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Fraser International College Assignment help

Fraser International College Assignment help

Study abroad at Fraser international college

A Brief History and Introduction

The FIC College, which opened in September 2006, is situated in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. FIC is a commercial corporation that is under contract with Simon Fraser University. At FIC, courses are planned in conjunction with SFU's faculty and departments to ensure that the course content and quality are both assured.

As well as having a distinguished faculty and world-class facilities, SFU is a recognized educational institution in Canada. SFU offers academic and extra-curricular excellence as well as just the right level of balance between academics and athletics, as it features some of the country's top varsity athletic teams. The advantage of using all the SFU amenities, such as the library, gym, pool, health clinic, café, and student counselling facilities, is available to students while at FIC.

Undergraduate level courses in fields such as art, social sciences, engineering, medical science, environment, computing science, business administration, and communication is offered to students.

International students make up nearly all of FIC's global population. Students in the program receive individualized attention thanks to small class sizes. Students who have been accepted get a combined letter of offer and an SFU program acceptance for year two in addition to the letter of offer for their FIC program. When a student at SFU has completed their studies, they can apply for a three-year graduate work visa.

Courses offered at Fraser international college

FIC offers foundation and undergraduate programs. International students who participate in pathway programs for study in Canada should expect to be ready for university-level studies. The subject areas include:-

  • Computing Science
  • Engineering Science
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Health Science
  • Science
  • Communication and Business
  • Communication, Art, and Technology
  • Environment

Reasons for international students to study at Fraser International college

  1. Good quality of teaching

At FIC, the Faculty make an effort to meet today's student needs by delivering state-of-the-art education with cutting-edge facilities and programs to help you realize your full potential.

You're given the chance and flexibility to challenge yourself in a university atmosphere because of the welfare and support services along with the high-quality teaching on offer for the students. This university-designed programme is taught by university professors in a friendly, peaceful, and open atmosphere on the main campus of SFU. After completing your FIC courses satisfactorily, you will be prepared to begin your degree at SFU.

The collaboration with FIC and its students has made this album much better. FIC students enjoy the advantages of SFU's campuses, which offer the perks of studying and living. The many residential amenities, support services, and athletics facilities and programs, in addition to making your stay at FIC and SFU as positive and gratifying as possible, offer a friendly atmosphere. Due to the small class numbers at Fraser International College, students receive much greater attention and assistance from their teachers.

  1. Student Support

FIC's objective is to assist overseas students in attaining their goals and achieving their dreams by coming to Simon Fraser University and graduating. Students get a range of support services to help them graduate from SFU. There is more individualized attention and devoted assistance for FIC students. Instructors, advisers, and other staff can all offer help and help.

FIC students are offered academic and personal assistance by the CTP team. It welcomes new students in the fall and provides academic-year mentor support. Students who are interested in connecting with and learning about services on campus might become involved in the Peer Advising program. The ACT team takes on relevant problems that students at both FIC and SFU are concerned about. Awareness is raised, campaigns and issues are championed, and students are engaged in a wide range of issues.

This program offers several ways to become engaged, achieve academic achievement, and enhance one's career. It's run by college students, for college students, and focuses on a number of the most crucial academic problems that students at FIC encounter. The team provides supportive counsel without judgment in non-stigmatizing situations.

  1. Fantastic residence

Regardless of your circumstances, FIC provides a wide selection of lodging possibilities. On-campus housing, homestay, and off-campus housing are included in this category. The SFU Burnaby campus offers students the opportunity to dwell in SFU homes, which are located just steps away from the class buildings. In the apartments, there are beds that are almost twice the usual size, TVs that are shared, and microwaves that are found in communal areas. Also, the house features an abundance of cabling for high-speed Internet connection. Every resident has access to a dining hall and a food package. Volunteers and student staff members are available to assist you in enjoying your college living. Students often remember their college years due to the remarkable things they experience at the campus, such as living in resident halls.

