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Ecology Homework Help

What is Ecology?

The term Ecology comes from two words ‘Eco’ and ‘logy’. ‘Eco’ means the environment along with all its elements and logy means study. So, Ecology means studying the interconnection between biotic and abiotic component of the environment. Students usually use Ecology and Environment interchangeably. But these two fields display two different concepts that ultimately connect us to the Mother Nature. Yes, in Environmental Studies, we mainly focus on the abiotic component of the nature. Beside this, we also see that how natural environment is important for survival of living beings like; animals, plants and human; also how human activities affect the natural environment. But in Ecology, we learn about the connections between biotic and abiotic factor of environment and how the effect on one component can bring change to the other. In other words, Ecology is the subject that clarifies the interrelation of nature and natural components.

Ecology Assignment Help

Areas in Ecology

When we talk about interrelationship in Ecology, it denotes connection between individual, community, environment and many more. So, this broad area can be divided into number of sub-fields. Physiological Ecology deals at the very basic level where only the interaction of organism with environment is involved. Here, we can gather knowledge about the mechanism for adaptation of organism with the surrounding environment. The adaptation of organism with respect to temperature, water and available resources is mainly dealt under this area of ecology. Likewise, Population Ecology also named as autecology has more to deal with distributive pattern of individuals. This branch of Ecology deals with the change in size of population, change in pattern and its interaction with the environment. Similarly, Community Ecology deals with the species found at a particular place and their interaction with each other and with the environment around. Finally is the Ecosystem Ecology that provides detail on ecological niche, energy flow and flow of Nutrients. Though these are the basic areas in Ecology but further the extended branch of ecology also includes Systematic Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Industrial Ecology and many more. Systematic Ecology on one hand deals with the computerized technique of studying all other branches of Ecology whereas Evolutionary Ecology mainly focuses on the mechanism that resulted in the changes that has taken place over a period of time.

Ecology Homework Help

Why study Ecology?

Study of Ecology is important in number of ways. We are important part of nature, and having the complete knowledge on Ecology will provide us the reason to appreciate Mother Nature along with all its components. We use environmental components to fulfill our needs. So, study of ecological system will provide us ways to use these components (biotic and abiotic) wisely and also manipulate them for better production. Moreover, we do number of activities in our ecological environment, but we hardly care to have insight about the change that we are bringing to the ecological system. So, studying ecology helps us to find out the balance in ecological niche and also it improves our knowledge on the changes that we are bringing to the environment, hence our understanding, forecast and adaptation on Ecological system is shaped in this subject.

There are number of terms that you usually encounter in subjects under ecology; like:

1. Niche: It denotes the locus of species in an ecosystem. More than two species can share same Niche or species may also compete for same niche.

2. Biome: It is a distribution of species according to the climatic region. So, species having same characteristics are grouped in single Biome over an array of geographical region.

3. Biosphere: It is the defined as the area on the earth that is suitable for the survival of species.

There are many more terms that are specifically used in ecological context.

What are the subjects linked with Ecology?

Undoubtedly, Ecology is a vast field that requires basic knowledge on all the subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, Mathematics, Environmental and many more. Overall it connects basic sciences to get the core idea on natural system.

Students can pursue any field in Ecology according to their interest and broaden up the knowledge in desired area. Students pursuing Ecology need to deal with number of assignments. So, if you require Ecology Homework Help get in touch with online experts of Urgenthomework.com. They will provide solution to you for your queries and solve your assignment and homework in Ecology.



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