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PSB Academy assignment help

PSB Academy assignment help

Study Abroad at PSB Academy

A Brief Introduction and History

PSB Academy, founded in 1964, is a prestigious private school of higher education in Singapore. It began as a sub-division of the National Productivity Board called Management Services Supervisory Development. In 1988, the division was reorganized and renamed the Institute for Productivity Training. The institution was converted into an autonomous organization in 2001 and privatized in 2006. Since 2018, Intermediate Capital Group has owned the Academy. It is accredited by the Singapore Committee for Private Education.

PSB Academy is located in two stunning locations: Marina Square and Jackson Square (Toa Payoh). The City Campus is a 2.2-acre campus located near Marina Square. It provides outstanding academic, administrative, and support services to its pupils. Delta Campus in Jackson Square is a 1.1-acre campus that houses the schools of physical sciences, engineering, and technology. Each campus is comprised of a variety of buildings, walkways, green spaces, and parking lots. The school offers students with superior academic, administrative, recreational, and support facilities. Intelligent classrooms, high-tech labs, and research centers equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment facilitate learning.

The library significantly assists professors and students in teaching, learning, and research via its extensive collection of written and digital materials. Additionally, students on campus have access to personal counseling, health, and medical assistance. Apart from this, the school maintains a number of clubs and organizations that offer students a range of experience and a depth of perspective on a variety of topics.

PSB Academy has an extensive alumni network that spans the world. The school keeps track of its graduates and takes pleasure in honoring their accomplishments via different activities. The alumni list contains the names of some of the school's most accomplished graduates. Numerous PSB Academy alumni have received recognition for their contributions to their respective professional areas.

Courses offered at PSB Academy

Students may enroll in a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate level programs offered on a full-time or part-time basis at PSB Academy.

The institution has 5 schools:-

  • School of Foundation Studies
  • School of Business and Management
  • School of Engineering and Technology
  • School of Life and Physical Sciences
  • School of Postgraduate Studies

PSB academy offers programs in accounting and finance, computer science, business management, engineering, cybersecurity, human resources, hospitality and tourism, languages, marketing, media and communication, general studies, and sports science.

Additionally, it offers a variety of degrees, certifications, and brief professional courses. It has partnered with a number of colleges worldwide and provides programs that have been authorized by those institutions. Numerous academy students take courses at these institutions.

Reasons why international students choose PSB Academy

  1. Brilliant quality of teaching

PSB Academy strives to create a pleasant learning atmosphere and to offer the academic aid and support required to enable students to reach their full potential. The school adheres strictly to international educational standards and maintains a well-balanced teacher-student ratio to maximize the student learning experience.

As one of Singapore's top private education institutions with a half-century of experience cultivating business-ready graduates, PSB Academy is dedicated to establishing its identity as the academy of the future, with the assistance of its industry and academic partners.

Its practice-based learning environment is heavily infused with real-world scenarios. Its teaching, learning, and networking environments foster the development of students into future engaged members of society.

  1. International Partnerships

PSB Academy offers a variety of international collaborations. The institution is a global network of schools that collaborates with high-quality education partners and prestigious institutions to provide students with possibilities for transnational education.

Numerous students from the institution's more than 50 nationalities may now study a certificate in their home countries and progress to an undergraduate degree in Singapore. They may enroll in courses offered by internationally recognized certification providers such as EC-Council, IMA, and Barca Innovation Hub, as well as a study on the home campuses of university partners in countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Students develop networking skills and cultural fluency via campus life and distinguish out as genuinely global graduates. With business lectures, excursions abroad, and even reunions of alumni from around the area conducted each year, education at the school broadens students' views and inspires them to begin their careers in another nation.

  1. World-Class Facilities

PSB has two campuses in Delta and Henderson. As with the products, the campuses are easily accessible. PSB Academy@Delta, the 300,000-square-foot full-fledged campus, is situated only three minutes on foot from Tiong Bahru MRT Station; whereas PSB Academy@Shenton, the city campus, is located just next to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Students have direct access to a variety of student support services, get hands-on instruction in the well-equipped computer, engineering, and scientific labs, have access to on-campus recreational facilities, and connect with a diverse student community.

