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Curtin Singapore assignment help

Curtin Singapore assignment help

Study abroad at Curtin Singapore

A Brief Introduction and history

Curtin Singapore is an Australian university that offers both local and foreign students the chance to study at an Australian university in Singapore.

The university is registered with the Singapore Committee for Private Education. Initially, the university'sdegrees were recognized by the Singapore Human Resource Institute, the Singapore Institute of Materials Management, and the Singapore Marketing Institute. The university initially enrolled 900 students. As it grew fast, the student body grew to almost 56,000.

Apart from its Singapore campus, the institution has five other locations in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Malaysia, Dubai, and Mauritius. The Singapore Campus is equipped with a student lounge, a canteen, computer laboratories, digital classrooms, a basketball court, a gym, and a library with a variety of periodicals, books, textbooks, magazines, and research papers & documents. Additionally, students have access to the library'selectronic resources. The facility provides a serene study environment for pupils. The campus is equipped with all of the necessary amenities for students. Numerous cafés and eateries are located in close proximity to the campus. Numerous stationery businesses, basic stores, and medical establishments are located around the university.

Students are instructed by highly qualified teaching members. They get the opportunity to intern at prominent firms, acquire industrial exposure, and develop expertise in fieldwork. Numerous industry professionals also attend Guest Lectures, practical workshops, and interactive events at the University. This improves students' comprehension of the subject.

Numerous alumni have benefited from excellent placement possibilities at the university. Some work in recognized industries, while others have achieved celebrity status. Among the notable alumni are Cody Fern (Famous Actor), Martin Dougiamas (Computer Scientist), Dacre Montgomery (Australian Actor), Neroli Meadows (Television Presenter, Sports Journalist), Jessica De Gouw (Actress), Frances O'Connor (Actress), Judy Davis (Theatre Actress), John Butler (Popular Singer), Carrie Bickmore (Television & Radio Presenter), and Judith Lucy (Well-known Cosmetologist (Stand-up Comedian).

Courses offered at Curtin Singapore

The university provides bachelor's, master's, and certificate programs. The university'sacademic framework includes a variety of topics organized into three schools on campus. Media & Communications, Commerce, Nursing, Health, Safety, and the Environment, International Business, Supply Chain Management, and Arts & Creativity are just a few of the disciplines available.

Three schools are located on the campus: 

  • The School of Business 
  • The School of Humanities
  • The School of Health Sciences.

Reasons for international students to study at Curtin Singapore 

  1. Outstanding teaching quality 

Sophisticated, engaging, and creative learning settings promote problem-based learning and group collaboration, allowing students to collaborate with professionals and utilize their imagination to find answers to global challenges.

Innovative features such as digital learning augmented reality, and 3D technology will enrich the students learning experience, guaranteeing that the students have something unique to offer the competitive marketplace and industries of the future.

Curtin researchers, business, government, and the community benefit from outstanding facilities, with Curtin collaborating with industry on several high-impact research initiatives. These worldwide collaborations foster innovation in critical areas like business, mining, and health, and give you, as a student, unique chances to get exposure to real-world business and research, employment networks, and new experiences.

The diverse variety of professional skills and challenges will widen their perspective and prepare the students for careers worldwide. Curtin collaborates with almost 90 institutions globally, including Alcoa, Alzheimer'sAustralia, Bankwest, BHP Billiton, the Cancer Council of Western Australia, Chevron, the CSIRO, Rio Tinto, the Water Corporation, and Woodside.

  1. Top-ranked University 

Curtin is a forward-thinking global university ranked in the top 1% of institutions globally by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is renowned for its high-impact research, strong industry connections, and dedication to preparing students for future employment. 

The Singapore campus is led by a Curtin-appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor and President who oversees the implementation of Curtin'sapproach to teaching and learning, as well as the maintenance of quality and standards. Graduates from all Curtin campuses will get a similar certificate, guaranteeing that their degrees have the Curtin mark of approval. 

At Curtin Singapore, they are committed to preparing graduates for successful jobs by ensuring that the programs are industry-relevant and also seek to prepare graduates for successful careers.

Curtin is ranked second in the world for Mineral and Mining Engineering, 50th for Earth and Marine Sciences, and a top 100 university for five additional subjects: Nursing, Civil and Structural Engineering, Architecture/Built Environment, and Sports-related Subjects, according to the 2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject.

  1. Great accommodation options

Singapore offers a broad selection of accommodation alternatives to suit all tastes and budgets. Students have the option of staying in hostels with single or communal rooms. Another common option is to rent a room or share an apartment with friends.

