ed tech trends 2016

Ed Tech Trends and Tools 2016

The concept of teaching is on the cusp of revolution. People have started realizing that traditional methods of teaching are not very effective and students usually get easily bored with these methods. This has led to the emergence of Ed tech tools and e-learning websites. Teachers have also embraced this change with open arms and […]

New Year Resolutions

Conquer the psychology behind New Year Resolution Fails

Whether it is the first day of the week, the month, or the year, it brings with itself a new world of possibilities. Somehow these days have a special place in our heart. They play a special part in our lives. We wait for these days to start something from scratch or resume something that […]

extra ways to earn money during Holidays

Best Ways to Earn Extra Money Over Holiday Season

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. If you are anything like me, you must be looking forward to this break for months. This is a lovely time of the year as it brings along a lot of positive vibes. Everyone is happy and relaxed. Finally, it is the time to kick back and enjoy […]

Law school Debt Salary

How to Choose the Best Law School

Choosing the right law school is the first important step of building your career in law. The competition to get into the best law school is undoubtedly very high.  The acceptance rate for top ranking law schools such as Stanford, Yale and Harvard is anywhere from a mere 8 to 10%  while for the rest […]