Students have access to computer labs, electronics and electrical project laboratories, mechanical and materials laboratories, chemical laboratories, a hospitality training area, and a multi-media studio on both campuses. Each campus has a capacity of about 3,000 students. They offer over 50 classrooms and lecture rooms that are completely equipped with cutting-edge technology such as LCD projectors and wireless audio systems.

  1. Live in one of the best cities in the world

If you're searching for a lively, vibrant, and interesting city in which to study, look no further. Singapore is a city that thrives on the youthful and ambitious; it is a country where cultures collide, chances abound, and nightlife is thrilling and energetic. Studying at Curtin Singapore entails receiving a world-class education in an interesting and modern environment while also enjoying a high standard of living in one of the world's safest cities. Living and studying in Singapore is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that can illuminate the future.

With a year-round warm and humid environment, Singapore receives the majority of its rainfall between November and January. Throughout the year, temperatures fluctuate between 23 and 34 degrees Celsius.

Singapore is renowned as a foodie's paradise, offering a diverse range of cuisines, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Italian. Food courts and food centers with air conditioning may be found in a variety of handy places. The majority of food booths are self-service, which means students can pay when they place their order and carry their own food to the table.

  1. Graduate Outcomes

Apart from the academy's well-established teaching techniques, which were created in collaboration with its premier university partners, the institution strives to retain relevance via close collaboration with its network of industry partners. This is why each of its institutions has academic advisory committees comprised of experts who ensure that the programs remain current and that students are educated in in-demand skills.

PSB Academy also organizes CollabX, a multi-series event designed to foster opportunity development via sharing, learning, and networking. This series of lectures is open to the public and is open to both current students and alumni. This is intended to educate students about the future of the professions they are pursuing, as well as to emphasize the critical abilities and skills they need to develop as they progress in their careers.

PSB Academy's industry network also benefits its students' employability. According to the 2019 Graduate Employment Survey, eight out of ten graduates found work within six months after graduation.

Throughout their stay at PSB Academy, students have access to a variety of tools, career fairs, and seminars designed to help them prepare for their first job or even discuss their next promotion.

  1. Outstanding Career Services

At PSB Academy, they actively encourage students to begin their job preparation path on the first day of school. By taking the perhaps most difficult, but critical initial step, kids can be able to dis cover a great deal about themselves outside of their normal curriculum. By participating in activities such as industry tours, students will get firsthand knowledge of how businesses operate, network with industry partners, and explore possible job possibilities.

After gaining an understanding of what to anticipate in the corporate world, students are encouraged to stretch their comfort zones by participating in their Career Workshops, Industry-Specific Career Talks, and Career Conferences, as well as interacting with an industry mentor for professional advice. This can assist students in being prepared for their career hunt far in advance of graduation.

Each student's last criterion should be the day they are prepared to suit up and join the business world. At PSB Academy's annual career fair, graduating students have the opportunity to network with companies from around Singapore, present themselves professionally, and find job opportunities.

  1. Amazing Student Support

Student life can be thrilling and demanding at the same time. Student Support provides complimentary, confidential services to help you make the best of your time at PSB. The support can assist in matters such as anger management, learning concerns, and family and friendship difficulties. Also, the team can provide guidance on financial issues such as tuition payments and bursaries, as well as access to financial aid or assistance in money management.

The Academy wants you to feel secure, supported, and respected as a member of the campus community. Whatever assistance you need – realistic guidance, moral encouragement, quiet space to reflect and relax, or opportunity to form constructive relationships with other members of the group – PSB academy ensures that you get the best possible student experience.

A specialized team may provide guidance and assistance in coping with the effects of a disability, which can include unique developmental differences, mental health issues, autism spectrum disorders, and long-term medical problems.

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