Why Tablets are a Must in a Classroom [Infographic]

ipad tablet in classroom
No two students are exactly alike, therefore the approach to educating every student must vary in some way. Some minds move faster than others, some understand concepts immediately, while others grow uninterested and fall behind. 
What happens those kids who fall behind? It can be the start of a damaging downward spiral, but, thankfully is not always the case. Teachers now have a new educational tool for the classroom: the tablet.
One-on-one teaching can be very effective, but it is not always possible for a teacher in a classroom full of kids. That’s where the tablet comes in. Are you (like many others) skeptical about how tablets can improve education? Well, here’s how tablets can help teachers: They allow teachers to flip their classroom. 
Flipping a classroom allows teachers to put their lectures on a tablet so students can listen to them at home at their own pace. Then, once they are back in the classroom, they can spend more time engaging one another before moving on to the next subject. 
The effects of flipping a classroom are positive: Nine out of ten teachers say flipping the classroom increases student engagement. In fact, 71 percent of teachers say their students’ grades have improved since classroom flipping. 
Today’s classrooms are already full of digital learners. In fact, more than seventy percent of children under the age of 12 use tablets. So, it’s time to start fading out the traditional classroom approach and begin incorporating tablets into a flipped classroom approach. 
Tablets alone can’t teach, and completely changing the classroom dynamic can be a challenge, but the infographic below has provided us with seven essential tips to using tablets in the classroom. Learn more about how tablets can provide new learning methods you can’t offer with traditional tools within this guide.

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Tablets in the Classroom

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Are you using a mobile device or any other tablet in your classroom teaching? Share your experience with us in comments. 

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