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Engineers Australia migration process and details

Engineers Australia is a designated authority in Australia for many engineering occupations.


1. Occupational categories in engineering

It basically recognizes three basic categories- professional engineer, engineering technologist and engineering associate.

The fourth category of an engineering manager is recognized for migration purposes. This is not as such engineering occupation so the positive outcome of the application process does not mean the membership of Engineers Australia.

12 years of schooling or equivalent study is mandatory for all the occupational categories; after that, the person needs to do a specific study as mandated by the authorities.

CDR writing services Australia

2. English language requirements

One of the following three tests has to be passed by the applicant

IELTS- both general and academic versions are acceptable
TOEFL iBT- applicable test
PTE ACADEMIC- Pearson PTE academic test is acceptable

Applicants who are native English speakers and who have completed the Australian undergraduate engineering qualification or a 2-year master’s degree or Ph.D. program at an Australian university are exempted from the English language test.

3. Pathways to migration skills

There are 5 pathways-
Accredited Australian qualification
Accredited Washington accord qualifications
Accredited Sydney accord qualification
Accredited Dublin accord qualification
Non- accredited or engineering manager Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

4. Online application-

First of all, you need to register for an EA ID/ CID/ membership number through myPortal. If the applicant already has this number, he or she is asked to register for a password through myPortal. The minimum amount will be charged in the form of the fee so please ensure that you have correctly mentioned the billing address.

After getting the password you need to log into EA myPortal, fill all the details and upload all the documents and finally submit your application. You will get the confirmation email once the online application process is completed. If there is further need for any document you will be notified by email which you will have to answer within a specific period of time.

Please make sure that all documents are color scanned of original documents and have the resolution of at least 300 dpi.

The applicant can go through MSA Online Application User's Guide to make sure that all the details are filled correctly.

5. Using a migration agent-

If you have hired a migration agent, he will do all these things for you. p[lease remember, you need not provide password details to him.

6. Assessment fees and payment-

Generally, credit card and BPAY method of payment are acceptable but in case of urgency, other payment methods may be requested by the applicant.

If any additional service is made, the extra money will be charged. The applicant will be given a discount if standard assessment and additional service application are submitted at the same time.Please remind that paid amount is not refundable.

Applicants living in Australia have to pay 10% GST. All others are exempted from the tax.

7. The assessment process-

You can check your application by logging into myPortal. All the assessment will be done by the authority. If any need arises to submit the document again or submit the new document, you will be notified by email. This email has to be answered by the application within the time specified otherwise the application may stand canceled.

8. Assessment outcome-

After successful completion of the assessment, an email will be sent to the applicant. If that is not possible an ordinary postal letter will be sent whose charges will have to be borne by the applicant.

9. Appealing the assessment outcome-

Once you have received the assessment outcome letter, you are allowed to migrate but if you are not satisfied with the decision of assessment authority, then you have two options- You can apply for the formal or informal review within 6 or 3 months of getting assessment outcome respectively.

Extra fees will be charged for the review process. It will take 8 weeks in case of informal review and 3 months in case of the formal review process.

10. Ethical standards-

Applicant needs to provide true information. If any breach is found, he may be banned for 12 months passing from application to skills assessment with Engineers Australia. To prevent this, read Engineers Australia Code of Ethics.


  • Accredited qualifications are defined as Australian and overseas engineering qualifications, that are recognized through formal international agreements.
  • EA has so far signed three international agreements- the Washington accord, the Sydney accord and the Dublin accord.
  • Accreditation is done on undergraduate qualification generally, but sometimes postgraduate qualification can also be considered.
  • There is to be a minimum qualification in the form of Australian Advance diploma or equivalent to be assessed by the Engineers Australia.
  • Occupational outcome- if the applicant has a double major, still only one outcome is given per assessment. So, applicant will have the right to choose any one major in such situation. If the applicant is trying to have an assessment in an occupation which is not the same as the title of his degree, he will have to submit a CDR for assessment.
  • Recognition of prior learning- if the applicant has received the RPL, he will have to submit the documents of tertiary institutions in the relevant subject.

Australian qualifications-

As told earlier, 3 programs of Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, and Engineering Associate are available through accredited Australian qualifications.

