Everything you Need to Know About Writing a Great Thesis Statement

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A thesis statement is a sentence included in the introduction of your research essay or dissertation which states the objective of your research and dissertation thesis. It explains the writer’s understanding and judgment about the topic. A thesis statement is included in the introduction and plays a major role in the success of your research essay.

How to develop a good thesis statement?

To build a strong thesis statement that delivers your ideas clearly, the following are key elements which you must consider:
1. Proof
To get the trust of a reader in your work, evidence is important to show that the ideas and theories which you claim are authentic and not just false statements. Proofs convince the reader and invite them to read further.
2. Direction
To come up with a strong thesis statement, it is important to decide your direction first, whether you go for the topic, against the topic etc. it also informs the readers what you will be discussing further in your work.

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What are the types of thesis statement?

The kind of thesis statement you would be working on depends upon the type of subject which you have chosen. Broadly, there are three categories of writings, listed as follows:-
1. Analytical
It discusses each part of the main topic in further detail, discusses its breakdown and conclusion. A thesis statement for an analytical paper should include the major parts which you are further going to discuss and your objective of choosing the topic.
2. Explanatory
Such a document explains a concept, theory etc to the readers. The topic is clarified thoroughly in details, discussing its various aspects, origins, outcomes, applications etc.
3. Argumentative
Through an argumentative paper, the writer claims about the subject and explains his own perspective about the topic, which may be in favor of or against the topic. The declaration can be an opinion, suggestion, evaluation or cause and effect prediction. Here the writer aims at proving his claim true on the base of evidence.

Where is the thesis statement mentioned?

The best impression of your thesis statement comes out if it is included in the introduction itself, where it introduces the reader to the objective of writing your essay. While writing your paper, do not place the statement somewhere in the middle of the main content, where it could lose its entire importance.

How to frame a strong thesis statement?

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To develop a good thesis statement and justify your writing well, following are the crucial steps to help you do so.
1. Analyzing the key sources of information
A thorough inspection of the data which you have collected will give you a fair idea about the direction of your article. To get a better analysis, ask yourself questions related to the topic, such as: why did the people storm against the empire? What made the ruler make such a hasty decision? How was the plan implemented?
Such questions will make you go deeper into the topic and help you understand various aspects of the subject. Once through with it, decide the ones which relate the most to your topic.
2. Write down all the ideas
Each of the ideas which strike up your mind while you think about your work is important. So, do not forget to write them all down. It is important to get the right idea to frame your thesis statement, which emerges from these ideas itself. For each point, there can be various perspectives about the situation, each directing to a different thesis. Hence, analyze all your ideas and fix on the ones which you are most confident about for your thesis statement.
3. Give the thesis statement the highest importance in your introduction
This will be the best start for your writing, where you introduce the reader to your topic and the reason for choosing it. By making the thesis statement prominent in your introduction, you are clearly informing the reader about your objective and perspective about the subject, and giving him a fair direction in which your main content will go in.
4. Keep it simple, sharp and to the point
A direct sentence enlightening about the required information is way better than long storytelling sentences. Keep your thesis statement short and crisp where it talks straight about the objective, perspective reason etc.
Keep in mind that your thesis statement should not turn into a list of topics included, wherein you have put all keywords related to the topic. This would rather misguide the readers and confuse them about what the article is exactly about.

What are the most important things to keep in mind while writing a thesis statement?

1. Do not frame the thesis statement as a question
While you write your thesis statement, you are answering to the reader to the question about what is the article about. Hence, do not frame it like a question. The thesis statement is to bring clarity to the reader, rather than making him question more on the topic and your objective.
2. Define the limits of your topic
It is also important to know the extent to which your article will go to. Any subject you choose has a lot of information, ranging from several sub-topics related to it. For building a good thesis statement and essay, know the topics which you will be working on. The lesser the subtopics, the more in-depth you can discuss it.
3. The first statement may not be the best one
As the saying goes, keep trying until you succeed. Brainstorm well for your thesis statement and come up with multiple choices. Rather than sticking up just to the first thesis statement that comes to your mind, make a number of them so that you can choose the most appropriate one from them later.
4. It should not be fuzzy about your opinion
The idea of writing a thesis statement is to reflect your reason and objective for writing the essay. Thus, it should be clear and distinct in itself.
5. Do not copy someone else’s thesis statement
Since each person has his own reason or perspective about a topic, copying a thesis statement would be copying their ideas, and ultimately losing your own essence in your paper. It may seem to be a challenging task to frame the right thesis statement, but you will get the right outcome if you keep going.

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