How to Apply for Sports/Athletic Scholarships in United States

How to Apply for Sports/Athletic Scholarships in United States?

Sports or athletic scholarships can be an easy doorway for athletes around the world who want to get into a prestigious US university. They come in pretty handy for the students who do not have adequate grades to do get admission without a scholarship. These scholarships give much more priority to the student’s physical prowess […]

20 Fastest-Growing Career Options For 2020

Disruptive technologies and unlimited advancement are what is truly characteristic of the 21st century. There are a lot of opportunities available in the market to be grabbed by the worthy applicants. However, one has to be receptive to these opportunities. High school and young college students are always looking at their future careers. Many people, […]

Top 10 Advices to Pursue a Degree in Philosophy

As time passes, more and more students are getting attracted to a degree in philosophy. Philosophy, as a conventional course of study, is gaining prominence with each passing year. It is becoming more and more popular as a course, as something that can be studied in a classroom with fifty other students. it is becoming […]

Top 10 Courses Indian Students can pursue in Canada

Considered as a real part of the world’s best destinations for higher examinations, Canada is the second most noteworthy among G-8 nations as far as its use on education. The inundation of global understudies is high in the nation and consistently around 130,000 understudies visit Canada for higher studies. Canadian colleges offer globally acclaimed courses […]

Top 5 UK Study Scholarships for Indian Students

It’s anything but a matter of discussion that the UK houses a portion of the world’s loftiest and prestigious educational foundations. Huge numbers of India’s most noteworthy national pioneers, financial analysts, legal counsellors, representatives, and scholastics have sought after their higher examinations in the UK. The increasing expenses of training in the nation, in any […]

5 Social Media Platforms Students Can Use to Get the Perfect Job

Today, the entire world is on social media platforms. In the past ten years, the world has seen the great evolution of social media and the changes that this evolution has made in the world. Human lives have changed with this evolution. Today, you can do almost everything on the social media platforms. There are […]

creative resume designs

10 Simple yet Creative Resume Design Ideas that will make you Stand out

Recruitment scene gets hot during summers. The graduating class of Job market candidates, as well as freshers, will be bee-lining on the doors of potential recruiters to apply for jobs and internships. If recruitment experts are to be believed, on an average 250 job applications are received for each job opening. Yet each CV receives […]

How to Choose the Best Law School

How to Choose the Best Law School

Choosing the right law school is the first important step of building your career in law. The competition to get into the best law school is undoubtedly very high.  The acceptance rate for top ranking law schools such as Stanford, Yale and Harvard is anywhere from a mere 8 to 10%  while for the rest […]