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The Correct Way for Parents to Help their Children with Homework

Homework has always been an interactive tool between parents and children, allowing parents to be involved in their children education knowing what their children are learning. Teachers and school community always suggest parental involvement in homework because contributing to their children education makes a positive difference and also help children to develop new learning strategies. […]

ways to prepare toddler for preschool

Twenty Eight Ways to Prepare Toddler for Preschool

If you have a young child in preschool age at home, you’re probably already looking to enhance their preschool readiness(or kindergarten readiness, if they mean the same in your country). It can be a challenging task to get your preschool kids comfortable with the idea of leaving the comfort and security of their home and […]

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Synaptic Development Activities to do with Kids

According to Mensa experts, ┬ábrain development in children depends on synaptic development. A synapse is a structure whose main function is to pass signals from one nerve cell to another. Since our brain conserves only 30% of energy, it will not conserve the synapse which is not used. Babies are born with more synapses than […]