Top 10 Best Universities in UK for MBA

United Kingdom has always been a very popular destination among students for MBA. In fact, the United Kingdom is second after the US as the world’s most popular MBA study destination.  This place is home to some of the world-class business schools. Every year, thousands of students from all around the world come to the UK and take admission in these business schools. The United Kingdom has always been home to a major percentage of the acclaimed business schools in entire Europe. It is quite obvious that any MBA course that a student takes up is bound to be challenging and also beneficial for the career of the student, but studying at one of the best institutions provides great rewards and perks to the student.

Any student who wishes to pursue a career in management would love to study in the UK. Here are some of the best universities/college in the UK for MBA:

1. London Business School

London Business School has always been ranked as one of the best in the entire world for MBA. This school has been ranked as one among the top ten in research. Also, it has the best average research scores among all the institutions in the UK. The institute has always been among the prime institutions in the UK. It was awarded a spot in the top three by Financial Times among the European institutions. Since it is such an acclaimed school, it has students from over 150 countries. The institute has a truly global perspective. The students can get the finest education from the true world-class faculty at the London Business School.

2. Said Business school, University of Oxford

Said Business School, an offspring of the world-class Oxford University rightly earns its place at the number 2 spot. Just like the London Business School, the employer score of Said Business School is way higher than all of its competitors below. One can imagine the prestige of this college by the fact that the MBA program of this college is approximately twenty years old only, and still, it has got such an employer score. The college offers multiple programs. It offers an Executive MBA and an MBA. There is also a 1+1 program, in which the student gets the chance of combining a Masters degree from some other department with an MBA.

3. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a name in itself. It is a dream for thousands of students to study management at this prestigious place. Just like Said Business School, this school also offers an MBA and an Executive MBA. Judge Business School also has a great rank in the Global rankings, thus justifying the craze that students have for this school. According to the Graduate Market in 2012, University of Cambridge is one among the top three most targeted universities by top employers. Also, the university has a really huge variety of students clubs and societies that the students can choose from.

4. Imperial College Business School

Imperial College London sits tight at the fourth place in this list. Here also, there are many options available for the students.  Along with the full-time MBA program, there are global online, weekend and executive programs that the students can choose from. The full-time program of this college is of one year. It is also popular among the students for the fact that more than 90% of the students are employed within three months of graduation.

5. Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Warwick Business School is another world-class institute. The students here are forward-looking and have an entrepreneurial spirit. The institute is globally connected. The tuition fees for the one year MBA program is around 35,000 pounds, which can seem to be a really big amount for one year, but it is a very safe investment. On an average, the graduates receive a 117% increase in the salary on finishing the course.

6. Manchester Business School

The Manchester Business School has six international centres and all of these offer part-time and Executive MBA programs. The University of Manchester has always been a very big name among all the students who desire to study at a Business School. The school will soon acquire the new title of “Alliance Manchester Business School”. This change is being carried out in the recognition of the $24 million donations the school had received from Lord (David) Alliance, who is a Liberal Democrat peer.

7. Lancaster University

The total intake of this place is only 45 students. One can imagine the kind of competition that all the students who aim to study at this place have to face. And the competition is rightly justified for a school like Lancaster University. During the course, the students make visits to London. Also, the student g on an Overseas study tour in the second term, the previous destinations of which have been the Czech Republic, China, Malaysia, South Africa and Singapore.

8. Cranfield University

Cranfield University comes at the eighth spot in this list. This institute is located at a distance of an hour from London. It also got the 57th spot in the FT’s Global MBA rankings. The tuition place of this institute is 36,000 pounds for the one year programme. The university claims that 87% of the students are employed within three months of their graduation at places like IBM, US Department of State, Accenture. The institute also offers an Executive program which is taught part-time over a period of two years.

9. Cass Business School

The Cass Business School offers three different courses: an Executive MBA, a full-time MBA and another Executive MBA based in Dubai. This school grabbed the 37th spot in the Global rankings of FT. Along with the lectures, the full-time course includes workshops, overseas tours and live projects. The placement records of the institute outshine many institutes of the entire country.

10. University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde is based in Glasgow, Scotland and rightly earns its place in this list of top 10 institutes. Along with the conventional full-time 12-month course, the institute offers a part-time program in which the students can study through evening classes, thus extending the course length to two or even three years. Also, there is a flexible option which combines the independent study of the student with workshops and seminars that are organised occasionally.

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