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Data Analysis Homework Help

Hire Data Analysis Homework Help Professionals

Data Analysis Homework Help

Data Analysis Homework Help By Statistics Experts

Data analysis is the primary subject of statistics. Most of the students search for the best experts who solve their problems. Our experts provide the best data analysis homework help to you at an affordable price. You can get the top class data Analytics homework help from our experts at any time. It is the process of check the raw data using statistical and logical techniques.

Data Analysis use to understand the raw data and analyze it according to the need. In data analytics, we collect and displayed data in the form of a table, bar chart, line graph, etc. It is a significant component of Data Mining and Business Intelligence. Data Analytics involves processes like drawing graphs and charts to illustrate data. It takes into consideration both dependent an independent variables in research. Data analysis is applicable in many areas such as corporate business, social science, and applied science, etc.

Major sub Topics of Data Analysis Homework Help  Online

We have professional data analysis homework help experts who hold the Ph.D. and master’s degrees. They cover almost all topics related to data Analytics subject. The data Analytics homework help experts provide the homework help with the following subjects.

Data mining

Data integration

Data visualization

Data warehouse

Graph Summarization


Complex Correlation

Causal Inference etc.

Rumors in Graphs

Data Analysis Homework Help from Our Experts to Get A+ Score

You just need to submit your data Analytics and design homework with a proper instruction file. In Data Analytics Homework Help, our experienced professionals do proper research for each data Analytics topics and deliver Data Analytics Assignment Help Solution within a deadline. They work with data Analytics techniques and methods to create a unique quality paper. In data Analytics help, data analysis has various areas of applicability, such as in corporate business, social sciences, and applied sciences. Data Analytics contains various fields:

The Process of Data Analysis:

Data Analytics simply refers to the process of applying logical and analytical reasoning in the evaluation of data. Data Analytics involves the modeling, compiling, and extraction of all components of the raw data to generate constructive information. Data Analytics is one of the most important steps involved in the process of the research experiments. Data mining incorporates the cleaning, modeling, inspection, and transformation of data. Its information can be helpful in supporting decisions, predicting results, or producing conclusions that can be relied upon by experts. Data Analytics is a procedural process that requires the collection, review, and Analytics of the available data. There are different methods that can be applied during the process of data Analytics. These include data visualization, text analytics, data mining, and business intelligence. In statistical applications, data Analytics can be subdivided into two main categories: Confirmatory Data Analytics (CDA) and Exploratory Data Analytics (EDA).

The phases are:

  • Data requirements
  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Cleaning
  • Exploring data Analytics
  • Modeling Using Algorithm
  • Data product
  • Communication

Sample Data Analytics Homework Help Done by Experts

Case Study 1: Sam’s Sausages Pty Ltd

Sam’s Sausages Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of boutique smallgoods.  One of the most important customer groups for Sam’s Sausages comprises Sydney’s high-end restaurants and hotels. 

 Sam Mincer, the owner of Sam’s Sausages, wants to better understand the smallgoods buying pattern of the high-end restaurants and hotels.  In short, he wants to be able to accurately forecast the number of high-end restaurant and hotel customers that will place large orders with his firm each month.  This will enable Sam to better plan his production of smallgoods and therefore reduce his waste and costs. 

 Sam believes that when someone tastes his delicious smallgoods they will want, even more, so he has suggested that orders should exhibit a level of autocorrelation.  Sam has also collated data on the number of high-end restaurant and hotel customers that have placed large orders per month over the past 4 years.  The required data set can be found in the link provided named: Sam’s sausages.


Design and build a comprehensive, robust, accurate, and necessarily flexible model (i.e. an MS Excel spreadsheet) to fully analyze the stated business problem. 

Write a supporting report (500 words) showing: 

how your model works (i.e. its inputs, assumptions, methods, calculations, etc) and why you designed it that way;

the core outputs and results from both your model and, importantly, any useful sensitivity/scenario Analytics; and

the conclusions drawn from the analysis, and the recommendations made to solve the stated business problem.

Submit both your Excel spreadsheet and your report by the due date and time.

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