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Comparative Contrast essay

What is meant by comparative contrast essay?

Comparative contrast essays are a type of essay which emphasizes on the similarities as well as differences between two subjects or topics. These essays are normally written to draw up the difference and similarities which outsource one subject from its nature with the other subject. This type essays are normally written by the college students and also school students. Teachers assign this type of essay to access the mind mapping of the student and logical reasoning. For this, teachers and professors assign the students with two subjects or topics, on which the student has to research thoroughly and come up with a well written essay which stats the differences as well as the similarities between the subjects without any confusion. The topics which are assigned should be neatly analyzed and the appropriate deductions and conclusion which are made should be pointed out straight and clear. As the name of the essay type states, there are two large aspects of this essay, part one being the comparison and part two being the contrast. Both these essays are used simultaneously with strong pointers. These subjects or the items depend on the nature of the essay such as:

  • The major textual part of the subject
  • The theories which affect them
  • The point of an issue which is conflicting
  • The events which are surrounding the subjects
  • The speculations around the subject
  • The figures concerning the subject
  • The measures of contrast and compare

Some things should be always kept in mind in order to make an effective comparative contrast essay. Rather than being too straight forward and formative, the approach with which this type of essay should be written should be more natural and should look subtle. Provide with some strong basis for this. A strong basis for comparisons and contrast will make the essay look more powerful and worthy. The essay question should be answered by the writer himself in the essay.

Make it simple and concise. The main thesis should be developed by the writer himself to make it more original as the question which may simply be asked will make it compare the two arcs. The basis of a comparative essay is necessary as it would clear the air about the theme, the device common or the concern for both subjects or work and with that further making comparisons and contrasting. A list of all the similarities and the differences should be made and studied upon. Research work is very important in this type of essay writing. If the facts are too under developed then it may look dull and uneasy. After noting down all the similarities and differences the next important step is to validate those points made. The differences should be validated as the difference and similarities as likeness. After doing this, analyzing the subjects and studying them are very important. The comparison difference and similarities list which you have drawn up is not the only outline of your comparative essay and should also provide with pointers which would help in making the initial body structure of the essay.

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What are the structures and methods of Comparative contrast essay?

In this type of essay writing, there are various types of methods or techniques which are used for the construction of the body and the concluding part, these are:

1. Point by Point pattern:

Also known as the alternative method, point by point pattern is very effective method of writing the comparative essay. It is also the most used type of method for the construction of the structure of the essay. In this method, two separate pointers are derived from the subjects. The subject are denoted as subject A and subject B. Point by point the similarities are drawn out from each subject and analyzed and validated. After that, point by point differences are drawn out and analyzed simultaneously. This following mode of method will result in the making of 5 equivalent paragraphs for the essay. In those paragraphs, the comparisons and contrasting should be done consecutively. In the conclusion part, the main objective’s answer which is concluded will come out. The main steps include the introduction of the thesis which you have written and followed up by discussion on both the subjects together for one paragraph having each point of contrast as well as comparison. In the final part of this method, the conclusion which the writer will restate will be included and shortly summarization of the essay.

2. Subject by subject pattern

This method is also known as the block method and is very popular while writing the comparative contrast essay. This is a very straight forward method which is started off by discussing the subject A and then after that discussing the Subject B. Due to this, each and every pointer which is to be made gets their due presence. This however is not applicable for two different and disconnected essays within single introductory thesis writing. The B subject block, or second half of your essay which is describing the second subject, should refer to the A block, or first half, and make clear points of comparison whenever comparisons are important and needs to be explained. According to this type of comparison, the writer needs to separate the body of the compare as well as the contrast in two equivalent body parts. The first part of the body or the first subject lays the very important foundation for this type of essay. The other half focuses on its differences and similarities taking first half of the body as a measure. There are some parts which should be notes well before starting up this essay:

  • Firstly start with the introduction of your thesis
  • The first half is dedicated to the first subject
  • Then come on the second subject which will discuss the second side of the essay
  • In the end, conclusion comes which the writer would restate the thesis and summarizing the essay
  • Note down any references which you have taken into a bibliography in the end.

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