Information Technology Homework Help

Information Technology as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the Study, Design, Development, Implementation, support or management of computer-based information system and it is concerned with improvements in a variety of human and organizational problem-solving endeavors through the design, development and use of Technologically based systems.

IT spans a wide variety of areas that include i.e. Processes, Computer Software, Computer Hardware, Programming Language, Data Management, Networking, engineering computer hardware, Database and Software Design, as well as Management and administration of entire systems and more into integrations of other Technology such as the use of Cell Phones, Televisions, Automobiles and more.

information technology homework help

IT is related to studying, designing and developing the Information related to computers. It is the Importance in the educational sector is well known and it helps the students as well as the teachers in studying the Course Material easily because of fast access and the demand for IT services has increased substantially over the years. The IT sector has emerged as a major Global Source of both growth and employment.

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  • Management information systems
  • E-business
  • Intranet strategies
  • Database management system
  • Data warehousing
  • Data Mining
  • Document warehousing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales force management system
  • Enterprise content management (ECM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Enterprise Workplace
  • Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)
  • Business performance management
  • Project management software
  • Groupware and collaborative systems
  • Information systems development
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • Knowledge management (KMS)
  • Business Technology Management (BTM)
  • Decision support system (DSS)
  • Electronic data processing (EDP)
  • Geographic information system
  • Material requirements planning
  • Strategic enterprise management
  • Supply chain management
  • Virtual management
  • U-commerce