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Strategic Marketing Assignment Help

We can use ‘marketing’ as an umbrella term representing the company culture, its position, the market research, product development, advertisement and marketing of the particular products, PR and all the other services related to sales and customer service as well. Strategic MarketingIt is a systematic and thorough attempt to fulfill the human desire in order to make them buy the particular product. It involves lots of planning, technological backups, intelligent strategies and man power. It’s a social process which involves rigorous planning, execution of the plan, pricing, promotion and distribution of the service or goods in a way which satisfies the clients, both individually and organization wise. Strategic Marketing requires a fair understanding of the environment in which the business is operating, the clients, customers, law, rules and regulations and so on. Besides this, one should have the knowledge of segmenting the market, referred to as ‘S’, what kind of audience is needed to be targeted at, referred to as ‘T’ and the kind of message one wants to convey to clear the position, referred to as ‘P’. The whole process is known as ‘Segmenting Targeting Positioning’.

The other elements

Along with STP, the concept of Branding is also equally important. Branding acts as the link between the consumer’s image of the particular brand and the brand owner’s idea of how he wants his customers to perceive the brand. It is associated with the identity of the brand itself. Besides this, the daily operations of marketing are also very much of importance. For this, people need to be careful about the following things:

Strategic Marketing Assignment Help
  • The company’s website
  • How they deal with their clients over phone or mail
  • The PR skills and marketing strategy
  • The sales procedure
  • The representation of the sales person and customer contact executive
  • The service
  • Management of the clients
  • Their dealing with the feedbacks
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