview Questions

  1. What will change?

To accomplish this assessment, it will be taken into consideration the process of change within a company to improve current staff performance. As an example, the organization chosen to explain the change management process is Apple Brisbane. As it has had several complaints regarding customer services, the General manager is seeking to improve staff work performance in regard to this area.__

  1. Why is this change needed?

Change is needed regarding the number of complaints that have been received during the last three months. If Apple aims to be competitive in the market, customer service should be the key to achieve it and keep the competition with Samsung. __

  1. What are the consequences if the change is not made?

The consequence could be since the losing of customers that may prefer competitor’s customer services, or being worse, financial consequences, decrease of revenue. Moreover, the company could have a lower credibility and the brand reputation be affected. __

  1. What will the end state be?

Once the change will be applied, Apple expects to have more clients coming to visit the stores. Furthermore, it is expected to have a significative reduction of complaints related to customer services. __

  1. What benefits are there for customers and employees if the change is made?

For customers there will be a better service if the change is applied, furthermore, customers satisfaction will increase. Employees will be motivated and commuted to work if they are trained to offer a better service.___

  1. What obstacles do you see in making the changes?

Perhaps, some employees will be upset with the new change management plan to improve customer service attention. Moreover, as the process of implementing a change management plan requires a considerable investment, there may be some COE executives who may be opposed to the plan. __

  1. What will need to be communicated to whom, how and by when?

First, to before implementing the change management plan it is important to consult all staff about this process. In other words, know what they are expectations. Furthermore, it is significant to consult all internal and external stakeholders, being external customers and internal COE and all executive parties. The communication of the process should be constant using diverse methods like emails, phone calls and others. __

  1. Have you got the right leadership and "buy-in" support for the proposed change?

Yes, in my own experience, I think that I have the leadership style (Democratic) to lead the change management plan to be successful. __

  1. Is the proposed change aligned with the strategic plan?

Undoubtable this change management plan is aligned with the strategic plan due to within the strategic plan it is established to provide the best customer service to be competitive. ___

  1. What are the implications and barriers to successful implementation?

This plan implicates to invest a considerable amount of money, time and physical resources. Furthermore, as it was mentioned before, the barriers for this plan could be limitation of budget, or staff opposition. ___

  1. What are the inherent risks/costs of not embracing the change?

There may appear risks if the plan is not carried on, however, it is evident that the most relevant would be the risk of decrease company revenue. This could happen due to fewer customers would visit the Apple store. ___

  1. What processes will you need to change/introduce?

Well, first of all, it is important to introduce a training program within the change management plan. This program will enable workers to offer a better customer service. Furthermore, this plan would need to be companied by a monitoring process to evaluate whether the training process is effective or not.__

  1. How will success be measured and what value will success have for the business and individual?

To measure the success of the change management plan will be use a KPI (Key performance indicator). The indicator will be the time. Therefore, within a period of 6 months after executed the change management plan there will be consulted customer satisfaction regarding new services to measure plan performance. __

  1. How do you intend to change people's behaviour?

There are different ways to change people’s behaviours, however the most effective is to reward their improvement. In other words, recognize work effort by giving bonus or promote best workers. For example, if a worker shows commitment with the change, he/she should be reward, so, others can see this to change their behaviour. __

Change Management Plan

1. Company Details:

Company Name: Apple

Address: 233 Queen st, Brisbane city

Project Phase:

Planning Phase

Key Stakeholder Endorsement:

Internal and external, all workers, COE. External, providers and customers.

Change Project Team:

The team in charge of applying the change management plan to improve customer services will be headed by the general manager of the store and his supervisors.

2. Change Identification

Type of change:

(Revolution)This is a change that need to be applied to improve current processes in the organization.

Reason for change:

It is a must apply the change to improve customer service and to keep company growing. Furthermore, this change should be done to reduce the number of complaints regarding the current customer services given by apple staff.

Change Scope:

This change will have a scope within the customer service process, it is important to highlight that the change is expected to be applied is period of 6 moths.

Current Status:

In process, it is not applied yet.

Future Status:

It is expected to have the change implemented in the next 6 months.

3. Change Specifications

Change Tactic:

The tactic to implement the change is first to consult all stakeholders to gather information that lead to an accurate change management plan.

Process Change:

The process will be, first consult stakeholders, second determine possible risks of applying the change, third, determine ways to deal with risks, fourth implement the change (Training), Fifth monitor the change and finally check whether the change applied improve customer service attention.

People Change:

It is expected within the change management plan that all staff improve their skills to offer a better customer service, this will be possible just having a changed attitude in the workplace. In other words, being committed with the change.

