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Microbiology is a growing field in science and a major centre of attraction for science students. This branch of biology is quite appealing to number of learners since it is full of research on variety of micro organisms that is found all around us. We get several types of infections and flue, and we fail to locate the reason or cause behind them; so this subject puts a major insight into these organisms that can either benefit us or harm us. Therefore, Microbiology is a field of biology that conducts studies about micro- organisms.

Use of technology in studying microbiology

Technology and study of microbiology are closely linked. Earlier, not much of the progress is noticed in this field of science due to lack of functional machineries. But today the scenario is completely changed. Studying, modeling, researching, developing, modifying have become far easier and simple for the researches and this have pose a great benefit in this field of science. Invention of different scientific technology have reduced the time for research allowing to look for topics that was earlier left unattended. Some of the well used technologies in study of microbial organisms are Agarose gel electrophoresis, chromatography, recombinant DNA technology, PCR etc. All these techniques help in the detailed and proper study of microorganism.

Microorganism and the diseases

Microbiology assignment Help

Microorganisms refer to viruses, bacteria’s, fungi, Archaea, rotifers and many more. Moreover, any organisms that are tiny and need microscope for proper study can be grouped under microorganism. Earlier, it was quite difficult to study about microorganism due to lack of proper instrument. But with the invention of microscope and highly organized technologies, it became easy to look for the structure of various micro-organisms along with their effect on other living beings and nature. Though all the bacteria and viruses present in the nature are not harmful but most of them are responsible for different diseases affecting human and other groups of animal resulting in infections. Such types of microbes are called pathogens and the process is called pathogenicity. Thus, to affect the host organism, interaction of host with the microbe is very important. This interaction brings subsequent changes in the host species resulting in infection. If the infection is not treated or looked upon timely, it can result in some of the harmful diseases. Some of the diseases caused by microorganisms are: malaria, influenza, diarrhea, Fever etc.

Ecology and microorganisms

Micro-organism and environment are closely linked to each other. The study on interaction of microorganisms with living and non-living environment is included under the umbrella of microbiology. It is quite easy to visualize that when any living matter falls in the soil, like the leaves, fruits and flowers of any plant, dead body of animal or human, then many small microorganism acts upon it, decaying them and hence returning them back to the nature. Therefore, this process can be called as re-cycling and the micro-organisms are called as decomposers. Thus, this section of subject covers different topics that include symbiotic relationship of one organism with the other, predation and parasitism, biogeochemical cycling, biomass number, analysis of community structure and so on.

Importance of studying about microorganisms

it's not always necessary that presence of microorganisms results in several kinds of diseases. Rather, these are hundreds of bacteria present in animal and human gut that accomplishes the process of digestion and absorption. Beside this, many bacteria are also used in production of eatable products; such as making wine, fermentation for curd and cheese, in production of ethanol and many other chemicals and enzymes. These are few listed importance of studying about micro- organisms; beside this there are many other reasons that can be easily laid down in order to trace the importance of micro-organisms and their study.

Microbiology linked with many other fields

All the fields of biology are interconnected. So, pursuing microbiology means that students need to focus on many other branches of science to get a good grasp on this subject. Thus, biotechnology, immunology, ecology, genetics, genomics are all the connected field of microbiology that makes the study of this field easy and simple. Here, one subject displays the relationship, the other describes the use of technologies, likewise the chain of association continues. With the passing time, this field is getting far more complex with the research on every emerging microorganism.

Microbiology career

The development in this field of science is always going on, and with every new invention and development, the depth of information and volume of book is also increasing. Hence, this implies that there is extensive career opportunity for students in this field of biology. They can work in industrial sector or go for research and lectureship. This is done after gaining B.Sc. degree in microbiology, then M.sc and finally post doctorate degree. Though the career goal rises up slowly but students will have good opportunity to explore the nature and get well settled in this field of science.

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