Students are required to be graduated in an accredited program and should have completed his or her full study course. Applicants having provisionally accredited qualifications will have to submit a Competency Demonstration Report for the purpose of assessment. Provisionally accredited qualifications mean that you can expect full accreditation but the same is not guaranteed.

Applicants need to provide English test of one of three methods as described above.

Under this accord, only those qualifications will be considered which are publicly listed as accredited by the relevant authority.

This accreditation is valued only for the year in which or after which the relevant organization became a full signatory to the respective accord.

The minimum qualification for this is equivalent to Australian 4-year bachelor degree in engineering.

Applicants with qualification from the UK need to pay attention towards some points-

  • They need to pay attention to the public notes.
  • If further learning is required , the person must have obtained it otherwise his application will not be valid under the accord.
  • But in such cases if the applicant has completed Honours degree he or she has the option of dual Accreditation.
  • Sydney accord recognizes all Honours degree accredited from the intake year of 1999. Those applicants who have only bachelor degree and have not pursued further learning, will have to submit CDR for assessment purpose.

The Sydney Accord-

This accord is meant for the qualifications that are completed from the year in which the relevant authority became full signatory to the accord.

Only those qualifications will be recognized which are publicly listed as accredited by the relevant authority which must be signatory to the accord.

The minimum required qualification for assessment by Engineers Australia is equivalent to the 3-year bachelor of technology degree in engineering in Australia.

This Accord applies only to engineering degrees accredited by the suitable body of the country which is signatory to the accord.

The Dublin accord-

Only those qualifications will be recognized which are publicly listed as accredited by the relevant authority which must be signatory to this accord.

This accord is meant for the qualifications that are completed from the year in which the relevant authority became full signatory to the accord.

The minimum qualification requirement for an assessment by the Dublin accord is equivalent to Australian 2-year Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree in engineering.

This Accord applies only to engineering degrees accredited by the suitable body of the country which is signatory to the Dublin Accord.


  • Passport size photograph
  • Prime Identification Document
  • Academic degree certificate
  • Complete and official academic transcript
  • CV/resume
  • Official Change of Name documents where applicable
  • Official English translations of above documents where applicable


  • No need for certified copy of original document
  • No black and white scans only colored scans
  • No low-resolution scans (at least 300dpi)
  • No multiple uploading of the same document
  • These things delay the assessment procedure so applicants must refrain from these.


Let us discuss the preparation of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). This is basically based on undergraduate qualifications.

  • CDR is to be prepared by the applicant himself. He has to use the word processor for typing and keep the copy along with him.
  • Applicants have to provide documents of core technical engineering knowledge that supports the occupation nominated in the application as well as the applicant will have to demonstrate real-time application of that knowledge.
  • The authority will assess the CDR against the graduate competency standards and against the definition of nominated occupation as provided by ANZSCO.

1. Steps in preparing a CDR

  • First of all, all the necessary personal information is to be provided like prime ID, name change documents, a recent passport style photo, the authority will assess the CDR against the graduate competency standards and against the definition of nominated occupation as provided by ANZSCO and English language test results.
  • Then the applicant need to nominate the occupation he wants to apply for
  • Then prepare all the relevant academic documentation
  • If any experience is required for a particular occupation, evidence of the previous occupation must be provided.
  • Finally, prepare a report and submit it.

2. Components of CDR assessment-

Personal information-

  • Passport style photo- applicant will be asked to provide recent photograph in passport style.
  • Prime ID- the applicant will also have to submit passport bio-data page and the English translation if the documents are in his native language. If these documents are not available a scanned copy of birth certificate or National Identity Card is fine.
  • Name change documentation- provide an official letter or gazette publication if your current name is different from the name written in academic documents. An applicant can also provide the certificate issued by the registry.
  • CV/resume- applicant must provide CV so as to know about the experience if that is a mandatory criterion. All the records must be mentioned in the CV and the employment list must be placed chronologically. It should not be too short or too long (not more than three A4 pages).

Provide the details of the employment, what the position of the applicant was, what was the name of the organisation in which he worked, the time period for which he was with the organization, name, and place of the organisation itself etc. details are to be mentioned.

