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Writing a good essay

Writing a good essay

Essay writing is crucial for getting admitted into any prestigious university. In a highly competitive scenario, it has become essential for the aspirants to emphasize essay writing. After all, this has become the distinguishing factor for one to get selected over others.

The primary purpose of essay writing is that the reviewers want to check how interested a candidate is about taking admission to the concerned university and the underneath reasons behind the same. Here the reviewers don’t want to check the apparent aspects, like the academic career, marks scored, etc. Rather, they want to explore the intrinsic factors determining the character of a student.

Other than interest, essay writing matters for the reviewers as they want to know what the concerned candidate aspires to become in life. In accordance, they check whether the path he/she has opted for is relevant. They want to ensure that the concerned student possesses clarity about the course he/she is opting for and the career he is aiming to pursue. Most importantly, the reviewers want to ensure that the concerned student is clear in his/her mind about the exact reason behind selecting the specific university or institution.

One of the key things that the reviewers want to check with the Essay of the prospective candidates is how genuine he/she is. It is seen on most occasions that people get enthused about something or the others being influenced.

This influence can be the surrounding, ongoing trend, family, society, etc. However, the reviewers want to ensure that the aspirant or the applicant is actually interested in the subject or with the career options associated with the same. In this context, they often dig into the interests of the candidates and want to explore what exactly the candidate wants to with his/her life. All these aspects they keep on exploring the Essay submitted by the candidate.

Reviewers of all the top universities want to know about what exactly led a candidate to make a decision about taking admission to the concerned university. In this context, the Essay should define the factors motivating him/her to choose the specific program from the specific university. Above all, they want to address the meticulous aspect that drove the concerned student to opt for the specific program.

It is often considered that a good essay is something that addresses the tricky aspects better than the others. For example, the question like what makes the concerned candidate think that the specific university is better than the other is a tricky question. And, they expect very specific answers from the candidates for this. Anyone can define what he/she thinks that the specific university is a good university. But, when it comes to comparative analysis, things are obvious to get challenging.

It is thus advised for the students to maintain as much clarity as it is possible while answering. Often people try to emulate the answers of others and define things in a similar fashion. But, it is advised for the candidates to portray these things in the most genuine fashion as it is possible. All in all, the candidates want to check the uniqueness of the portrayal.

Evidently, writing a good essay to get admission to a reckoned university is not as easy as it is often thought. Considering the seriousness at which the reviewers take these matters, it is suggested that the aspirants go for Professional Essay Writing Services.

Useful tips for writing an Essay

Essay writing is true, crucial. However, it is not like an impossible thing as it is often depicted by many. Those who get clarity about the things to include and exclude can easily prepare a comprehensive essay. Otherwise, there is always an option to go with professionals for writing a good essay. Those who want to write an essay of their own may take the following points into consideration.

  • Always write the Essay from the perspective of the reviewer, i.e., keeping in mind what the reviewers would wish to know.
  • One should not use too fancy words or terms; it should feel straightforward yet formal in terms of tonality.
  • Essay writing is impressive if it is unique in nature. Hence, simply following the old patterns, one must follow the up-to-date format.
  • Irrespective of the thing that an applicant wants to portray, everything needs to be provided with utmost clarity. Reviewers should not feel confusing.

However, those who are not feeling confident should go with essay writing experts for writing a good essay.

Must address factors while going to write an Essay

One must understand that the quality of an essay is to determine how good one candidate is over the other. Here the academic scores hardly matter as almost every applicant possesses the needful. To stand out among the many, the candidates should take the following aspects into account.

Always prioritize integrating a reference letter

One must always look for the elements that help in making an essay impressive. And, a reference letter can be that impression driving aspect. A good essay with a strong reference letter can easily do the job.

Make sure the tone is intuitive in nature

Intuitiveness always determines fearlessness. The same rule is very much applied to essay writing as well. In this context, one must ensure that the Essay is written interactive enough in terms of its tonality for creating a crucial impression. However, languages should be formal.

Key aspects must be defined well with clarity

A reviewer expects utmost clarity from the applicant or the writer. Hence, be it about the interest or the aspiration, an applicant must provide everything in the best fashion. The reviewer should not feel like the applicant has any other option in mind while putting these details.

Must define things of own well

The prime intention of the reviewers has always been to understand the candidate the way he/she is. Hence, the writer or the applicant must provide enough details of own that could easily depict him/her better about his/her aspirations, rather than simply putting some data.

Explain how the degree can be useful for the desired goal

It’s certainly the most crucial aspect. They want to make those a part of their university who are very sure about what they are doing. Hence, along with providing details about aspirations, one must explain things well on how the specific program or degree can be useful in achieving the same goal.

Understandably, providing these details with greater clarity, uniqueness, and in an interesting fashion for a student can be tricky. Hence, rather than taking any kind of risk, going with professional essay writing service providers would certainly be a great idea.

Desired structure of the Essay

There are many students or applicants who would still wish to write an essay of their own. It is important for such people to have clarity about the structure of the Essay. Most importantly, reviewers are extremely strict about the format or the structure of the Essay. Those not-so-confident may go with online essay writing services. Anyway, those up for doing it of their own should follow the below format.

Word count

Upon going to apply for integrated programs or solo programs, maintaining the desired length of the Essay is extremely crucial. One must keep it of 1200 words for integrated programs, and the length should be under 700 words for single programs. One may write two essays of 600 words each for combined programs.

Font size

One must maintain the font size as 12 for writing essays for top universities. Also, the focus should be on maintaining double-spacing while writing the essays.

Type of font

Times Roman is considered the best font for all the formal write-ups. The same is the case with professional Essay writing as well.


The proper numbering of the questions at the initial section of the write-up is extremely important to make sure that the reviewers find it interesting. Also, one must properly number the pages for the greater convenience of the reviewers.

Why is a renowned platform for all those looking for online essay writing help. Below given the most crucial factors are making the online platform standout among the others.

  • Essay writing help by is very much proven among applicants applying for top universities.
  • is enriched with a dedicated team of expert s for essay writing, having experience of writing for top universities.
  • Housing a massive team of writers, they are capable of handling bulk works and delivering on time.
  • Being associated with top universities, the writers here understand well the norms to follow for writing an essay for the concerned university.
  • A customer support team of essay writing services remains 24 x 7 to address the customer queries.
  • Here they provide complete flexibility for the clients to ask for changes in the essays. However, as a renowned name for essay writing services, hardly gives any scope for that.
  • There remains no hidden cost.
  • Here they keep the clients updated about the progress through messages, emails, calls, etc., for greater accomplishment.

In conclusion, can be the one-stop destination for expert essay writing services.

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