Curtin Singapore assists foreign students in locating suitable and comfortable housing while enrolled at Curtin Singapore. Near the university, there is a considerable selection of housing options, ranging from new and elegant residences to older and more modest dwellings.

Students have the option of renting from the government (Housing Development Board flats) or private landlords (landed property or condominiums). The Singapore schooling website offers a good information reference on living in Singapore as well as housing alternatives.

  1. Amenities & facilities

Curtin University has been delivering its programs in Singapore since 1986 and expanded its engagement with the country in 2008 with the establishment of the Curtin Singapore campus.

The $20 million facilities is located in the heart of Singapore and provides a suitable and safe learning environment for the students. The campus includes a variety of amenities and plans to continue improving and adding new ones in the coming years.

40 classrooms, lecture theatres, and a well-equipped library that is also connected to Curtin Perth through e-mail. Four computer laboratories, a student lounge, a study room, a student discussion room, a fully wireless campus, and a prayer room are just a few of the cutting-edge facilities available at Curtin.

  1. Life at Curtin, Singapore 

If you're searching for a lively, vibrant, and interesting city in which to study, look no further. Singapore is a city that thrives on the youthful and ambitious; it is a country where cultures collide, chances abound, and nightlife is thrilling and energetic. Studying at Curtin Singapore entails receiving a world-class education in an interesting and modern environment while also enjoying a high standard of living in one of the world'ssafest cities. Living and studying in Singapore is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that will illuminate the future.

With a year-round warm and humid environment, Singapore receives the majority of its rainfall between November and January. Throughout the year, temperatures fluctuate between 23 and 34 degrees Celsius.

Singapore is renowned as a foodie'sparadise, offering a diverse range of cuisines, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Italian. Food courts and food centers with air conditioning may be found in a variety of handy places. The majority of food booths are self-service, which means students can pay when they place their order and carry their own food to the table.

  1. Exceptional Student Support 

The Curtin Student Guild provides critical services that assist students in maximizing their academic experience. Membership is automatic and free for Curtin students.

The Guild organizes social events such as O Day, semester start and end festivities, and Curtin'slargest community event, Pasar Malam. Numerous activities and events are completely free. Guild affiliated groups provide an excellent opportunity to meet new people and become involved in the Curtin community.

The Guild'schosen student representatives serve as the voice on campus, serving on all key university boards and committees to ensure that students receive the best possible outcomes.

Each study session, a variety of seminars are held to assist students in developing key study skills, expanding their knowledge, maximizing online resources, and becoming career-ready.

  1. Student committee and clubs

The Student Committee collaborates closely with the university to create many opportunities for student participation and to foster a dynamic campus life. Monthly activities are organized by Curtin Singapore to appeal to a variety of interests, including sports, the arts, and community outreach initiatives.

Curtin Singapore'sStudent Committee is committed to upholding the school'smission of developing students into emerging leaders who are always willing to serve, lead, and elevate students' voices.

Curtin Singapore offers a number of established student organizations and clubs that cater to a variety of interests. Joining a club is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and enjoy the university experience.

There is also a Women in Business Club and its mission is to empower women via the organization of lectures and conferences featuring outstanding female executives from international businesses. Along with learning about their meteoric ascent to success, students will learn about their challenges to get to where they are now. Additionally, students will get the opportunity to network with these women and acquire critical skills.

  1. Employability 

Curtin'sreputation for producing high-quality graduates is shown in the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) report and ComparED website.

According to the Student Experience Survey (2017–2019), Curtin alumni with a postgraduate degree earned a higher average pay than the national average.

Curtin partners with some of the world'slargest corporations to guarantee that research and teaching are relevant and that students graduate with a high level of employability. They got a five-star rating (out of five) for teaching quality, skill development, learning resources, student engagement, and overall experience in the Good Universities Guide 2021.

As a graduate, students will be part of a vibrant Curtin alumni community and will have the opportunity to make vital contacts that will help them thrive in today'scompetitive global economy. Curtin'sAlumni Community covers 155 countries and includes over 190,000 Curtin graduates.

  1. Strong Industry Collaborations

Curtin academics, industry, government, and the community are connected via outstanding facilities, with Curtin collaborating with industry on many high-impact research initiatives. These worldwide partnerships foster innovation in critical areas like business, mining, and health, and offer the student with unique possibilities, including access to real-world business and research, employment networks, and new experiences.

The diverse variety of professional skills and challenges will expand the viewpoint and equip students for careers in any country. Curtin has collaborations with over 90 institutions globally, including Alcoa, Alzheimer'sAustralia, Bankwest, BHP Billiton, the Cancer Council Western Australia, Chevron, the CSIRO, Rio Tinto, the Water Corporation, and Woodside.

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