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Ada programming language is designed for programs exactly where correctness, security and reliability are the prime goals. As an internationally standardized object-oriented programming language (OOP), Ada is actually well-suited for developing reusable components, real-time and parallel processing techniques and interfaces with systems written in additional languages. Advanced functions consist of: a higher level of abstraction, powerful typing and OOP features.

  • {" "} 1983: first edition, Ada83.
  • 1988: new edition, Ada95.
  • 1990: report: 41 requirement and 22 new topics.
  • 1995: resulting revision and consists of suggestions from 5th generation OO PLs.

Ada Homework Help

Print Hello World In Ada

                    with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO; procedure Hello is begin
                    Put_Line ({"Hello, world!"}); end Hello;

Ada programming Example :

Ada Example

Topics in Programming

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