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Durham College Assignment help

Durham College Assignment help

Study Abroad at Durham College

A Brief History and Introduction

Durham College was founded in 1967 in Durham, Ontario. When Durham College began, it had 14 employees teaching 205 students in 15 portable classrooms. It quickly expanded its offerings to include other offerings, including technology-related courses, applied arts, and business courses as well. Durham College offers a range of certificate and diploma programs in a huge number of courses and disciplines. This is the reason why the institute has been popular among the international pool of students. The institute is known for offering both conventional and relatively unconventional kind of courses to the students.

Durham College enrolls approximately 13,600 full-time post-secondary students, including 2,000 international students from over 60 countries. The university now has approximately 91,000 alumni globally. It employs about 800 full-time and 1,270 part-time staff members and instructors. Additionally, the institution provides employment assistance to residents of a wide range of locations in and around the city. Additionally, Durham College offers on-campus housing for students. College campuses provide a variety of amenities, including food, medical care, parking, and recreational opportunities.

Every campus has libraries, locker rooms, and fields. Additionally, SA organizes events and programs for students pursuing a variety of academic specialties. Numerous notable individuals have been associated with Durham College. Over the years, the university has been regularly producing professionals who have made their names and left a mark in their respective fields.

Courses offered at Durham College

The College delivers more than 140 market-driven programs, guided by industry professionals, in areas such as finance, engineering, wellness, hospitality, science, and media.

It’s divided into 9 academic schools:-

  • School of Business, IT, and Management
  • School of Hospitality & Horticultural Science
  • School of Media, Art, and Design
  • School of Science & Engineering Technology
  • School of Justice & Emergency Services
  • School of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship & Renewable Technology
  • School of Health & Community Services
  • Centre for Professional and Part-time Learning

Why students choose Durham College?

  1. Great quality of Teaching

The finest professors go above and above to help you succeed, not only in the classroom but also in their area. Many of the academics have been awarded and are recognized by notable organizations. Courses are taught by academics with years of real-world experience, giving students a competitive advantage upon graduation.

The Tutors at Durham college want to help you obtain a satisfying job. Thanks to the professional faculty members, each year's alums move on to impressive professional paths in their respective fields. The arrangements with a variety of institutions around Ontario and the world enable students to pursue a university degree in less time than is often required. Pathway programs provide you credit for college coursework, which may be utilized to receive credit at a college or university.

  1. Student Support

While most people take personal cleanliness, mobility, meal preparation, and medicine administration for granted, there are many individuals who are unable to accomplish these chores independently. At Durham, the personal support worker (PSW) is the front-line care professional whose responsibilities include providing personal care and assistance to clients in all institutional, community care, and service settings.

PSWs offer compassionate, client-centered care that aims to improve and preserve an individual's quality of life. Students can be properly prepared and work-ready through devoted faculty, upgraded curriculum, acquired skills and certifications over the course of study, and implementation of many interprofessional education and simulation opportunities.

Prior to and after graduation, Hired Career Services connects students with employers across Durham Region and beyond. There are a variety of services available, including resume and cover letter critiques, job search assistance, career counselling and assessment, and more. Additionally, a new interactive online site simplifies and expedites the process of students, graduates, and employers locating precisely what they're looking for and who they're looking for.

  1. Residence for students

All new students enrolled at Durham College are assured an accommodation in residence when they express their acceptance of the offer bestowed on them and apply for residence by the deadlines. Students can apply online at www.stayrcc.com or submit a residence application form included with their admission offer. The South and Simcoe Village homes provide a variety of housing alternatives, as well as apartment-style resident apartments for students while they are in their upper years of study.

South and Simcoe Village residences provide a range of living options, for the students to choose from and avail. In the Simcoe Village house, students may select between furnished double rooms in which a division is created to ensure privacy or fully-furnished residences with private bedrooms. These residences and rooms are equipped with all the facilities and equipment that the students may require during their stay at the university. The five-story South Village building, which overlooks a stream, offers furnished apartments with two separate bedrooms, a kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave, cable television, Internet access, and a telephone. Additionally, it has a modern café, study and recreation areas.

  1. Student Life

While academics and study are important, Durham College understands that the bulk of college memories occur beyond the classroom. Whether it's winning the big game, living alone for the first time, or being involved in a campus organisation with other like-minded people, campus life plays a major part in your overall college experience. Durham College strives to provide an inclusive atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone.

While education and study are important components of college life, Durham College understands that the college life also ends up forming a majority of important memories. Whether it's a big game that you have won, the first time you’re living on your own, or being the part of college club or society, the campus life has to be a great one for the students. With this belief, the university makes all the effort to ensure this. The inclusive atmosphere of the university goes a long way in helping the international students settle in.