Information Sharing:

The information sharing will be about how change customer services attention will benefit company revenue, so, if there is a higher revenue, there is more rewards to all workers. The information of the change management plan will be shared by email and posters around the store.

Cost of Change:

It is expected that the cost of applying the change management plan be around $25.000, this cost includes all training processes to improve workers skills on customer services. Moreover, this cost will cover the 6 months of the process.

Risk Assessment:

After careful analysis of risks that may appear within the application of this change management plan, the most likely risks are:

Time, there is a risk that unexpected delays change the change management plan time.

Cost, there is a risk that the budget allocated to cover this plan be lower than expected.

Communication, there is a risk that the communication given to stakeholders be wrongly understood.

To address all these risks it is necessary to classify them by their level of severity and likelihood. For this it will be used the following matrix:

BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change Assessment 1 Image 1

It is necessary also to assume the following impact/ consequence rating scale:








Negligible; Critical systems unavailable for less than one hour

Negligible impact

Resolved in day-to-day management



Inconvenient; Critical systems unavailable for several hours

Adverse local media coverage only

Minor impact



Client dissatisfaction; Critical systems unavailable for less than 1 day

Adverse capital city media coverage

Significant impact



Critical systems unavailable for 1 day or a series of prolonged outages

Adverse and extended national media coverage

Major impact



Critical systems unavailable for more than a day (at a crucial time)

Demand for government inquiry

Disastrous impact

Finally, this is the likelihood/ probability scale:






Highly unlikely, but it may occur in exceptional circumstances. It could happen, but probably never will.



Not expected, but there's a slight possibility it may occur at some time.



The event might occur at some time as there is a history of casual occurrence



There is a strong possibility the event will occur as there is a history of frequent occurrence


Almost Certain

Very likely. The event is expected to occur in most circumstances as there is a history of regular occurrence .

4. Change Methodology

Stakeholder Analysis:

BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change Assessment 1 Image 2

The matrix above will be used to analyse stakeholders. As it can be seen, it will be classified stakeholders by their level of interest and power. To cite a case, a vendor would be classified as a low power but with high interest. By contrast, the COE of the company will be manage closely due to his power and influence..

5. Implementation Strategies

Action Plan:

The action plan to implement the change will be taken into the following steps:

Convene a planning group made up of individuals from the community affected by the problem or issue and others who are in a position to address it. Identify additional partners and invite them into your strategic planning process.

Describe the vision of the plan

Describe the mission of the plan

State the objectives of the plan

Finlay, it is important to include:

  • First of all, everyone involved understands that change happens and things need to change.
  • Secondly, there is someone clearly leading and driving the strategy. Everyone buys into the change and understands the critical reasons it needs to happen. The company is actually capable of change; the capability and ability to change, learn and innovate over time.
  • And finally and most importantly, it does not happen overnight. There is no such thing as ‘instant change.’

Schedule Details:

The schedule will be taken to 6 moths that is the time expected to have the new change incorporated within the organization. Therefore, the schedule details are:


ACTIVITIES / duration



Consult with all stakeholders to write the change management plan. / 1 month

General manager.


Identify risks within the plan. / 1 month

General manager and supervisors.


Execute the plan, begin with the training process to improve customer service skills on all workers. / 1 month

General manager, supervisors and staff.


Measure the plan. / 1 month

General manager.


check whether the plan worked or not. 1/ month



Close the plan. 1/month

General manager.

Communication Plan:

The communication plan will be determined by identifying the type of audience, in this case the COE of Apple, general Staff and vendors. Second, it is important to know the type of message regarding the type of stakeholder to whom is the message, for example, the message sent to the COE should be delivered as a letter. Finally, there will be set an schedule with specific dates where the general manager will communicate or report about the change management process. 

To have a clear understanding of the communication plan, it is represented on the following figure:

BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change Assessment 1 Image 3

Training Plan:

As it is mentioned within this change management plan, on the third month of the plan – March, there will begin the training plan to improve customer service skills of all workers. This plan will be measure during the following tow months of training to determine whether the training plan was effective or not. Finally, customers feedback will demonstrate whether the change was applied or not.

Resistance Plan:

The following figure will describe the resistance plan within the change management plan;

BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change Assessment 1 Image 4

It can be seen that the plan to avoid resistance from workers will be to engaged workers with the plan form the beginning consulting their ideas to write the plan, indeed, this will engage them with the plan. If there is resistance once the plan is executed, the best thing to do is to address emerging resistance by using interpersonal skills such as listening workers concerns to know how to satisfice them.

This problem has been solved.

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