English language competency- the applicant has to pass one of the three English language tests mentioned above and provide documentary evidence for that.

Application information-

  • Engineering occupation – the applicant has to specify the occupation he or she is seeking for. But this does not mean that he or she will be granted occupation rights. It is just the nomination procedure; the actual outcome will be after assessment by the Engineers Authority.
  • Registration- applicant will have to upload evidence of his or her professional registration if applicable.
  • Education- all the qualifications details must be mentioned and evidence provided. If there is any additional qualification, provide the documents for that also. if the applicant is pursuing any formal program, there is need to provide enrollment letter and current transcript. Applicant must mention the name of the alma mater correctly in appropriate uppercase and lowercase characters or words.
  • Employment- all the documents of work experience must be provided in the English language. If not, then English translation documents carried by an authorised translator can be provided.

Standard Competency Demonstration Report Assessment- applicants mentioning engineering employment experience need to provide the reference letter from the previous employer in which details about the joining and leaving dates, a reason of leaving, previous work record etc. should be provided.

Skilled employment assessment- if the applicant is applying for skilled employment assessment, he or she will have to submit both, the primary and secondary documents.

3. The report-

Identifying Continuing Professional Development-

CDR application must include CPD in it. CPD is basically up- to date information in engineering field which keeps the applicant abreast with all the latest developments. CPD is provided in the form of a list and includes-

  • formal post-graduate study;
  • attended conferences or papers delivered to these conferences
  • any short course did
  • any seminar or workshop attended
  • attended discussion forums or groups, technical meetings, and inspections
  • also prepare and present material for presentations, conferences, mass communication etc.
  • any other service done to the engineering profession (volunteer or not –volunteer)
  • any private study did like reading books, journals, speeches etc.

It should not be more than one A4 page and there is no need to submit the separate certificate for all the listings.

4. Writing your Three Career Episodes-

A career episode can be defined as engineering education or work experience in written format. Each career episode makes specific period accountable and highlight the distinct aspect of engineering activity by the applicant. A career episode should focus on the fact that how the applicant applied his engineering knowledge in his or her work capacity, how he or she utilised the skills in the occupation he or she has nominated.

Career episode may be based upon-

  • Engineering task taken at college level
  • Engineering task is done or doing currently
  • Any achievement in engineering work
  • solving the particular problem etc.

Each career episode must be written by applicant himself that will also act as a guide to the communication skills of the applicant and the assessor will able to evaluate the English language and communication skills better. Do not use many technical terms or do not be so technical while writing general content. Minimum 1000 and maximum 2500 words are required.

Each career episode should tell about the achievement of the applicant in that particular work. it should answer some questions like, how he did it, what was his or her post while working, emphasising his or her own personal role in the episode like the applicant investigated, applicant, searched etc.

Career episode emphasises upon the particular problem solved by the person. It is not merely the statement of a task in which the applicant involved himself. What he did in that task is important. Any major achievement done from the perspective of time and cost needs to be highlighted. Each paragraph must be numbered so that it is easy to make a summary of it when the need arises.

Format of career episode- Unlike CPD it should be in essay form and should have headings and subheadings.

Introduction- This is the introductory part where basic information is provided like- the chronology of work done elsewhere The name of the location where work was done and experienced was gained The organisation’s name the post occupied by the applicant

Background- This is the part where every detail related to engineering is provided. It includes-
The nature of engineering project in which the applicant is involved
Objectives of the project
Goals of the project
a chart of the organisational structure highlighting the applicant's position, in relation to the career episode;
official duty statement if applicable.

Personal engineering activity- this is the main body of whole text. Here the applicant needs to tell about the work he did and how he did that work. There is no need to highlight team effort, just tell about the individual role played by the applicant as his individual competencies will be assessed.

This section should include such things as:

  • how the individual or applicant applied his or her engineering knowledge and skills;
  • the tasks given to the applicant and how he or she went completed that
  • any kind of problem he or she faced and how did he or she solved it
  • strategies devised by the individual
  • how he or she collaborated with his or her team members

5. Summary-

Everything is described in brief. How the work was allotted, how it was done, what were the efforts shown by the individual, where were the lacunae and what specific achievement was made etc.

