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What do you mean by direct marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing which is used by the companies and the business firms to get to the customer’s attention by providing advertising services directly to them. It is a form of advertising which enables the non-profit organizations and the business firms to communicate with the customers directly via many forms of media. Direct marketing has many bases like the email marketing, cell phone text messaging, database marketing, promotional letters, catalog distribution, fliers, online adverts, targeted newspaper, television and magazine advertisements for the customers. In the business world, it is also known as the direct response. In other words, direct marketing is the sum of activities by which the seller of the products or the service convinces the direct efforts to a target audience which is present in the desired market using one or media platforms for the sole purpose of soliciting or getting the attention of the customer by mail, phone, Internet or personal visit from a potential consumer. Direct marketing includes precisely:

  • Internet Selling
  • Direct Selling
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Internet Selling
  • Direct Action marketing
  • Catalog Selling
  • Cable TV
  • Television or print media

Direct marketing mainly focuses on the data, testing and the customers. Hence, besides a direct marketing campaign the seller will have an incorporate actionable segments of the marketing campaign which are laid off. There will because of pre and post campaign analytics for the measurement of results which have come over the time period.

Direct Marketing Assignment Help

Direct Marketing Assignment Help

The characteristics which differentiate the direct marketing from the other types of the marketing are:

  • The main purpose which the direct marketing seeks is the drive a specific action call from the advertising. This means that the advertisement which it offers to the customers have the main contact feedback scroll right away like contact number, toll free number, link to the company’s website, etc.
  • A target market is specifically developed for the purpose of direct marketing. The target market is developed using following information such as the database of names, the prospect, customers, the businesses, demographic information, purchase habits of the market and the company history. These all are used to make a target market which have the same interests, habits and characteristics. All this process is a part of the direct marketing campaign.
  • The marketing messages which are developed are addressed directly to the consumer list which have been prepared and the prospects. The addressing is varied by the variety of forms which mainly includes the fax number, phone numbers, postal addresses and the web browser cookies.
  • The main thing on which the direct marketing emphasizes mainly is the measurable responses, the traceable responses and a good feedback. The maximizing of the response rates by the testing of group force. Minimizing o the advertising expenses which is incurred by the firm which is used for engaging with the potential customers and regardless of the medium which is being used.
  • Direct marketing is a versatile thing that it can be practiced by all the businesses of all the sizes. A campaign of the direct advertising directly aims at delivering the good package to the customer rather than run about talks. The campaign is a vast opus of employees’ dedication, creativity and hard work which makes it so successful. Apart from being a company or a business, during the direct marketing campaign, the company should get through those stages taking themselves as the customers itself. This gives them a good insight. It also aims on delivering the good rapport and a good return on the investment also the profit, by making sure that the potential customers are vary and responds to the clear call to action.

Direct Marketing Homework Help

What are the different channels of direct marketing?

Direct marketing is the widest form of marketing and requires proper take on the marketing techniques. There are many mediums or channels of communication in the direct marketing campaigns. It mainly processes the direct communication to the customers in the most direct way, these are:

1. E-mail marketing:

This is one of the earliest type of direct marketing which was done by the help of the technology. In email marketing, the mails are sent to the customers directly by mailers. It is also one of the most used direct marketing methods used and is also very cost effective. The design work and the sending takes up very less time as compared to other direct marketing channels.

2. Mobile marketing

The second most used channel of marketing is the mobile marketing. Marketers engage with the potential customers through mobile phones and also with the prospective donors. It is all done in a very interactive manner with the help of the mobile network. The various types of mobile marketing messages include: SMS or short message service, it is the marketing communications which are sent in the form of text messages, also called as texting. MMS or multi-media message service marketing communications are sent to the potential customers in the form of media messages and gif animations. In today’s smartphone world, new applications based marketing strategies and techniques are also doing the rounds. Another type, the push Notifications are also mobile direct messages which is sent to a customer either automatically or as part of a working campaign. This part includes transactional, geo based marketing and simple marketing, etc.

3. Telemarketing

As the name suggests, this type of marketing deals with the techniques which include contacting the consumers via direct telephone calls. The primary benefit gained from this method of digital marketing is creased lad generation and is also cost effective to the firm. With the help of telemarketing, only the relevant and potential customers are reached out, saving all the extra time. There is always a higher probability of getting more sales from the telemarketing technique than the other techniques. The success rate is always high in this.

4. Coupon branding

Coupon branding or couponing is used extensively by the marketers for getting as much as attention and in result get higher sales. Couponing is used basically in the digital media as well as the print media. The coupon is attached or printed inside the newspaper or magazines and are availed when the consumers cut out those and bring them in the shop. There are also many daily deals sites which uses coupons as the main part of direct marketing.

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