The ability to stay with a Canadian family in the neighborhood and off-campus is widespread among many students. If you're a homestay student, you'll be included in the family's activities and be able to take part in festivities and celebrations. SFU is within commuting distance of all family members.

There is a broad selection of off-campus housing options accessible to FIC students, including hostels, boarding houses, private rentals, and shared accommodations. Below are some great sites to begin your search for off-campus housing.

  1. World-class Facilities

Located on the Burnaby Mountain Campus of SFU in Burnaby, Fraser International College is just half an hour away from downtown Vancouver. The campus is a mesmerizing location and one of the best university sites in the whole continent. The students residing on the campus enjoy views of ocean, mountains, and islands from the top of 400-meter high Burnaby Mountain.

The campus was designed by globally renowned architect Arthur Erickson, and is everything that the students can hope for. There are the features available that you would expect a prestigious university to have. A huge number of students attend classes on the relatively more pedestrian-friendly campus. This campus is the one where all the academic and administrative offices, on-campus apartments, the main library, student services, and other essential services are situated.

For any family member visiting a college student, the university offers well-equipped single rooms in the form of an on-campus hotel. On a regular basis, buses connect the campus to Greater Vancouver's rapid transit system at the beginning of Burnaby Mountain. All of these amenities and more are available to students studying at FIC. Additionally, SFU has locations in Surrey and downtown Vancouver.

  1. Fantastic city

Burnaby, located directly east of Vancouver, is the third biggest city in British Columbia and is easily accessible through public transportation from Vancouver. It's certainly worth a visit, so make sure to check out the city's exciting activities to do. The city of Vancouver is close to the college.

Vancouver is the largest city on Canada's West Coast. Set in exquisite natural settings that take full use of British Columbia's Coastal mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, inhabitants of the city have an abundance of natural and inspiring scenery to choose from. The city benefits from the pleasant, moderate climate and a laid-back culture that resonates in the hearts and souls of its residents, contributing to its constant top-five status as one of the world's most livable cities.

The city is brimming with culture from every part of the world, with 35% of its residents hailing from abroad. Additionally, the city has the highest number of Asians of any North American city. Also, Vancouver Chinatown ranks as one of the cleanest and most hospitable in the world, attracting visitors and artists of many nationalities throughout the year.

  1. Employment opportunities and help

The primary route leads students from Fraser International College to the Simon Fraser University. International students may pursue a university-level degree and immediately enrol in the second year of a program at SFU.

Students get a life-long education at SFU. Programs open up an unlimited number of employment opportunities. Students gain not just academic knowledge, but also transferable and marketable skills. Support services at the institution help students in becoming the people they want to be. This includes personalized career counselling, in which students get career preparation built on in-person industry exposure, seminars, and job search assistance.

The co-op program at SFU is one of the largest in the whole of North America. The program goes all the way back to the 1950s. Co-op refers to students who participate in paid work assignments as part of their degree program. SFU offers co-op work periods in all the disciplines for about 2,500 students enrolled in 54 undergraduate and 10 graduate programs.

The employment services and options at the Fraser International College have successfully been offering its students the kind of opportunities they deserve. Over the years, the students have availed these opportunities and services and have gone on to become the leaders of their chose fields and disciplines.

  1. Scholarships

FIC is dedicated to assisting students in achieving their professional objectives through the provision of scholarships to deserving students. Each term, two students with the highest GPA in four or more courses are granted academic achievement awards. Academic Merit Scholarships are renewable for one academic period (up to five courses) and are credited against tuition for the next term of enrolment.

Navitas Family Bursaries are worth 10% of tuition for your first try at courses within your degree. The scholarship is available to families with two or more students studying at a Navitas member institution, such as FIC.

FIC acknowledges and honors students who persevere in the face of adversity in order to complete their academic program. Each semester, FIC bestows twenty Resiliency Award Scholarships on deserving students.

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