The Esports Gaming Arena is a 3,000-square-foot gaming facility that is unlike any other collegiate gaming facility owing to its substantial broadcast capabilities and spectator lounge space. Durham College students get exclusive access to the arena's 46 Lenovo PCs, a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox One, and a PlayStation 4 Slim. FastStartDC is a non-profit entrepreneurial hub and resource centre operated by students. FastStartDC is housed at the 360insights Centre, which is located on the Oshawa campus of Durham's Centre for Collaborative Education. Additionally, it contains the FastTECH Makerspace, a space equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment designed to encourage student innovation.

  1. Research at Durham College

Durham College's research, facilitated by the Office of Research Services, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (ORSIE), addresses industry and social challenges through innovation and collaboration, involving industry, faculty, students, and the broader community in projects that address the needs of a knowledge-based economy.

ORSIE serves as a single point of contact for business, government, and community organizations interested in collaborating on impactful applied research. When encouraged and supported, the talent, facilities, and capacities of individuals on campus and in the community become dynamic, transforming and advancing economic development in the Durham Region.

Through funding opportunities, academic knowledge, state-of-the-art research facilities, and student learning experiences, Durham college provides research and development solutions. The college collaborates with industry and community organizations to design and test prototypes, model or simulate solutions, embrace new technologies and expertise, and create and assess new or better goods and processes.

ORSIE administers research initiatives conducted by academic specialists and students. Through applied research projects, job placements, and as experienced and informed graduates, students serve as the principal vehicle for the college's knowledge transfer to business and industry partners.

  1. Scholarships and Bursaries

Financial Aid and Awards support you in evaluating your financial alternatives as a post-secondary student. The Financial Aid and Awards office assists students in funding their educational expenses. Scholarships and bursaries are two of the many significant resources that Durham College, external corporations, organizations, and individuals make accessible.

Scholarships are given to students who have demonstrated academic or personal distinction, as well as engagement in the community and leadership. Bursaries are distributed according to financial necessity. Occasionally, additional qualifications may be required, such as membership in a specific organization or enrollment in a certain program. To be eligible for a bursary, students must maintain a minimum GPA.

  1. World-class Facilities

On the Oshawa campus, the Centre for Collaborative Education connects local, Indigenous, and global communities via the Durham College Spa, Global Classroom, and interprofessional simulation and anatomy laboratories. Additionally, the location houses a number of the institution's applied research institutes, such as the AI Hub and many more. Additionally, the flexible, fully automated, and industrial-grade architecture of the Integrated Manufacturing Centre serves as a model for new educational standards in advanced manufacturing, mechatronics, and engineering.

Work on the new Skills Training Centre at DC's Whitby site continues. This building will enhance the college's capacity to provide hands-on training, access to simulators, and other kinds of instruction in shop labs for carpentry, HVAC, welding, elevating devices, crane operation, automotive, millwright, and plumbing, among other fields.

Among its facilities are a 28,000-square-foot triple gymnasium, a 10,000-square-foot fitness center, two squash courts, an indoor golf range, and an elevated indoor walking/jogging track overlooking the gymnasium. On-campus dining choices include Tim Hortons, Extreme Pita, the Marketplace Cafeteria, and Bistro '67, a new teaching-inspired restaurant located inside Durham College's Whitby campus's Centre for Food.

  1. Student Association, Clubs, and Societies

The Student Association plays a critical role in advocating for all students. It embraces the values of communication, inclusiveness, spirit, representation, and accomplishment in everything that it accomplishes as the campus's student voice. It organises a range of on- and off-campus events and manages programs such as the Women's Centre, the food bank, and many other highly interesting events.

Durham College Student's Inc. (DCSI) is DC's Student Association. Its mission is to enhance student's academic experiences by cultivating a sense of community and diversity on campus via excellent advocacy, support, and services.

With over 60 recognized student groups on campus, there is sure to be one that matches your interests. These groups range from gaming to religion to cheerleading and humanitarian causes and are founded and maintained by students wishing to connect with others who share their interests.

  1. Employability

Field placements, internships, and work periods provide the ideal opportunity for you to experience what it's like to work in a specific field and develop critical relationships with businesses. Durham College provides these possibilities for students enrolled in a variety of programs. This information, if appropriate, may be found on the program's page. If you're coming from the workforce, you're well aware of how competitive the job market can be. You want to ensure that the college to which you are applying can prepare you to be instantly employed upon graduation.

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