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Sqoop Homework Help

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Enterprises frequently have to move data between their relational databases as well as Hadoop, and Sqoop is one tool that gets the job done. It may import data to Hive or even HBase and export from Hadoop to RDBMSes.

Operating-System: OS Independent.

  • Sqoop can be a tool built to exchange data between Hadoop and also relational databases.
  • You are able to use it is import data from a relational database such as sql or mysql or oracle into the hadoop distributed file system
  • Transform data in hadoop together with mapReduce or hive
  • Export data back into relational database
  • Supports incremental loads
  • Written in java
  • Licensed by apache
  • Uses plugin for new types of data source
Sqoop Homework Help

What sqoop provides:

  • Sqoop enables easy import as well as export associated with data from structured data stores
    • RD, enterprise data warehouses as well as NoSQL system
  • Provision information through external system or to HDFS
    • Once data is moved populate tables in hive as well as Hbase
  • Sqoop integrates with Oozie, allowing you to schedule as well as automate transfer and export tasks
  • Sqoop uses a connector based architecture which supports plugins that provide connectivity to new external systems

Sqoop - how will it function?

  • Data sliced into partitions
  • Mappers transfer-data
  • Data-types determined via meta-data
  • Many data transfer formats supported
    • i.e CSV, Avro
  • can import into
    • hive(use-hive-import flag)
    • hbase(use-hbase*flags)

Sqoop Example:

  • An examples sqoop command to
    • Load data through mysql into hive
Sqoop Example

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