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Use Case Diagrams Homework Help

A Use Case Diagram in UML is the type of diagram used to Model Behavior. Use case Diagrams model the functionality of a System using Actors and Use Cases. It is functions that provided by the system to its users. The Purpose of a Use Case Diagram is to provide a Graphical view of the functionality provided by the system in terms of actors, Goals of Actor (represented as Use Case) & Dependencies between Use Cases. Basic Use Case Diagram Notation and Symbols,

System: Draw your system's boundaries using a Rectangle that contains use cases. Place actors outside the System's Boundaries.

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Use Case: Draw use cases using Ovals. Label with ovals with verbs that represent the system's Functions.

 Use Case Diagram Homework Help

Actors: Actors are the Users of a system. When one system is the actor of Another System, label the actor system with the actor Stereotype.

uml use case diagram help

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Use Case Diagram Homework Help
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