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Formal and informal, official and unofficial, or business-oriented letters are of different formats and varieties. For different purposes, a different format is demanded. Letters are a systematic piece of writing following a format for various purposes, addressing issues, granting permission from an authority higher than you, or exchanging an informal conversation in a traditional method.

A letter is a written message on print or paper. This is usually sent by post or mail or in an envelope. The trend of writing letters has been prevailing in our lives for a very long period of time. When there was no internet, sending letters was the only way of communicating with people who lived far away. But the scenario has changed in today’s world.

We have different mediums to communicate in an informal way, with audio and even video facilities. But still, the letter has occupied a very vital position in our lives. It is mostly preferred for official purposes, like to take a leave from your office, grant permission from the higher authority, or to inform something.

It is usually for your personal demand or request. So, for such an essential piece of writing, help is always required to ensure that if the format you are following to write an official letter is right or not, the words used are appropriate or not, the paragraph breakage is done in the correct sentence or not, or the letter is addressed to the write person or not. There are so many features in a letter that has to be taken care of.

If you want the best letter writing help, that too online, search for the best letter writing service by Our experts are always available to help you with letters and provide you with high-quality online letter writing services. But, there are different types of letter writing formats that our experts are already aware of, but everyone who writes letters in daily day-to-day life should always have a basic idea of it.

What are the basic formats of a letter that follows?

There are a few types of letter writing formats that are used worldwide; also, you get these formats used in the letter writing service by You get cheap online letter writing services from our professionals. The formats are:-

  • Formal Letter

This format follows the following pattern and formality. These are strictly professional in nature and directly address the issues and topics concerned. Business letters, authoritative letters fall under this category. It does not include unnecessary information that makes the letter lengthy. Formal letters are supposed to be quick and crisp. Our experts provide you with formal letter writing services in the correct order and sequence of format.

  • Informal Letter

Usually, these are personal letters, basically, letter writings to a friend. These are written to friends, relatives, acquaintances, and close associations. They don’t follow any set pattern and adhere to any strict formalities. Informal letters are just a traditional medium of communication. It lets you express your heart out without worrying about format and procedures. gives you the best informal letter writing services with the correct use of words.

  • Business Letters

These letters are usually written among business correspondents and generally contains commercial information such as quotations, orders, complaint, claims, letters for collections, etc. Such letters are always following a strict pattern and a formal structure. Business letters are addressed to the authority in a higher position. These letters carry business-related information that is confidential most of the time. We provide you with business letter writing samples for better understanding.

  • Official letters

These letters are written to inform office supervisors, branches, subordinates, chiefs, head of department, directors, CEO, manager, BDOs. These letters convey rules, regulations, procedures, methods, ethics, procedural events, and any other such relevant information related to their profession. They are formal in nature and also follow a certain level of structure and decorum. It is related to the office work, and the format followed is very sly. To get help with official letter writing formats, contact us.

  • Social Letter

This is usually a personal letter sent regarding an invitation, condolences, love, congratulatory, informative, or any special event or any social cause. These types of letters are sent to an immense mass, with relevant information. In social letters, they are ornamented with rich vocabulary to give it a soothing and warm coat.

  • Circular Letter

A letter that relatively announces information to a large number of people is a circular letter. This is circulated to a large group of people or individuals to correspond with some relevant information to them. The subjects of the letter include change of address, change in management, retirement, examination Schedule, holiday schedule, timetable of examination, etc. These types of letters are for announcements and declarations. So, it demands to be accurate and easily readable by everyone.

  • Employment Letters

These letters are addressed to employees of companies with respect to the process of employment process like joining letter, termination letter, application letters, promotion letter, transfer letter, etc. It comes in very handy in the job application process. A good employment letter is essential to lay a good impression on the interviewer.

What are the specific things to keep in mind while writing a letter?

While writing a letter, there are so many things that are supposed to be considered to give rise to the readable yet high standard letter, and you get these entire letter writing services by, delivered in the best possible way.

So here they are:-

  • First, choose the type of letter you are writing. Whether it is formal or informal, business or official, according to the purpose and requirement, the format should be decided first.
  • The opening and closing of the letter should be in the correct way. That means the introduction and conclusion demand to be appropriate with respectful and kind gestures. In the case of formal letters, a professional manner has to be followed with eloquent crisp words that are written with transparent and straight intentions.

On the contrary, while writing an informal letter, it should be directly addressed to the individual with appropriate social greetings, and casual speeches are used to give it a soothing and warm feel. So, formal letters have a respectful and impersonal concern, while an informal letter has a personal touch. Every format has a different way to start and end with different usage of words. So, while writing a letter, writing a good introduction and conclusion should be kept in mind.

  • At the very starting of the formal letter, the purpose of the letter is specified because it’s essential to state the purpose in the starting. The candidates should always write on the informal point letter. It is usually indicated as a subject in the format, which is like a quick view of the intention behind writing the letter. It should be short and direct.
  • In informal letters, be as polite and considerable as possible. Use appropriate civil language. The point of the informal letter should be made in a careful, delicate, and courteous manner. It is basically to share the emotions, so it should look warm and welcoming to the receiver. Informal letters are written to friends and relatives who live far away from you. It is also kept as a souvenir so that it can be considered as a memory saviour kind of writing. Therefore, it is made sure that the writing done is very connecting.
  • The length of the letter should be relevant. Usually, formal letters are on point, precise, and short. So, that a lot of time is not wasted in reading the letter, it is supposed to informative and very sorted for easy access. In the case of the informal letter, it is usually the relationship with the recipient that is of very much importance.

Emotions, feelings, and affection are shared, and it is allowed to be lengthy and casual. So, for a different purpose, different formats and different word counts are required. There is a vocabulary for formal and informal writing, where the accent and pronunciation and the way of addressing are very different; let it be formal or informal.

  • Express the primary intent and contents of the letter. It should be clear and transparent, and there should be no hidden intentions when it comes to formal, official, and business letters, but in an informal letter, you are allowed to write freely. In social and circular, imparting correct information is the primary intention. So, everything should be adequately expressed. has all facilities available for fulfilling your homework requirements. It has a large number of talented writers and Ph.D.-level professors who guide you and help you with your homework. They provide expert-level letter writing as well as assistance in many other fields of education. High-level educationist, professor of renowned institutions at a reasonable price and within your dictated deadline.

You can even mention your opinions regarding the topic, and it should be written. You get the freedom to access all types of letter writing samples from us. Let it be letter writing informal formats or formal letter samples; you can all of these letter writing service by at any hour of the day without any inconvenience.

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