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What is BASIC Programming language?

BASIC programming language is one of the earliest and simplest high-level programming language which was a popular choice among many persons in 1970s, because of its simplicity and easy to learn capability. BASIC stands for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. The popular language was developed by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz in 1960s at Dartmouth College. Even though of its simplicity, its widely used for Business application also.

Developer of BASIC language assumes that all the users of the language must aware about English language which is also known as Human interface language. So the basic element of Human Interface language is included in BAISC Programming language that you can see in below example: to input any string INPUT keyword is used and to print any statement PRINT keyword/command is used. The language is constantly and widely used as easy to learn quickly and the statements are easily read by the programmer of this language. As we discussed early BASIC language used in many business application, as considered to be a valid choice as a programming language. So there is an advancement in standard BASIC that is Microsoft's Visual basic which add some features of object-oriented and standard BASIC programming language. Now we are going to discuss the advantages of Visual Basic.

BASIC Programming Homework Help

Advantages of VISUAL BASIC Programming language

As the structure is very simple, same as the executable code and VB is not only programming language but also support its own IDE i.e. Integrated Development environment. The GUI is easy to develop in this language as connect them to handler function. The language support Intellisense technology, which is a little popup when a programmer editing or writing the code about the keyword he is constructing. It also has its COM component model which attuned by Microsoft COM.

Basic Sample Code Is:

INPUT "what is your name: ", UserName$
PRINT "Hello ", UserName$
INPUT "How many stars do you want: ", NumStars
Stars$ = STRING$(NumStar, "*")
INPUT Do you want more stars? ", Answer$
LOOP UNTIL Answer$ <> ""
Answer$ = LEFT$(Answer$, 1)
LOOP WHILE UCASE$(Answer$) = "Y"
PRINT "Goodbye "; UserName$ 
BASIC Programming Assignment Help