6. Preparation of the summary statement-

The final summary statement is provided in which highlights of all three career episodes are told in brief.

Once he or she has completed the career episodes, the applicant must analyse them to ensure that he or she has fulfilled all the responsibilities related to the application process. The Summary statement should check all the points made in the application and all the three career episodes. For this purpose, the applicant will need to do paragraph numbering in each career episodes. This is to bear in mind that only single summary statement is needed for all the three episodes and there should be one-page summary statement only.

7. Checklist-

  • Recent photograph (35mm x 45mm)
  • Prime Identification Document (current passport, only page including photo and name
  • Highest qualification degree
  • Complete and official academic transcript
  • CV
  • If name is different in documents, then official name change evidence will have to be produced.
  • Registration certificate under the relevant licensing authority where applicable
  • Documents related to employment
  • List of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Three Career Episodes
  • Summary Statement for the nominated occupation
  • Official English language translations of above documents where applicable
  • Each document needs to be uploaded separately and they all should be color scanned.


No need for certified copy of original document
No black and white scans only colored scans
No low-resolution scans (at least 300dpi)
No multiple uploading of the same document
These things delay the assessment procedure so applicants must refrain from these.


These services are not for everyone, they are required only by the applicants-

  • That needs urgent skill assessment test
  • Who hold degrees of overseas PhD
  • Who have experience of working in the nominated occupation

The applicant can apply one or all of these additional services as need arise.

1. Fat track-

When the applicant needs urgent skill assessment test, he or she can adopt the fast track method in which application will reach the assessor within the specified time frame. Engineers Australia will not be responsible for any delay if there is incorrect document or submission.

These services are also available to the applicant who has already applied through online method but now wants fast approval.

2. Online application process- scanned image (colored) of original documents have to be uploaded

Assessment of overseas Ph.D. in engineering- The procedure to be followed include comparison of the relevant qualification with the qualification details provided by the applicant or client. The client needs to provide the fee, list of all doctoral examiners, colored scan of original documents, a thesis abstract and a list of publications made during and after the course.

3. Relevant skilled employment-

The following evidence have to be submitted-
Primary documents- documents directly from employer or client
Secondary documents- documents from the third party like government documents

If the person has no work experience, that will also be counted before the end of desired classification

  • Market rate paid work experience
  • No casualty in work and regular employment should be there.
  • Research activities while pursuing PhD cannot be taken as employment
  • Misleading information will lead to sanction

4. Recognitions- Engineers Australia will use the ANZSCO classification to determine if applicant skills match with the nominated occupation category.


Professional engineer- they look at the overall project like the functioning of all materials, components, subsystems, and technologies. Their work is basically intellectual in nature. They are concerned with the advent of new technologies and its advancement. They may lead the team and establish their own companies.

They should have knowledge and skill base like comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the particular subject.

They should have engineering application ability as well as they have to apply the established methods in practical life. Additionally, they should have some personal and ethical attributes like the ability to work in the diverse environment, respect towards the experience of elderly etc.

Engineering technologist- They are specialist or experts in a particular branch of engineering so their work becomes sophisticated. They need the strong understanding of technological principles in their domain. They should find out the new developments related to their expertise. They may also lead teams responsible for different purposes.

They should engage with the technology domain at the phenomenological level. They identify and critically appraises current developments and emerging issues in their domain.

Engineering associate-

They need to be expert in their domain and have to apply creative approach to the problems encountered in the way. They need to follow sustainable policies so as to have good outcomes. Even preparing the high-quality documents related to particular work is the task handled by engineer’s associate. He or she must be fully aware of where and how to use the information; he or she should know how to track and record the information. Self and professional conduct should be orderly managed by them and have to follow all rules and regulations. They should be dynamic in understanding the value of team work. They should know how to work in collaboration with the team and how to handle any dispute arising within the team.

Engineering manager- Their tasks include establishing schedules and budgets; interpreting plans, drawings, and specifications, contributing to research and development projects; overseeing maintenance requirements, implementing and monitoring policies etc. They will have to submit all the documents along with the CDR. like documents to proof last 10 years work experience, official duty statement etc. They should have persons at the managerial level.

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